Strength Quotes

Strength Quotes

Are you a resilient person? Or do you just give up on your dreams at the first sign of difficulties? See these amazing strength quotes that’ll help you build up a resilient spirit.

Firstly, resilience and perseverance are important traits of the most successful people.

Resilience is your ability to get back on your feet after encountering a difficult situation.

Similarly, perseverance is your ability to keep trying at something no matter the difficulty you encounter.

Both words signify strength.

Most successful people are people who don’t give up easily.

Life is made up of high and low moments, especially in business.

The road to success is not an easy one.

Hence, it is not for the faint-hearted.

To truly achieve your goals in life and business, you need to be strong.

This is because certain challenges will push you so hard to the wall.

When this happens, only those who are strong will be able to fight back with everything they got and achieve success.

You don’t need to be sad if you don’t have resilience or perseverance.

Fortunately, this is an ability that you can develop.

These strength quotes are filled with inspirational words that can help you become more resilient.

Also, these strength quotes will motivate you to keep pushing and be hopeful no matter what.

Learn from the experiences of great people who have had to succeed in life with a lot of perseverance and resilience.

So, read on and be inspired by these strength quotes!

107 Strength Quotes

1A Hero Is An Ordinary Individual Who Finds The Strength To Persevere And Endure In Spite Of Overwhelming Obstacles. – Christopher Reeve

2A Key To Strengthening Spiritual Muscles And Enduring Hardship Is Finding Strength In The Word Of God. – Walter Martin

3A Single Twig Breaks, But The Bundle Of Twigs Is Strong. – Tecumseh

4A Strong Man Doesn’t Have To Be Dominant Toward A Woman. He Doesn’t Match His Strength Against A Woman Weak With Love For Him. He Matches It Against The World. – Marilyn Monroe

5A Strong Woman Is A Woman Determined To Do Something Others Are Determined Not Be Done. – Marge Piercy

6A Truly Strong Person Does Not Need The Approval Of Others Any More Than A Lion Needs The Approval Of Sheep. – Vernon Howard

7Aging Is Not Lost Youth But A New Stage Of Opportunity And Strength. – Betty Friedan

8Any Act Often Repeated Soon Forms A Habit; And Habit Allowed, Steady Gains In Strength, At First It May Be But As A Spider’s Web, Easily Broken Through, But If Not Resisted It Soon Binds Us With Chains Of Steel. – Tryon Edwards

9As We Advance In Life It Becomes More And More Difficult, But In Fighting The Difficulties The Inmost Strength Of The Heart Is Developed. – Vincent Van Gogh

10Be Faithful In Small Things Because It Is In Them That Your Strength Lies. – Mother Teresa

11Be Sure You Put Your Feet In The Right Place, Then Stand Firm. – Abraham Lincoln

12Believing In Yourself And Having Confidence Gives You Outer Strength. – Nikki Bella

13Character Cannot Be Developed In Ease And Quiet. Only Through Experience Of Trial And Suffering Can The Soul Be Strengthened, Ambition Inspired, And Success Achieved. – Helen Keller

14Dealing With Depression Effectively Is A Mark Not Of Weakness, But Of Strength. – Andrew Solomon

15Don’t Expect To Build Up The Weak By Pulling Down The Strong. – Calvin Coolidge

16Don’t Worry About Not Fitting In. The Things That Make People Think You’re Weird Are What Makes You You, And Therefore Your Greatest Strength. – Birgitte Hjort Sorensen

17Endure And Persist; This Pain Will Turn To Good By And By. – Ovid

18Every Calamity Is To Be Overcome By Endurance. – Virgil

19Every Great Dream Begins With A Dreamer. Always Remember, You Have Within You The Strength, The Patience, And The Passion To Reach For The Stars To Change The World. – Harriet Tubman

20Faith Gives You An Inner Strength And A Sense Of Balance And Perspective In Life. – Gregory Peck

21Faith Is The Strength By Which A Shattered World Shall Emerge Into The Light. – Helen Keller

