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Interior Design Business Ideas

Interior Design Business Ideas
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Do you have that passion for design? Or do you crave to own an interior design business? Here you’ll find 14 interior design business ideas to inspire you.

This post is dedicated to individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset looking to start an interior design business.

So, read on to find the best one for you.

Introduction To Interior Design Business Ideas

The interior design industry offers rewarding business opportunities to entrepreneurs who aspire to become successful business owners. 

Before we explore all the business ideas in interior design, let’s get to know what interior design is all about.

Simply put, interior design is the art and science of decorating the interior of a building to make them adorable and beautiful.

Interior designs could be done either for residential or commercial buildings.

In interior design, you need to have a creative eye and understand colour to make beautiful designs.

Also, you should be able to manage space.

As an interior designer, you are expected to have the following knowledge;

  • Have a working knowledge of textiles, materials, colours, space planning, sustainability, etc.
  • Know software applications for 2D and 3D computer-aided design (CAD) and building information modelling (BIM).
  • Also, know structural requirements, health and safety issues, and building codes.
  • In all, you are expected to complete a degree in interior design.

However, not all interior design requires a degree.

As an interior designer, there’s a variety of professions you can engage in, depending on the type of interior design style and your knowledge base. 

Examples of these industries include; contractors, furniture dealers, artisans, architects, engineers, business owners, and homeowners.

Having known these, let’s get to know the profitability and future relevance of this business.

Future Relevance Of Interior Design Business

According to research carried out by GlobeNewswire, the US interior design market business reached $40.7 billion in 2020.

Furthermore, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.8% from 2020 to 2027.

After completing the market analysis, the residential market is expected to record an 8.1% CAGR and reach $157.1 billion.

Judging by this evaluation, the interior design industry is one of the industries that will continue to grow both in homes and businesses.

Now, let’s explore the various interior design businesses in this article.

14. Interior Design Business Ideas

1. Antique Furniture Refurbishing

Antique furniture refurbishing is one of the most profitable interior design business ideas you can venture into as an aspiring entrepreneur.

To be clear, antique furniture is a unique piece of furniture created in ancient times.

Also, these antique pieces of furniture are used in designing the interior of a room or building.

If you have eyes for collecting old and unique furniture, you can start this business.

Some people are ready to pay any amount to get antique furniture.

Also, refurbishing it into a new item will benefit your business.

You might need to rent a space to start this business.

However, it is possible to start from your home -You can use the space in your house, like the garage.

Furthermore, you take pictures of the antique furniture and upload them to online stores; This will help you reach potential customers.

When it comes to online stores, Etsy is one of the best online platforms to sell items like this.

2. Artificial Flower

Another interior design business idea you can begin today is selling artificial flowers.

This is also one of the profitable interior design business ideas.

The artificial flower is said to possess a unique charm of long-lasting preservation.

However, the demand for artificial flowers keeps increasing due to their durability.

They are primarily used in decorating the interiors of a house or building.

Therefore, selling artificial flowers is a good business idea.

You can as well rent out artificial flowers for functions.

Additionally, you can open both online and physical stores for this business.

It would be best if you stock up your store with the items and pictures to help you reach wider customers.

3. Blogging

If you love to write, you can start a blogging business.

Blogging comprises writing quality and full details about a niche; With interior design, there are different areas to blog about.

If you are an interior designer, you can blog about interior design and your experience.

You can also give tips on the proper way to design a room, which is in the form of DIY.

Additionally, you can discuss resident, luxury, and commercial designs on your blog.

One way to earn from your blog is by monetizing it.

There are different ways to monetize your blog.

You can monetize it by putting up adverts on your blog post.

Also, you can sell your books and courses about interior design (if any).

Affiliate marketing is another way to monetize your blog.

All these are possible ways of earning through your blog, but you will need to drive enough traffic (people who constantly visit your blog) to gain from it.

You can achieve this by constantly posting quality content on your blog.

The more traffic on your blog posts, the more money you will make.

Moreso, you can market your business by uploading pictures of houses you have worked on.

In doing so, you can get customers to patronize your business.

The tools needed for this job will include a personal laptop and a good internet connection.

You will also need to register, create, and host a website for your blogging business.

4. Cabinet and Door Making and Maintenance

Making cabinets and doors is yet another lucrative interior design business opportunity to consider.

If you have good carpentry skills, you should consider this business.

You also need to be creative with your carpentry skills.

Cabinets and doors are also part of the needs of a house to complete the interior looks.

It will be profitable if the doors come with antiques.

In this type of business, you can also offer refurbishing services.

You can get your customers new cabinets and doors and repair the old ones by giving them a new look.

5. Ceramic Tile Sale and Installation

Ceramic tile sales and installation is one of the unique interior business ideas.

This is also a profitable and lucrative interior business idea.

One good thing about this business is that you can operate it from home.

The demand for this business is continually growing because of its durability and aesthetic value.

Meanwhile, it is demanded in homes and used in business organizations.

You can target new homeowners and old homes, which should be your customers.

Also, it would be best to target construction sites to get the contract for tiling the site floor.

Overall, you can also sell ceramic tiles.

6. Designer Pillow – Interior Design Business Ideas

Decorative pillows are one of the important aspects of an interior design service.

Therefore, designing and selling pillows is another interior design business idea you can start with low capital investment.

