Kid-Friendly Business Ideas

Kid-Friendly Business Ideas

Are you thinking of the type of business your kid can do?. Or are you a kid looking for a business you can start immediately? This article explores the best kid-friendly business ideas you can choose from.

Let’s get to it!

Introduction To Kid-Friendly Business Ideas

Do you know that starting a business is not specific to any age?.

Therefore, if you are a kid with an entrepreneurial mindset, you should start a business.

Also, your kid will learn how to be responsible.

Starting a business as a kid can teach you several valuable lessons.

First, you’ll learn the art of buying and selling and what rejection means in life.

Perhaps, you’re a parent looking to teach your kids the art of responsibility early on.

If then, here’s how you can help your kid to start a business.

How To Help Your Kid Start A Business

Helping your kid start a business doesn’t only have monetary benefits.

It will help build an invaluable life experience for them.

It will also help to build some specific skills in them.

Skills they can develop as entrepreneurs include problem-solving, communication, money management, and organization skills.

These are a set of skills that have been helping people have a better life.

Here are a few tips to help you start a business for your kid.

Help Them Choose A Business

You should help choose a business your kid can start.

However, it is not just about choosing any type of business.

You should first consider what your kid is passionate about.

This will help you choose the most befitting business.

Also, try to know the type of business that interest your kid.

These kid-friendly business ideas will also help you to decide on the best business for your kid.

It will be able to guide you in starting any business for your kid.

Help To Set Goals And Make Plans

Another important tip you should follow is setting the goals of the business.

After you have decided the type of business your kid wants to start and it is accepted, you should set the goals for the business and help make a plan for how to start it.

Find out the type of equipment and materials that the business will need.

It is your responsibility to make everything needed for the business available.

Help Build Customer Service And Communication Skills

Furthermore, you should help your kid in building these particular skills.

As a parent, you have been able to build listening and communication skills.

So, you could show your kids the importance of these skills for a successful business.

Also, make them know the importance of customer service in a business.

Encourage your kid to accommodate special requests from their customers when needed.

Manage The Legal Requirements

This is another tip you should follow while starting a business for your kid.

Just because it is a business for a kid doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a license and permit for it.

The rules guiding business practices are the standard, regardless of age.

Therefore, you should visit your local city or county clerk’s office.

Find out if there will be a need to get a license and permit for your kid’s business.

Pay Taxes

Another important tip you should follow is paying taxes.

If your kids’ business earnings are more than $400, they should file for their taxes.

They may need to pay self-employment tax since they are running the business.

However, you help them prepare for this ahead.

Future Relevance Of Kid-Friendly Businesses

You may want to know how relevant the kid-friendly business will be in years to come, read through this section for answers.

Well, the future of your kid’s business depends on you.

If you want it to be successful, you should build a solid foundation for the business.

You shouldn’t see it as something that will only exist for a while.

Furthermore, no statistics prove how profitable a kid’s business is.

However, Business News Daily carried out a study on some companies that was started by the founders when they were kids.

Here are some companies that young entrepreneurs founded, and they are amazing.

Jelani Jones

Jelani Jones is the owner and founder of Lani Boo Bath.

Lani Boo Bath is a bathing product that started as a home-based business.

Jelani Jones was nine years old when she discovered the bath product.

Hannah Grace

Hannah Grace was a 10-year-old girl when she found her bath bomb.

Her business name is called BeYOUtiful.

She also donates 20% of her purchase to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund.

Brandon and Sebastian Martinez

Brandon and Sebastian Martinez were 13 and 11 years old, respectively, when they started their business.

Their company’s name is Are You Kidding Socks, founded in 2014.

They use their creativity to produce socks that help to elevate people’s styles.

In addition, they provide socks for school fundraisers.

They also help Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund, and Autism Speaks with their business.

Miracle Olatunji

Miracle Olatunji was in high school when she founded OpportuniMe.

Her business is established to help high school students connect with opportunities that will help their future.

