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Small Business Quotes

Small Business Quotes

Are you about to start up a small business or you have an already existing business? These amazing small business quotes will motivate you on the days you feel like throwing in the towel.

So, you are excited about how things are holding up in your business.

The cash flow is constant, you are seeing maximum profitability in the business and you have the best set of employees working for you.

With all these, you’ll feel on top of the world about your business.

However, certain unforeseen circumstances such as changes in economic policies, recession among other things can greatly affect the business.

When this happens, you’ll need some kind of emotional reminder to keep your hope alive.

Things such as these small business quotes.

Each business has its own challenges.

Due to this, as a business owner, you need to have a source of motivation to keep you focused on your goal of achieving success despite all odds.

These 118 small business quotes are truly inspirational.

They’ll keep you motivated every step of the way as you try to give in your best to your business.

When you encounter problems in business, reading motivational quotes can be very helpful.

These 118 small business quotes are not only inspirational, but they are also enlightening.

This is because these small business quotes are born out of the experiences of people who have had similar challenges to what you might be experiencing.

They might have failed, but they learned their lessons and found the courage to still reach for success.

So, what better way can you learn than from the experiences of others?

118 Small Business Quotes 


1. A big business starts small. – Richard Branson