Motivational Strength Quotes

22Fortitude Is The Guard And Support Of The Other Virtues. – John Locke

23Freedom Comes From Strength And Self-Reliance. – Lisa Murkowski

24God Has Always Given Me The Strength To Say What Is Right. – Rosa Parks

25God, Our Creator, Has Stored Within Our Minds And Personalities, Great Potential Strength And Ability. Prayer Helps Us Tap And Develop These Powers. – A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

26I Am An Example Of What Is Possible When Girls From The Very Beginning Of Their Lives Are Loved And Nurtured By People Around Them. I Was Surrounded By Extraordinary Women In My Life Who Taught Me About Quiet Strength And Dignity. – Michelle Obama

27I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me. – Philippians 4:13

28I Don’t Have The Strength Or Wisdom To Get Through A Single Day Without Guidance And Grace From God. – Tony Dungy

29I Felt Invincible. My Strength Was That Of A Giant. God Was Certainly Standing By Me. I Smashed Five Saloons With Rocks Before I Ever Took A Hatchet. – Carry Nation

30I Found Strength In What Hurt Me. And In My Family – That’s My Strength As Well. I’m Truly Grateful To Be Hurt As Many Times As I Have, Because I’m Happy! – Selena Gomez

31I Know That, Like Every Woman Of The People, I Have More Strength Than I Appear To Have. – Evita Peron

32I Like Criticism. It Makes You Strong. – LeBron James

33I Really Believe In The Old Expression That What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger. It’s Through Adversity That You Find The Strength You Never Knew You Had. – Christie Brinkley

34I Think Scars Are Like Battle Wounds – Beautiful, In A Way. They Show What You’ve Been Through And How Strong You Are For Coming Out Of It. – Demi Lovato

35I Think Women Are Amazing For Being Able To Show What They Feel. I Admire Women Who Do. I Think It’s A Mistake When Women Cover Their Emotions To Look Tough. I Say Let’s Own Who We Are And Use It As A Strength. – Gal Gadot

36I Was Very Down As A Teenager, Very Upset Because I Had Gotten Hurt In A Car Accident. But My Dad Was A Source Of Strength. He Used To Say, ‘It’s The Character With Strength That God Gives The Most Challenges To.’ I’ve Thought About That So Many Times In My Life When Things Didn’t Go Right. – Bonnie Hunt

37I Would Fight For My Liberty So Long As My Strength Lasted, And If The Time Came For Me To Go, The Lord Would Let Them Take Me. – Harriet Tubman

38If One Suffers We All Suffer. Togetherness Is Strength. Courage. – Jean-Bertrand Aristide

39If We Are Faithful To God In Little Things, We Shall Gain Experience And Strength That Will Be Helpful To Us In The More Serious Trials Of Life. – Hudson Taylor

40If You Would Know Strength And Patience, Welcome The Company Of Trees. – Hal Borland

41In Solitude The Mind Gains Strength And Learns To Lean Upon Itself. – Laurence Sterne

42Insincerity Is Always Weakness; Sincerity Even In Error Is Strength. – George Henry Lewes

43It Takes A Great Deal Of Character Strength To Apologize Quickly Out Of One’s Heart Rather Than Out Of Pity. A Person Must Possess Himself And Have A Deep Sense Of Security In Fundamental Principles And Values In Order To Genuinely Apologize. – Stephen Covey

Amazing Strength Quotes To Inspire You

44It’s Being Willing To Walk Away That Gives You Strength And Power – If You’re Willing To Accept The Consequences Of Doing What You Want To Do. – Whoopi Goldberg

45It’s So Easy To Be There When It’s All Sunshine, But It Really Takes Strength And Courage To Be There For Each Other During The Dark Times. – Bindi Irwin

46Kites Rise Highest Against The Wind – Not With It. – Winston Churchill

47Mastering Others Is Strength. Mastering Yourself Is True Power. – Lao Tzu

48My Greatest Strength As A Consultant Is To Be Ignorant And Ask A Few Questions. – Peter Drucker

49My Strength Is As The Strength Of Ten, Because My Heart Is Pure. – Alfred Lord Tennyson

50My Strength Would Be My Honesty And My Passion Towards My Work. – Sushant Singh Rajput

