Top Ten Reasons Good Employees Quit

Top Ten Reasons Good Employees Quit

Are your employees quitting your business? Have you wondered what you are doing wrong? Do you want to know the top ten reasons good employees quit?

While running a business, you need people who will work with you to achieve your business goals and success.

When these people do their job effectively and productively, you consider them good employees.

Retaining these employees is necessary for ensuring that your business keeps growing.

However, sometimes these employees leave the business, and oftentimes, the business owners do not know why they did.

This doesn’t help to curb and deal with the issue of losing good employees.

Therefore, as a business owner, you have to know the factors that might make you lose good employees.

This way, you will know those things you shouldn’t do and tolerate in your business to avoid losing good and valuable employees.

As you keep reading this article, you will discover the top ten reasons good employees quit.

Qualities/ Characteristics of Good Employees – Top Ten Reasons Good Employees Quit

Losing bad employees most likely will not hurt your business.

However, losing good employees would.

Therefore, you should know the employees you should strive to avoid losing.

To do that, you need to know the character traits of good employees.

Below are some of their qualities/characteristics:


Every good employee showcases a good deal of time management skills, an eye for detail, problem-solving skills, and effective organisation.

As a result of these, they are capable of working alone.

When there are challenges, these employees calmly and critically think and work their way out.

They do this without enlisting the help of their superior or manager.

Teamwork – Top Ten Reasons Good Employees Quit

As they are good at working alone, good employees are also great at working with others.

These people know how important teamwork is in the workplace.

So, they don’t hesitate to do their best when working with others.

They exhibit qualities such as empathy, strong communication, patience, and adaptability that will ensure a successful collaboration.


Integrity is when a person demonstrates traits such as honesty and accountability.

Every good employee is trustworthy because they are truthful about their abilities, skills, shortcoming, and preference.

As a result of their integrity, these people are ethically upright and adhere to the company’s principles.

Reliability – Top Ten Reasons Good Employees Quit

Reliability is another trait that makes an employee trustworthy and good.

This is because reliability is important in ensuring that an employee performs their job well.

You can depend on good employees to be punctual, consistent, and productive because they are reliable.


Good employees are also self-aware.

They know and understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Also, they know when they need help or ask for feedback concerning their work.

As a result, it helps them to improve their skills continuously.

Dedication – Top Ten Reasons Good Employees Quit

Good employees show true devotion to their work.

They often have a strong sense of loyalty to their career role and to the company they work in.

These people are also purpose-driven when it comes to their professional and personal duties.


Good employees are often confident in themselves and their abilities.

This makes them bold to accept challenges and duties that other employees shy away from.

Their confidence doesn’t make them boastful but sure of themselves.

As a result of their confidence, they aim for and desire higher positions and the responsibilities that come with them.

Good Communication Skills – Top Ten Reasons Good Employees Quit

If you want to know a good employee, you can tell from how they communicate with their superiors, colleagues, and subordinates.

They are respectful, clear, and straightforward when speaking to people.

And when they are the receiver of information, they ensure that they listen effectively and comprehend all the information they receive.

This quality helps them to be a better team player and leader.

Top Ten Reasons Good Employees Quit

Good employees are gems to companies and businesses that have them.

Yet, companies and businesses tend to see some good employees quit.

There are several reasons for this.

However, we have a list of the ten top reasons good employees quit below:

1. Issues with Payment and Poor Compensation

People who do their work well often expect to be well-paid when it’s due.

Also, they expect rich compensation when they perform excellently.

However, when the company they work for falls short of this, good employees can rethink working for the company.

This is especially true when the company’s management fails to tell them why they are falling short of paying them well.

The more the company or business fails to pay them their wages or compensate them for their good work, the more they will think about quitting.

If the company neglect this issue, then a good employee can quit the company to seek one that will meet their standard or expectation.

2. Dissatisfaction with Management – Top Ten Reasons Good Employees Quit

Several good employees have quit their place of work because they were dissatisfied with management.

