James Altucher’s Reading List

James Altucher’s Reading List
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While you have all the books in the world to read, there are days when you can’t find the perfect fit.  This is when James Altucher’s Reading List comes in handy.

First, who is James Altucher?

In a nutshell, he’s a former hedge fund manager turned author and blogger.

With over 20 funded companies, Altucher has been a sought-after mentor by aspiring leaders and businessmen.

His love for reading also gained him a reputation for excellent book recommendations.

Want to create your path to inevitable success?

Here are books from James Altucher’s reading list to get you started!

James Altucher’s Reading List

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck

Are you doubting your mind’s ability to manifest all things imaginable?

Written by a world-renowned psychologist, this book will show you how having a “growth mindset” can change your life forever.

Filled with real-life success stories, this book will serve as your reminder that you are what you think.

Hence, if you think of every opportunity as grounds for self-growth, you can be successful in anything you do.

While this is typical advice for a self-help book, Carol Dweck spices it up by not giving any one-size-fits-all tip.

While the thought might raise a few eyebrows, this will make you rethink your life choices.

Despite its motivational tone, this book is backed up with just enough research references to prove its key points.

The author’s simplistic way of writing makes the book a good read – even for younger audiences.

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Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates

What does it feel like to be a black person living in America?

This book by Ta-Nehisi answers this with a profound narrative of American history.

As he tries to trace where the Americans’ idea of race comes from, you will witness a variety of revelatory experiences that will shed light on black Americans’ constant battle with racism.

Knowing that this book covers a sensitive topic, the author wrote it in a letter-of-father-to-son style that makes it intimate and endearing.

His eloquent writing style will give you a raw idea of how it feels to be a black person living in America.

According to Amazon reviews, this book is challenging to read – not because of how it’s written, but because of how true it is.

For the longest time, many of its readers find it hard to sympathize with black Americans until they read this book.

Due to the book’s authentic writing, it might make readers shed some tears – realizing how everything written here can happen to anyone.

Due to its memoir-style of writing, some were able to reminisce about their childhood memories through this book.

Learn more about American history.

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Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World by Peter Diamandis

Want to transform yourself into a technologically-savvy businessman?

Divided into three sections, this will serve as your visionary roadmap in changing the world.

Part One focuses on how technology can be an ally of entrepreneurial success.

From AI, robotics, to synthetic biology, this will give you an idea of how to use technology to your advantage.

Part Two reveals real-life secrets of billionaires like Elon Musk and Larry Page in skyrocketing a business.

Finally, Part Three deals with crowdfunding, networking, and other methods of gaining funding from financially-able audiences.

Since BOLD isn’t your typical, spoon-feeding, self-help book, deep analysis is needed to fully grasp its message.

Despite its visionary writing, the author keeps his ideas grounded by backing them up with scientific and statistical proof.

Knowing that BOLD isn’t an in-your-face self-help book, customers commented that no concrete advice is given by the end of it.

However, some liked the idea of indulging in their thoughts before getting the book’s message.

Since it was written in 2015, readers commented on how likely the ideas stated here can be applied in present times.

Know the secret to creating wealth.

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Peak: Secrets from the Science of Expertise by Anders Ericsson

If you’re someone looking for a fully science-based self-help book, then this book would be a perfect match for you.

Focusing on real-life scenarios intricately explained, this book will teach you how Anders Ericsson’s life principles can be applied to your own.

As mentioned, Peak isn’t your typical, theory-based book.

Its staggering three decades of research in crafting the perfect strategy on achieving your goals will let you excel in anything you do.

Aside from its well-researched narratives, its readable proses make the book a good read for all ages.

Its pragmatic and straightforward explanations won’t need much thinking to understand.

Since its ideas are deliberately laid out as they are, this book gained a lot of good reviews from readers looking for practical life tips.

Readers also commented on how this book changed their perception of the 10,000-hour rule.

Instead of 10,000 hours of mere practice, deliberate practice is what you need to be an expert at anything you do.

Despite its science-based writing style, readers agreed that the book contains a fair share of positive affirmations that will kickstart any of your life goals.

Learn more.

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Zero to One by Peter Theil

Are you a fan of secrets?

Then this book will give you the world’s biggest secret – how humanity’s stagnant technology is barring our supposedly bright future.

Despite the shiny mobile phones and gadgets we have, is it the best we can offer?

This book will tell you otherwise.

Why settle for tech-based progress when you have all the world to explore?

If you’re someone with a unique business idea, then Zero to One will kickstart your next giant leap of faith.

Despite its strong message, the book is concisely written to fit a 200-page narrative.

This makes it a handy book for on-the-go leaders and business persons.

Written by an entrepreneur and investor, Zero to One’s clearly-written prose and short aphorisms will leave you with refreshing ideas on how to spice up your future life goals.

Considering its rather brief execution, Zero to One gained praise for being concise and straight to the point.

Many readers commented on how this book gave them a huge surge of motivation – for a moment.

Some even recommended to read the book more than once to fully absorb its ideas.

Learn more on how to move from Zero to One.

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Ready to Take the Next Step?

Since all the books mentioned above have varying niches and execution styles, reading them one by one can be challenging.

However, knowing that it came from a successful businessman like James Altucher will make you think otherwise.

Before reading any of these books, it’s important to take these tips with the right perspective.

Since people’s past experiences, present situations, and future goals might vary, there’s no one-size-fits-all advice to success.

Combined with the right tools, mindset, and hard work, James Altucher’s reading list might be the sign you’re looking for towards inevitable success!