People To Avoid When Starting A Business

People to Avoid When Starting a Business

Do you know the kind of people to avoid when starting a business?

Starting a business is something a lot of people dream of in their lifetime.

Most people love the idea of being their own boss and making a lot of money.

A lot of work goes into starting a business.

It even can take months or even years to get your business started.

In the meantime, you are likely going to talk to a lot of different people.

These people can be colleagues, friends, business owners, and specialists.

Some of these people will be your cheerleaders, however, some are toxic people to avoid when starting a business.

This is a crucial time for you, and there are numerous people who can ruin your desire and motivation, as well as give you bad advice.

Some of those people are described below.

Types Of People to Avoid When Starting A Business

1People Who Tell You That You Need Them to Be Successful

People To Avoid When Starting A Business

It is unhealthy if someone tells you that you cannot be successful without them.

Many times people tell you this because they wish to gain something from you.

Most people who tell you that they are necessary for you to be successful will have a negative influence on you.

They want you to believe that they are important.

If they take it one step further and withdraw their support from you unless you do, as they say, this is a huge red flag.

If this happens, sever your relationship with that person as soon as possible.

Instead, find people who will help you achieve your goals without being so demanding and clingy.

Self-confident, knowledgeable people are always better than needy people who usually have an ulterior motive for offering you their support.

People To Avoid When Starting Business

These people may also be very insecure.

They may see that your idea is a good one, and they may want to capitalize on it with you.

The more they insist that they are necessary for your success, the more insecure they likely are.

These are toxic people to avoid when starting a business.

It is one thing to have a business partner that you wish to go into business with;

It is something entirely different when that person makes you feel that he or she is necessary in order for you to succeed.

2People Who are Negative About Your Abilities and Expertise

People To Avoid When Starting A Business

If people are continually reminding you about your past failures or your current shortcomings, this is likely another red flag.

Yes, people make mistakes, but often they are necessary in order to determine what has to be done for the job to be done right.

When you’re starting a business, it’s best to keep looking forward, not backward.

If there is a person who is continually reminding you of something you did in your past that didn’t work, stay away from this person.

In fact, by the time you’ve arrived at this point, it is likely you have made a lot of mistakes.

However, you don’t need to be reminded of them by someone who may not have your best interests in mind.

The chances are good that your past mistakes are what got you to where you are now.

People To Avoid When Starting A Business

Forgiving yourself is an important step because these same people can use that guilt against you.

This can make you feel insecure about moving forward to the next step.

Moving forward and not looking back is especially important when starting a business.

In fact, it’s best not to even listen to people who constantly bring up failures in your past.

These are toxic people to avoid when starting a business.

Instead, ignore them and keep your past in the past.

Let it go, and let them go because this is the only way to get the right mindset before you move forward to your next goal.

3When Starting A Business Avoid People Who Bring Out the Worst in You

People To Avoid When Starting A Business

Everyone knows who this person is.

It’s the person who makes you feel bad about yourself and who brings out the worst in you.

It could be a possessive family member or a passive-aggressive colleague.

It could even be a relationship partner who is very controlling.

These people will hijack your personality if you let them, so if you find yourself acting like someone you’re not around a particular person, it’s best to cut off this person completely.

These are toxic people to avoid when starting a business.

When you want to start a business, you have to be the best person possible.

You have to be a great version of yourself in order to reach your goals.

Therefore, surround yourself only with people who lift you up, remind you of your best qualities, and keep you upbeat and positive.

This isn’t difficult, and it is a lot easier than eliminating the negative people in your life.

Both steps, however, are crucial if you want to be successful in your business endeavors.

4 People Who Tell You That You Only Have One Choice

People To Avoid When Starting A Business

If someone tries to make you choose between them or starting your business, it’s best to step away from that person.

Ultimatums like this are a no-win situation, and it’s best to avoid them.

A person who tries to make you choose between a relationship with him or her or a successful business is giving you an unrealistic ultimatum.

In fact, there are always more than two choices.

You can, in fact, take both choices, that person’s friendship, and a successful business.

No one knows why these people offer these ultimatums, but they can be disastrous for any relationship.

You can tell them, “I’ll take both,” or it might be time to cut them off.

The choice is up to you, but the bottom line is that no one ever has to take just one option in these situations.

5People Who Make You Feel It’s Your Job to Make Them Happy

People To Avoid When Starting A Business

This could very well be a person you are close to, but that doesn’t mean you have to obey.

Other people’s happiness is never your responsibility.

Controlling people often utilize this technique, and it is very unpleasant.

It is simply a power play when grown men and women try to make you feel like you should feel guilty if you don’t do what they want or spend enough time with them.

It is a control issue.

People To Avoid When Starting A Business

If you fall into their trap, it can have severe consequences for you.

You start to believe that it is your responsibility to keep them happy, and this is never a good thing.

Being someone’s crutch is unhealthy for both sides.

In the end, you’ll feel like you have to sacrifice your own happiness so that other people can be happy.

In a healthy relationship, you won’t feel the need to sacrifice anything for the other party to be content and happy.

Again, this is not an “either/or” situation. It is possible to have both a friendship with another person and time to concentrate on your business.

Never become someone’s crutch.

Some people do not want to be happy.

Others are too lazy to achieve success.

Whatever they are, if they make you feel like it is your responsibility to make them happy, it is always best to cut them off completely.

These are definitely people to avoid when starting a business.

