Right And Left Brain And Entrepreneurship

Right And Left Brain And Entrepreneurship

What’s the connection between the Right And Left Brain And Entrepreneurship

How would you consider yourself; a right or left-brained entrepreneur? 

Are you logical or more on the creative side?

Do these words seem unfamiliar to you?

Well, never mind, we are about to answer your questions.

This is a question that most entrepreneurs often overlook.

We do not realize how much our thinking capabilities as entrepreneurs can affect our enterprise.

Most importantly, some entrepreneurs and individuals rarely utilize half the potential of their brains.

The effect of this action can be such a blow to the progression of a business.

Hence, we will show you the consistent relationship between the right and left brain and entrepreneurship and why one should not be preferred over the other.

Right And Left Brain And Entrepreneurship

How useful are the left and right hemispheres of human brain to entrepreneurs

Scientists interestingly discovered long ago the intellectual differences of the right and left spheres of the human brain.

This notion backing the right and left brain results from the belief that they can be quite independent on their own.

They realized that each section performs distinct functions and purposes.

Also, even though we ought to use each sphere equally, sometimes one part is often considered stronger than the other.

This claim of one sphere’s dominance over the other has been completely debunked in recent years.

It is said only to seem that way because people tend to engage more of one sphere over the other.

Understanding each brain’s capacities will help you know which one you tune into whenever you perform a task.

The right brain indulges creativity, non-verbal language, art, intuition, emotions, and all that makes life interesting.

However, the left brain is believed to be responsible for logic, reasoning, sequencing, calculation, criticism, language, and scientific actions.

We should note that these two halves of the brain do not function independently of each other.

Hence, there is an increased need for entrepreneurs to know how to maximize

However, we shall discuss more extensively the right and left brain and entrepreneurship.

First, let’s discuss the left brain.

The Left-Brain

Who is more successful right or left brain


Looking around in our society and schools, we easily prioritize mathematics, logical reasoning, fallacy, and evaluations.

This is even very evident in recent studies.

Engineering, medical, evaluating, economics, and accounting jobs are the highest paying jobs in society.

This says a lot about how the one-sided view of the society we find ourselves in.

As we have seen, the left brain is quite essential to society and work as a businessperson.

It is the conventional way of going about daily activities.

The left-brain culture is imbibed in us from childhood and is mostly rewarded in society.

Therefore, our need to be creative and build from nothing is disregarded and swept under the carpet.

Our community leaves us almost no choice but to be left-brained, as this is what makes us fit into the world of white-collar jobs that has characterized our society.

Furthermore, this is the thinking that many entrepreneurs have adopted over time; think logically and systematically.

Over time, this has proven to be the foundation for a long-standing business.

Also, these qualities, although they do serve some purpose in business, could be quite limiting sometimes.

Above all, let’s consider how beneficial and detrimental left-brained thinking is to entrepreneurship.

The Value of the Left-brained Entrepreneur to Entrepreneurship

What portion of the brain do entrepreneurs use

Well, there’s a notion that only right-brained entrepreneurs are fit to be in business.

This is due to the creative and intuitive capabilities that come with being right-brained.

Firstly, the left-brained entrepreneur is capable of devising a more compelling way to tackle problems.

This is all thanks to their logical and analytical thinking capabilities.

These are necessary qualities for evaluating challenges in business.

Hence, a left-brained entrepreneur is more likely to interpret competition.

They can survey the market size and estimate revenues for each task to be undertaken.

Furthermore, for a left-brained entrepreneur, creating ideas is more of a systematic task than a fun one.

The advantage of being left-brained is that it helps you carefully analyze decisions and ideas.

Overall, you’re more likely to be a critically minded individual.

The reason for this choice of thinking is that it is less susceptible to failure.

Other advantages of the left-brained entrepreneurs are that they set goals and ensure that they are achieved at the estimated time.

They are willing to take risks only if it works in their favor.

These entrepreneurs are also less likely to let emotions rule and influence their decisions about the company.

Note that a critical way of thinking in business can be an eye-opener to pinpointing issues that hinder growth and goals.

However, this type of thinking can be detrimental to business as well.

The Disadvantage of the Left-Brain Entrepreneur to Entrepreneurship

careers for both left and right brain

Being too critical may not always be the basic need of a business.

This can take the form of being too hard on yourself and overanalyzing your issues without taking any action.

Being too logical does not permit you to find joy in what you’ve been able to achieve.

The left-brain entrepreneur is too rigid and overly critical about failure.

For such an entrepreneur, failing may be the reason to crash give up on all the hard work he has struggled for.

This may be quite a negative mindset for business.

Although left-brained people are often very sure individuals, excessive self-criticism leaves them feeling less confident of themselves, their abilities, or their goals.

Also, not everything has a logical approach to it.

Some situations could require impulsive thinking.

Also, left-brain entrepreneurs do not often welcome change which is a much-needed factor in the growth of a business.

The often leads to slow productivity and eventual irrelevance.

Left-brain thinkers do not welcome any idea that doesn’t seem logical.

Therefore, deviating from the logical to the unknown may be a hard pill for them to swallow.

In all, a company will suffer from a lack of creativity, thinking outside the box, and innovation.

Overall, business is about creating future possibilities, taking advantage of opportunities, and not just relying on figures.

Given this, it’s safe to say that entrepreneurs cannot solely rely on left-brain thinking in business.

Now let’s consider the right brain.

The Right-Brain

What side of the brain is for business


The left and right brain dominance theory also claims that the right brain is responsible for expressing creative intuitions.

It is responsible for traits like emotional decision-making, art appreciation, interesting activities.

The right brain is less exalted in society and is thought to make people short-sighted, less realistic, and less serious, especially in business.