51No Matter How The Wind Howls, The Mountain Will Not Bow To It. – Chinese Proverbs

52No One Saves Us But Ourselves. No One Can And No One May. We Ourselves Must Walk The Path. – Buddha

53Nothing Has More Strength Than Dire Necessity. – Euripides

54Nothing Is So Strong As Gentleness, Nothing So Gentle As Real Strength. – Saint Francis de Sales

55Only One Who Devotes Himself To A Cause With His Whole Strength And Soul Can Be A True Master. For This Reason Mastery Demands All Of A Person. – Albert Einstein

56Only The Weak Are Cruel. Gentleness Can Only Be Expected From The Strong. – Leo Buscagalia

57Our Ability To Handle Life’s Challenges Is A Measure Of Our Strength Of Character. – Les Brown

58Our Diversity Is Our Strength. What A Dull And Pointless Life It Would Be If Everyone Was The Same. – Angelina Jolie

59Out Of Suffering Have Emerged The Strongest Souls; The Most Massive Characters Are Seared With Scars. – Khalil Gibran

60Patience Is The Support Of Weakness; Impatience The Ruin Of Strength. – Charles Caleb Colton

61People Judge You Really Quickly, At First Just On Your Facial Features. There Are Two Dimensions – Warmth And Competence. You Can Think Of Them As Trustworthiness And Strength. They’re First Judging You On Warmth; Evaluating Whether Or Not You Are Trustworthy. That’s Much More Important To Them Than Whether Or Not You’re Competent. – Amy Cuddy

62Power Is So Characteristically Calm, That Calmness In Itself Has The Aspect Of Strength. – Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

63Remember, The Storm Is A Good Opportunity For The Pine And The Cypress To Show Their Strength And Their Stability. – Ho Chi Minh

64Scar Tissue Is Stronger Than Regular Tissue. Realize The Strength, Move On. – Henry Rollins

65Silence Is A Source Of Great Strength. – Lao Tzu

Additional Strength Quotes 

66Some Of Us Think Holding On Makes Us Strong; But Sometimes It Is Letting Go. – Hermann Hesse

67Sometimes The Strength Of Motherhood Is Greater Than Natural Laws. – Barbara Kingsolver

68Stand Up To Your Obstacles And Do Something About Them. You Will Find That They Haven’t Half The Strength You Think They Have. – Norman Vincent Peale

69Strength And Growth Come Only Through Continuous Effort And Struggle. – Napoleon Hill

70Strength Does Not Come From Winning. Your Struggles Develop Your Strengths. When You Go Through Hardships And Decide Not To Surrender, That Is Strength. – Arnold Schwarzenegger

71Strength Does Not Come From Physical Capacity. It Comes From An Indomitable Will. – Mahatma Gandhi

72Strength Lies In Differences, Not In Similarities. – Stephen Covey

73That Which Does Not Kill Us Makes Us Stronger. – Friedrich Nietzsche

74The Apple Cannot Be Stuck Back On The Tree Of Knowledge; Once We Begin To See, We Are Doomed And Challenged To Seek The Strength To See More, Not Less. – Arthur Miller

75The Colour Of The Skin Is In No Way Connected With Strength Of The Mind Or Intellectual Powers. – Benjamin Banneker

76The Man Who Is Swimming Against The Stream Knows The Strength Of It. – Woodrow Wilson

77The Real Man Smiles In Trouble, Gathers Strength From Distress, And Grows Brave By Reflection. – Thomas Paine

78The Resistance That You Fight Physically In The Gym And The Resistance That You Fight In Life Can Only Build A Strong Character. – Arnold Schwarzenegger

79The Size Of Your Success Is Measured By The Strength Of Your Desire; The Size Of Your Dream; And How You Handle Disappointment Along The Way. – Robert Kiyosaki

80The Strength Of A Man’s Virtue Should Not Be Measured By His Special Exertions, But By His Habitual Acts. – Blaise Pascal

81The Strength Of A Nation Derives From The Integrity Of The Home. – Confucius

82The Strength Of Brand Loyalty Begins With How Your Product Makes People Feel. – Jay Samit