This is also a profitable interior design business idea.

So if you have tailoring skills, you should consider this business.

Also, you will need to possess artistic and creative skills; this will help you design and create beautiful pillows.

Beautifully designed pillows are not only used on beds; they can be used on sofas and any sitting arrangement. 

Furthermore, you can produce these designed pillows and sell them online.

One of the best online stores for selling craft items is Etsy.

You can also open a physical store to sell your design pillows, while your online store brings your customers from anywhere.

Above all, you will need your sewing kits and materials to start the business.

7. Faux Painting Business

The faux painting business is also one of the best interior design business ideas you can consider.

This business has seen a growing global demand in recent years.

Faux painting is a decorative painting technique.

It is one of the decorative materials used for interior design.

This is because faux paint is cheaper than using the original materials on a wall.

Furthermore, this is one business usually practised by a true artist.

Therefore, if you are interested in this business, you will need to be creative.

You also need to know the art of painting.

In other words, possessing artistic skills is very important for this business.

The faux paint is applied to the walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture.

All you need are the equipment to carry out the service for the business.

8. Home Office Planner

You could also consider becoming a home office planner.

It is also one of the profitable interior design business ideas.

Furthermore, there is great demand for this business.

This is because many people are adopting the work-from-home culture. 

As such, many entrepreneurs and business owners prefer to design an office in their homes instead of spending money to secure an office space in a business setting.

Hence, they need the service of an interior designer to give their home the office look they want.

As an interior designer, your job is to transform the cosy place of your client’s home into an office look.

9. Hot Tub Sales and Installation

Selling and installing hot tubs is also another way to explore the different business ideas in the interior design industry.

Hot tubs are one of the luxury items that give a home extra value.

You can also start this business from the comfort of your home if you don’t have the capital to open a hot tub store.

You can agree with a seller to supply you when needed and get your share after a successful purchase.

Furthermore, selling a hot tub might be easy, but that is not the case for installation.

You need good knowledge about plumbing and how to fix hot tubs.

However, you might leave the installation out if you don’t know.

Meanwhile, you can start a hot tub dropshipping business.

10. Interior Landscaping – Interior Design Business Ideas

This is also one of the interior design business ideas.

Interior landscaping is the planning and installation of different items in the interior of a house.

These items could include rocks, plants, water features, and other natural elements.

It helps to create an attractive and relaxing indoor atmosphere.

Apart from its attractive and relaxing atmosphere, it also has health benefits.

Natural elements, especially plants, help to reduce stress.

It also improves mood and increases work productivity.

11. Junkyard Furniture Recycling

If you need an interior business that generates a six-figure income, you should consider this idea.

Selling junkyard furniture is a unique interior design business idea.

This is also one of the interesting businesses you can venture into if you have woodworking skills.

Furthermore, it has low competition.

To begin with, you will need space to store the used furniture; It could be your backyard or your garage.

After this, you will collect the furniture that is no more in use so that you will recycle this furniture and create a new item from it.

Meanwhile, you need creative and artistic skills for this business as well as carpentry knowledge.

Overall, you can recycle old furniture and resell it as new.  

You can also choose to sell them online via the Esty platform.

12. Mattress and Bedding Store

Another interior design business idea is a mattress and bedding store.

It is one of the businesses that have good demand.

Mattress and beddings are the most important items for a house.

The demand for mattress and beddings are for both home and commercial purposes.

You can open a physical store where you will display your mattress and bedding.

You can market your products online via social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to attract more customers.

13. Vlogging

Another profitable interior design business idea is vlogging.

Vlogging is creating a video of yourself while talking about a particular subject.

It could be reporting or reviewing a product or an event.

It is more like blogging but in a video format.

Speaking of Youtube, you don’t need a domain name or host any channel.

All you need is to create a YouTube channel.

You can visit buildings and vlog their interior designs.

Furthermore, you can monetize your Vlogging business.

The easy way to make money from it is to get AdSense approval through YouTube.

 Also, the more traffic you get, the more money you will make.

You can also use your channel for advertising interior designer services.

However, you will need a quality video camera with a flip screen.

You will need a personal laptop for video editing, a good internet connection, and a ring light.

14. Wallpaper Business

Starting a wallpaper business is another interior design business idea.

The demand for this business’s products and services keeps growing worldwide.

This is because it is one of the items used in homes and offices.

It is more expensive than wall painting.

Nonetheless, it brings some elegance and class to where it’s been used due to its designs and colours.

Further, you can start selling wallpaper in a retail store.

Also, you can start the installation service if you have good knowledge about it.

In the long run, you can also open an online store to sell wallpapers.

Conclusion On Interior Design Business Ideas

There you have the most profitable interior design business ideas.

You should note that every of the business ideas discussed above is profitable in its way.

However, it won’t happen by magic.

You’d have to properly plan your business, devote your money, time and energy to your business, and be patient enough to see your efforts yield results.

Overall, in any business you choose to do, you should do market research before venturing into it.

This will allow you to know which has more demand in your area.

Also, you should register your business and get a license and permit if needed.

Don’t forget to apply a good marketing strategy to your business.

This will help you maximize your profit and reach wider customers.

With all this in place, give it your best effort, and you’d be amazed at what you can achieve.

We’re rooting for you!