Even in some MBA schools, students’ chances to engage in creativity in the curriculum are tight.

You ought to be more methodological than intuitive.

Also, you have to check the numbers first rather than take blind chances.

In the left-brain dominant society, right-brain thinking is often sidelined.

You can be dismissed as unprepared for entrepreneurship if you focus more on intuition rather than logical thinking.

Right-brain thinking encourages deviation and branching out of the norms.

It entails finding more fun ways to achieve goals.

It also fosters the development of ground-breaking ideas and futuristic planning.

This type of thinking will enable any enterprise fit enough to compete with other businesses to keep up with modern trends.

Therefore, right-brain thinking sustains the relevance of business organizations in the open market.

The Advantage of Right-Brain Entrepreneurs to Entrepreneurship

Is an Ideal Entrepreneur Right Brain or Left Brain

The right-brain entrepreneur is more capable of surviving in an unscripted and unplanned business environment.

He is the big risk taker, not taking into consideration profits or losses.

We know that uncertainty is the best enemy of strategizing for those in the business world.

However, while left-brain entrepreneurs dread this, right-brained entrepreneurs always manage to find a way to navigate through it.

Also, engaging on an emotional level with your workers is very important.

This will create a peaceful and cohesive business environment.

They need this strategy to relate and have a good connection with their customers.

Another advantage that right-brain entrepreneurs have is that their creativity opens up new business opportunities.

Creative entrepreneurs are a lot more competent in business because they always have surprising ideas up their sleeves.

IBM conducted a survey that showed that creativity is ranked as the most important factor for business success.

So, we can see how crucial a right-brained personality is to the positive development of businesses.

However, this does not mean that there are no downsides to this type of one-sided thinking.

Disadvantage of Right-Brain Entrepreneurs to Entrepreneurship

How To Succeed When You Are A Right Brain Creative

Although emotions can foster great teamwork, too much of it could either affect your decisions negatively.

There are times when tapping into your emotional side can make you look quite unprofessional.

As a result, making the right brain thinking counterproductive in business.

Overall, as an entrepreneur, you should be capable of steering the business with set down rules.

However, right-brain entrepreneurs find this hard to achieve.

Given this, it shows there’s a limit to what each part of the brain can do independently.

Therefore, the best approach is to utilize both parts of the brain harmoniously.

This means that instead of entrepreneurs depending on one-sided thinking, the focus should be developing themselves to use the brain to its full potential.

Therefore, let’s focus on how to develop the right and left brains to function holistically.

How to Become a Right and Left-Brain Entrepreneur in Entrepreneurship

Balancing Left Brain and Right Brain as a Business Owner

Here are a few tips to help you become both left and right-brain entrepreneurs…

Be Flexible – Right and Left Brain and Entrepreneurship

As an entrepreneur, be willing to learn new things.

Be willing to step out of your comfort zone.

It takes both brains functioning together to build a substantial business that will stand the test of time.

No part of the brain is more important than the other.

In fact, scientists have proven that these brain hemispheres are connected with a bundle of nerves.

So that one brain can’t lie dormant when the other is active.

There should be no preference.

Try new options or routes, and don’t just dismiss them because they sound illogical.

Take Trips to Get a Better Appreciation of Art and the World Generally – Right and Left Brain and Entrepreneurship

Do you remember that we said that right-brained entrepreneurs interpret information through visuals and colors?

Well, this is a studied and confirmed fact.

So, if you are left-brained, to become more right-brained too, you should visit new places.

Try art galleries and state museums.

Also, try to incorporate a display of cultures in your business profile.

This will assist you in becoming more versatile and drawing in customers.

Plus, who does not appreciate a bold cultural statement?

Culture brings people together.

You will get new ideas and good business chances when you relate with the outside world this way.

Even if it’s meeting new people and learning their culture, you benefit from it and, if possible, identify potential business opportunities eventually.

Is It Better to be Left-Brained or Right-Brained

Learn Computer Languages – Right and Left Brain and Entrepreneurship

Even though creativity is one of the best skills to possess as an entrepreneur, it is important to learn logic and coding.

Of course, every industry should have a technical team that oversees all technical aspects.

You could learn how to code information to help you understand and relate with the tech team better.

Programming could also help you learn to make tasks a lot more organized and easier to achieve.

This will also help you save important resources such as revenue, cost, and time in production.

Overall, learning some basic computer language could help you develop logical thinking to handle business decisions better.

Hone Your Creative and Critical Thinking

You can combine these two thinking perspectives to create a winning business through creativity and critical thinking.

Critical thinking will help you make the right decisions for your business.

In the same vein, creativity will make you come up with unique ideas in your business.

In fact, the increased level of critical thinking will equip you with more innovative strategies.

Overall, a combination of creativity and critical thinking will set your business up for success.

Successful entrepreneurship requires both left- and right-brain

The Right and Left-Brain in Entrepreneurship Requires the Integrated Approach

To achieve this, we suggest that you divide your team into two parts.

Let us agree that everyone has got their strong point.

Appoint one team that caters to brainstorming business ideas, creating productive content, and building visual art catalogs based on their unique strengths.

Then the other team should handle the analytic, logic, and reasoning aspects of the business.

Emphasize the strength of your team members by letting them do what they are best at.

This will increase productivity and efficiency in the business.

Conclusion on Right And Left Brain And Entrepreneurship

Surprising Truths About the Left and Right Halves of Your Brain

What we have discussed so far advocates the whole-brain approach to entrepreneurship.

This is because, from what we’ve gathered, this is what ensures that you’re at your best and optimal performance as an entrepreneur.

Do you identify as a left or right-brain entrepreneur?

Let us know in the comment section and share with us which tip you found the most useful.