83The Strong Man Is The One Who Is Able To Intercept At Will The Communication Between The Senses And The Mind. – Napoleon Bonaparte

84The Transfer Of Power Is Always A Test Of The Constitutional System, A Test Of Its Strength. – Vladimir Putin

85The World Breaks Everyone, And Afterward, Some Are Strong At The Broken Places. – Ernest Hemingway

86There Are Dark Shadows On The Earth, But Its Lights Are Stronger In The Contrast. – Charles Dickens

87There Is Little That Can Withstand A Man Who Can Conquer Himself. – Louis XIV

Inspiring Strength Quotes 

88There Is Strength In Numbers, But Organizing Those Numbers Is One Of The Great Challenges. – John C. Mathers

89Think Not That Humility Is Weakness; It Shall Supply The Marrow Of Strength To Thy Bones. Stoop And Conquer; Bow Thyself And Become Invincible. – Charles Surgeon

90True Strength Lies In Submission Which Permits One To Dedicate His Life, Through Devotion, To Something Beyond Himself. – Henry Miller

91Uncontrolled, The Hunger And Thirst After God May Become An Obstacle, Cutting Off The Soul From What It Desires. If A Man Would Travel Far Along The Mystic Road, He Must Learn To Desire God Intensely But In Stillness, Passively And Yet With All His Heart And Mind And Strength. – Aldous Huxley

92Unity Is Strength… When There Is Teamwork And Collaboration, Wonderful Things Can Be Achieved. – Mattie Stepanek

93Victoria’s Secret Is Really About Celebrating Women And What They Stand For: The Strength. – Cara Delevingne

94We Are Born Weak, We Need Strength; Helpless, We Need Aid; Foolish, We Need Reason. All That We Lack At Birth, All That We Need When We Come To Man’s Estate, Is The Gift Of Education. – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

95We Can Be Tired, Weary And Emotionally Distraught, But After Spending Time Alone With God, We Find That He Injects Into Our Bodies Energy, Power And Strength. – Charles Stanley

96We Gain The Strength Of The Temptation We Resist. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

97What’s So Lovely About Wonder Woman Is Yes, She Has The Strength And Power Of A Goddess, But She Has The Heart And Mind Of A Human. So I Play Her As I Think A Woman Like Me Would Act In The Situations She’s Going Through. You Treat Her As A Normal Woman Who Happens To Be Fantastic And Almighty. – Gal Gadot

98When Adversity Strikes, That’s When You Have To Be The Most Calm. Take A Step Back, Stay Strong, Stay Grounded And Press On. – LL Cool J

99When You Rise In The Morning, Give Thanks For The Light, For Your Life, For Your Strength. Give Thanks For Your Food And For The Joy Of Living. If You See No Reason To Give Thanks, The Fault Lies In Yourself. – Tecumseh

100Where There Is No Struggle, There Is No Strength. – Oprah Winfrey

101Wisdom Is Always An Overmatch For Strength. – Phil Jackson

102With The New Day Comes New Strength And New Thoughts. – Eleanor Roosevelt

103Wondrous Is The Strength Of Cheerfulness, And Its Power Of Endurance – The Cheerful Man Will Do More In The Same Time, Will Do It; Better, Will Preserve It Longer, Than The Sad Or Sullen. – Thomas Carlyle

104You Can’t Get Around Pain And Opposition, But You Can Try To Be Joyful In The Trial, And Thank Yourself For The Trial, And Thank God For The Strength To Get Through It. – Mary J. Blige

105You Can’t Really Be Strong Until You See A Funny Side To Things. – Ken Kesey

106You Really Have To Look Inside Yourself And Find Your Own Inner Strength, And Say, ‘I’m Proud Of What I Am And Who I Am, And I’m Just Going To Be Myself.’ – Mariah Carey

107One Who Gains Strength By Overcoming Obstacles Possesses The Only Strength Which Can Overcome Adversity. – Albert Schweitzer

Wrapping things Up On Strength Quotes

Finally, through the high and low moments in your life  you’ll need to be strong to keep pushing from one level to another.

Get all the inspiration you need to be strong and focused on your goals in these strength quotes.

So, which of these strength quotes really makes you feel strong?

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