Also, she is the director of innovation at Thrive.

Nic Bianchi

Nic Bianchi was 12 years old when he started Bianch Candle Co.

He is a young lad who loves maths, sciences, and candles.

He started his business because of his for candles.

Also, he uses his knowledge of maths and science to make better products.

Many companies started by kids are still operating till date

So, here are some kid-friendly business ideas to inspire your kids.

Kid-Friendly Business Ideas

1. Artistic Business

Becoming an artist is one of the businesses that are suitable for kids.

This is one of the profitable kid-friendly business ideas.

An artist is a person that creates paintings, artworks, or drawings as a hobby or profession.

If your kid has artistic skills, you should consider setting up a creative business.

They can use these artistic skills to create beautiful artworks.

Furthermore, you can help your kid sell the artworks to willing buyers.

The cost of starting the business depends on the materials used.

It will also determine the art piece price.

In addition, you can sell the artwork on Etsy.

Etsy is one of the best online platforms used for selling craft products.

2. Acting

Acting is also one of the kid-friendly business ideas.

This is another lucrative and profitable business idea for kids.

If your kid likes appearing in front of a camera, you should consider this idea.

Also, if they like taking roles in classes, you should help them pursue their careers.

There is a huge demand for child actors in the entertainment industry.

The Disney channel is hiring over 1200 actors.

Furthermore, if you are wondering how to help your kid nurture their acting talent, you should consider supporting their start in these areas;

  • In their class
  • Short films
  • Online videos
  • Local productions
  • Commercials.

While they do this, they might end up landing prominent acting roles and starting earning better.

3. Baby Sitter

Starting a babysitting business for your kid is also one of the kid-friendly business ideas.

However, this type of business is more suitable for older kids, particularly for responsible older kids.

Babysitting service is one of the profitable businesses with always demand for its services.

The demand for this service is mostly from parents with busy schedules.

They usually need this type of service to be able to have time for other things.

Hence, if your kid is responsible and good with children, you can help start the business.

Furthermore, a babysitter’s role and duties may include some or all of the following;

  • Keeping the house clean because kids can be messy sometimes.
  • You should be able to change a baby’s diaper.
  • Cook, prepare or feed the baby.
  • Helping the kids with homework and so on.

4. Baking Business

If your kid enjoys kneading dough and baking, you should consider this business idea.

Starting a baking business is one of the kid-friendly business ideas.

Also, it is one of the profitable and lucrative business ideas.

You can encourage your kid by helping them start a baking business.

Moreover, you don’t need to break a bank before starting this type of business.

You can allow your kid to use your kitchen for baking the products.

Also, help your kid set up an online presence to get more customers.

Furthermore, you help your kid start an online baking class.

This will also help to maximize the profit in the business.

You may not need much to start up this business since you may have some of the required equipment in your kitchen.

However, if your kitchen lacks these tools, you can help them purchase the necessary materials for baking.

5. Blogging

If your kid possesses creative and good writing skills, you should consider helping start a blogging business.

Blogging is also one of the kid-friendly business ideas that are very rewarding.

Blogging is a business that has to do with writing quality content about a niche.

If your teenage kid loves writing on important topics on a particular subject, you can help start a blogging business.

Moreover, the startup cost for blogging is around $100.

Also, the only equipment needed for the business is a personal laptop and a good internet connection.

There are different niches your kid can write about; such niches are;

  • Food
  • Personal lifestyle
  • Games
  • Toys
  • Accessories, and so on.

6. Candy Making and Selling – Kid-Friendly Business Ideas

Starting a candy business is also one of the kid-friendly business ideas kids are sure to make high sales.

This is because kids mostly consume candy. After all, kids love candy.

You won’t need to open a physical store for this business,since it’s owned by a kid.

Your kid can make these candies and sell them to schoolmates and neighbors in the community.

Also, you can sell your candy products in online stores.