6Avoid People Who Consider Your Accomplishments Insignificant

People To Avoid When Starting A Business

If someone sees you being successful and achieving your goals, it is normal for that person to feel a bit jealous.

If you have a friend or colleague who has accomplished something big, you may have had the same emotion.

Envy is normal, as long as it doesn’t go too far.

This means you never have to feel bad about yourself just because another person has achieved something you haven’t.

When a person is mature, that person will be excited for the other person and acknowledge that hard work is all it takes to be a success.

However, immature people belittle other people’s accomplishments and will tell others that a person just “got lucky” or that the accomplishments aren’t that special.

Toxic People To Avoid When Starting A Business

Creating a successful business often consists of several steps.

With each successful step, there may be people who try and downplay those steps and make them seem unimportant.

If a person is so immature that he or she constantly belittles you or tries to downplay your successes, it is best to limit your association with that person from your life.

Mature people respect and even praise other people’s accomplishments, and it should go both ways.

While you surround yourself only with people who are proud of what you’re achieving, it is best to do the same for other people.

7Some Potential Co-Managers or Investors

People To Avoid When Starting A Business

When you’re working to start a business, you may very well find people who wish to invest in your business or partner with you in other ways.

This is fine, but you need to ask yourself certain questions before agreeing to have this person become part of your business.

Are they willing to give maximum effort like you are, especially in the beginning?

Will they devote time to building the product and promoting the product?

Are they willing to be involved in every part of this business, so they are as familiar with it as you are?

Many people choose someone who is a friend instead of someone with experience, and this is never a good move.

If your friend is well-qualified, that’s one thing.

If they’re not, however, move on to another person.

People To Avoid When Starting A Business

Ask yourself some common-sense questions when deciding whether or not to bring this person on-board.

Why does this person want to be involved in your business in the first place?

How much experience does he or she have?

What is going to happen in the future if you have to fire this person?

What does this person do now that qualifies him or her for this position?

These are all very important questions, and they apply not only to people who wish to invest or become partners with you.

They should also include people such as:

  • The incubator/accelerator: does this have the necessary reputation of success that you need from them?
  • The investor: does he or she have bad reviews in a portfolio or a personality type that is incompatible with management?
  • Friends and colleagues without a need to know or a personal interest in your business.
  • The consultant or advisor.
  • The co-founder who adds nothing more than just a name or a small investment.

It is said that you are who you surround yourself with.

Nowhere is this truer than in a business environment.

Make sure each person you’re considering as a business partner has a pure motive and will contribute to the business.

Otherwise, you will have nothing but a lot of regrets, as well as a lot less money, in the end.

8When Starting A Business Avoid People Who Act Like They Know Everything

People To Avoid When Starting A Business

The right business people always acknowledge that they have more to learn, regardless of where they are in their careers.

This is why you should be skeptical of people who act like they know everything.

More often than not, you will find that they never do.

Even after your business is a success, you will have to seek out knowledge, research, and innovations continuously.

Even the biggest companies do this.

If you run into people who act like they know it all and have an answer to everything, stay away from them.

Instead, you want people who wish to soak up knowledge like a sponge.

Products and times change.

In order to continuously find newer and better ways to grow and thrive, you need to surround yourself with people who are open to educating themselves and learning things on a daily basis.

Change is inevitable regardless of the product or service you’re selling, and every person in your company needs to know this.

9Avoid People Who Always Want to Cut Corners

People To Avoid When Starting A Business

Everyone wants to make money when running a business, but if the people you surround yourself with are continuously cutting corners, hurrying to earn money, or expecting you to be a success overnight, this is never a good sign.

These are people to avoid when starting a business.

Making money in any business takes time, and the first year is always the hardest.

This doesn’t mean that you need to be leery of employees who go the extra mile to get a sale; often these people are merely putting customer service first.

However, for stakeholders that seem a little too anxious for the business to grow, there might be a risk that person may eventually resort to doing something illegal just to get ahead.

It is always difficult when there’s a corrupt or dishonest person on your team.

Just one employee like this can cause you to have to close your doors.

Yes, you are running a business to make money, but this should not be making money by any means necessary.

People To Avoid When Starting A Business Infographic

People To Avoid When Starting A Business infographic


People To Avoid When Starting A Business

In the end, there is only one person who can prevent you from achieving what you set out to do, and that is yourself.

You can be your own best friend or your own worst enemy.

It’s up to you.

Before moving any further, you need to look at any self-sabotaging tendencies you have or bad habits that are holding you back.

Psychologists also tell people that some people are afraid of success.

It may sound crazy, but it’s true.

These people will jump right into their goals and work hard for a time, but then pull back before achieving those goals.

Toxic people to avoid when starting a business

People pull back from success for several reasons, but one of the main reasons is uncertainty.

They are uncertain of what lies ahead.

They are more comfortable with their current life than they’d like to admit.

If you don’t want to get stuck in this rut, find ways to let go of that person inside of you who is holding you back.

The future can be something to be scared of, but if you wish to be successful in your business endeavors, it is crucial that you find out what is making you so uncertain and work hard to remove those factors from your life.

In the end, this is always your smartest choice.

Find out why you are holding back, and work on that until you learn something that will change your attitude and your self-confidence.

Starting a business is hard work.

You need people in your corner who can add value to the process.

People who support you and motivate you to achieve your goals.

Take a step today towards cultivating relationships with these people.

Identify the people to avoid and take steps towards reducing your association with them.

Good Luck!

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