Marketing Questions To Ask When Starting A Business

Marketing Questions To Ask When Starting A Business_

Do you know there are strategic marketing questions to ask when starting a business?

With the fierce competition in the market, every businessman needs to get an edge over the others.

You need to make sure that your services and products actually meet the needs and wants of your target consumers.

However, a lot of businesses fail even when they are offering the best product in the market.


It is because of poor marketing.

Questions to ask a client when designing a market plan

If you have been engaged with managing a business, then you already know its importance by now.

If not, then you should understand that marketing does not only involve advertising.

One thing you need to remember is that marketing your business is as important as your growing capital.

For starters, you need to know about marketing questions to ask yourself before starting your business.

These will help you learn more about your business.

Do not be afraid when you are unsure of what to ask.

You can use questions available in various sources.

So, here are some questions that must be answered when developing a marketing plan to start a business.

What Are Your Marketing Objectives?

Marketing plan questions

It may sound irrelevant, but this is one of the most neglected questions for starters.

Not all businesses have an idea of the direction they are headed.

Most of them just wanted to gain profit.

You need to understand that it is not all about money.

Your marketing plan could build or destroy your business.


What Is Your Product Or Service?

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You may be selling the best product in the market, but it still fails.

Remember that when you sell a product, you are not only ‘selling the product’ but you are doing more than that.

A classic example of this idea is the iPhone.

It is not just a phone, it is a luxury.

It shows one’s power and wealth by owning one.

Another example is Starbucks.

You know that it is coffee, but others see it as more than a coffee.

Determine if your products or services are the same as those already available in the market.

Determine if your product offers better solutions for your consumers’ problems.

Finally, determine if it creates more satisfaction in today’s consumption.

Who Are Your Target Audience?

Marketing questions to ask a client

You need to have a specific group of people in mind.

You cannot just claim that you wanted to target everyone.

It is a huge mistake.

You need to keep in mind that every group of consumers have their unique needs and wants.

This way, you will have an idea about how to reach them.

Also, knowing who your audience is will help you know what kind of marketing questions to ask a potential client when starting your business.

There are a lot of businesses which require contact with the client.

Knowing what age group or kind of people are they will help you to make appropriate moves and as appropriate questions.

What Is Your Budget?

Marketing strategy questions

It sounds uncomfortable, but you need to get real.

Even if you are able to answer all the marketing strategy questions before you start the business, it could be difficult for you if you don’t have enough funds.

You need to create a separate fund for your marketing.

Using the money meant for the normal operations of your business won’t be in your favor.

If you do not have a fund yet, then find alternative ways to market your business.

There are lots of ways available such as the use of Social Media Pages.

How Is Your Business Positioned In The Market Compared To Your Competitors?

Good marketing questions to ask

Positioning your business is essential.

You need to make sure that the unique benefits and the features of your products or services are displayed.

This will create an edge over the others. You need to highlight the features your products have, which your competitors do not have.

But make sure that it is desirable for your target consumers.

You need to study the market you are entering, especially if it is a market with existing major players.

You also need to study the existing businesses so you’ll have a point of reference.

Remember that marketing your business is not an overnight plan.

It needs careful study and observation.

What Makes You Credible?

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Sometimes, consumers research about you and your products.

They want to see what kind of business you are.

This could be really difficult for people who are starting to build a business.

For starters, you can incorporate in your marketing strategies, possible Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) Activities.

This way, you are helping the community at the same time, building your reputation.

Which Strategies And Tactics Will Accomplish Your Goals?

Marketing questions to ask

You need to set your desired outcome to have a foundation where to start.

Goals can vary, but make them realistic.

There is a lot of media available to reach your target audience.

You can advertise using social media platforms, in newspapers, or on television.

You can also sponsor in radio stations.

Mix and match these various media platforms to come out with the most efficient results.

If you are unsure, the easiest way to determine applicable strategies and tactics is by studying your competitors.

It is okay to have a similar style to them.

You just need to customize it to fit your business personality.

Or better yet, improve these existing strategies to be more up to date.

Do You Need A Business Marketing Plan?

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You may find it unnecessary, but preparing a Business Marketing Plan will make it easier for you.

Yes, you may prepare a list of marketing questions to ask yourself before starting your business.

However, having this plan would give you a better view of your business marketing.

Preparing a plan can be easy.

There are a lot of formats you can use and many of them are available online.

You can start by making it as simple as something that looks like a journal.

The important thing is you keep it and have a visual presentation of it.

This way, you will determine which to improve and to remove from your marketing strategies and tactics.

Marketing Questions To Ask When Starting A Business Infographic

Marketing Questions to ask when starting a business Infographic

Can You Market Your Products Directly to Your Target Consumers?

Marketing survey questions

Yes! A lot of businesses are doing it.

It is effective and costs less than your traditional media.

And this is the fastest and cheapest way to advertise your service or product.

If the client really likes your products or services, they can spread the news about your business through the ‘word of mouth’.

The matter of how to market your business directly to your consumer has no special way about it.

In the end, these marketing questions will only serve as your guide.

Your marketing plan should be a living document that you tweak based on what’s happening in the market and the data you are gathering.

Do not be afraid to try and test the market.

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