Furthermore, your kid can start making and selling these candy types;

  • Lollipops and sours
  • Licorice
  • Cotton candy
  • Hard candies
  • Caramels
  • Chocolate
  • Gummies
  • Chewing Gums, and so on.

However, you don’t need to limit your options to those listed above.

7. Clothing/Fashion Designer

Another kid-friendly business idea is designing clothes.

This is one of the lucrative and profitable kid-friendly business ideas.

It is also one of the thriving businesses in the fashion industry.

If you have a kid that likes a fashion lifestyle and is very creative, you should consider establishing them as a clothing designer.

Furthermore, you can help set up a space in your home where your kid can design clothes.

You might not need a physical store to showcase the designs made by your kid.

You can also help your kid create an online presence.

Moreover, this will help him/her reach thousands of people willing to patronize the business.

In addition, all you need are the materials to carry out the designs.

Also, you will need a camera, smartphone, or laptop to upload the pictures of the products online.

8. Elderly Care Provider

This ideal business is suitable for kids with an extensive and caring heart.

Your kid can earn while taking care of the aged.

As a kid, you can provide the service to older adults in your neighborhood.

Furthermore, as a parent, you can allow your kid to do this business from time to time in their spare time.

Although your child cannot provide medical services to the elderly, however, they can offer other essential services like;

  • Doing house chores
  • Running errands
  • Keeping their company.

9. Face Painter

Becoming a face painter is a business suitable for kids with artistic and creative skills.

This is also one of the profitable kid-friendly business ideas.

As a face painter, you must re-create your customer’s face with their favorite design.

The designs could be any of the following;

  • Bunnies
  • Pirates
  • Superheros
  • Dracula and witches
  • Cartoon characters, and so on.

10. Pet Care Service- Kid-Friendly Business Ideas

Another profitable business that requires little or no startup capital is pet care.

You can count this as one of the lucrative and thriving kid-friendly business ideas.

Also, it is one of the businesses suitable for kids.

If your kid is an animal lover, they can start a pet care service like pet walking and sitting.

Starting a pet walking or sitting business does not cost any amount.

Sometimes your only cost could be spending money to get pet treats or promoting your services.

11. Gardener; Kid-Friendly Business Ideas

If you have a kid who loves gardening, they can offer the service to neighbors who need their garden kempt.

Of course, your kid can earn a reasonable income via gardening.

They can carry out gardening services for indoor and outdoor gardens.

As a kid, they can carry out simple tasks such as;

  • Cleaning debris
  • Planting flowers and vegetables
  • Pulling weeds
  • Trimming plants and trees, and so on.

12. Web Designing

Another business a kid can do is designing websites.

This is one of the profitable kid-friendly business ideas.

If you have a tech-savvy kid, you should consider setting up this business for them.

Web designing involves setting up the graphic details of websites displayed on the internet.

It comprises different layouts like webpage layout, content production, and graphic designs.

Furthermore, as a web designer, you are expected to have the following skills;

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Communication skills
  • Time management skills
  • Design software skills
  • Visual design, and so on.

In addition, you will need a personal laptop for web designing and a good internet connection.

Above all, the kid-friendly business ideas are not limited to those discussed above.

Here are some kid-friendly business ideas you might want to consider.

  • Soap making
  • Soda seller
  • Donuts seller
  • Podcaster
  • Snow removal
  • Sports coaching
  • Video blogging or vlogging
  • Newspaper delivering
  • Stacking wood
  • Illustrator
  • Zine seller
  • Voice artist or voice-over artist
  • Flipping sneakers, and so on.

Conclusion On Kid-Friendly Business Ideas

There you have it.

These are the kid-friendly business ideas that can be suitable for any kid.

Furthermore, you can always research more on how to start a business.

All business mentioned on this list is profitable, but you shouldn’t expect instant success because you’ve started this business.

You can help develop your kid’s skills and career by choosing the business suitable for them.

This way, you will give your kid a head start in life.

Above all, encourage your kid to start a business and be there to guide them.

This is the time to make a change in your kid’s life.

Good luck!