No skilled worker wants to work under someone unskilled or ineffective in their managerial position.

This is because they will often get frustrated about that person’s work and feel like they are being slowed down.

It will even be more frustrating when the manager acts like a know-it-all and does nothing to improve their work.

A good employee will want to share their opinion to better matter, but when the manager is not open to hearing others’ opinions, their dissatisfaction toward them will get stronger.

So, they would rather quit and seek another company or business where the management meets their expectations.

3. No Room for Growth

Every good employee wants to develop and improve professionally.

This is why they are often self-aware and open to feedback from their superiors and colleagues.

They want to move from the positions they are in into higher positions.

However, they might feel restrained when they find themselves in a company without room for growth.

As a result, they will most likely leave the company to seek somewhere else that will allow them to grow.

4. Fellow Toxic Employees – Top Ten Reasons Good Employees Quit

The bad eggs in a company can make the good eggs retire.

In other words, several companies have lost good employees because they retained bad employees.

Bad employees are often negative and toxic to be around and work with.

For example, an employee who downplays another person’s work to make themselves feel better about their work can make others uncomfortable and unhappy.

Their toxicity creates a poor work environment that can lead to a decrease in productivity.

Good employees who work with them will strive to keep the environment positive and focus on doing their job.

However, when it gets out of hand and the management does nothing about it, they most likely will leave for a better work environment and colleagues.

5. Outdated or Poor Technology or Techniques

Good employees often keep themselves updated on new trends and seek ways to use them in their workplace.

While they do this, they expect the company they work for to do the same.

However, if that is not the case, they will find it difficult and frustrating to work with the company’s outdated technology and technique.

If this should go on without any positive changes, good employees will find it hard to keep working for such a company.

As a result, they could leave that company to find somewhere else that uses current and trending technology and techniques.

6. Misaligned Goals/Vision – Top Ten Reasons Good Employees Quit

Every person in a business or company must have their goals aligned with the business or company’s goals and vision.

This way, they will remain engaged in their various tasks and duties to ensure they achieve the business goals and vision.

However, if that is not the case, good employees can quit a company to seek one that matches their goals, vision, and values.

7. Rigid Workplace

If a company’s workplace policies are too rigid, it can make good employees quit.

For example, if a company’s policies don’t allow vacations and flexible schedules, it can be awful for some people to work there.

This is especially true as we live in times when employees value workplace flexibility.

When good employees keep working in a rigid workplace, they most likely will feel the need to quit and just might.

8. Poor Balance of Work-Life – Top Ten Reasons Good Employees Quit

Good employees can also quit a company or business when they have issues living a balanced work-life, especially when their job is causing this imbalance.

Working in a company with little to no breaks and having to overwork often leads to burnout.

And when this goes on for a long, it can tell on one’s health.

So, when a good employee keeps falling short in maintaining a balanced work-life, they could leave where they are working for somewhere less draining.   

9. No Challenge

Apart from rising in position, good employees see challenging tasks as a way to test their skills and improve their jobs.

That is, they crave opportunities that will challenge them to use their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

However, when there is little intellectual stimulation, they can get bored at work.

When this happens, they will slowly lose interest in performing their tasks.

They might still be effective at their job, but the zeal to do it might be reduced.

As a result, seeking a company or workplace that will challenge them, they could quit their current company.

Check here to discover why employees are more efficient when they feel challenged.

10. Unclear Goals – Top Ten Reasons Good Employees Quit

Not having clear company goals, vision, and values is one reason employees quit their jobs.

This is because the company’s goals, vision, and values are what the employees are supposed to work with to ensure a company’s success.

However, when it is unclear, there will either be a muddled understanding of what they are or no understanding.

As a result, the employees will need help understanding and visualising their duties and purposes.

This can make good employees lose interest in their job as most of their effort in doing their best will be negated by their lack of understanding of the company’s goals.

Ultimately, it can make them leave for somewhere with clear goals and where their effort will be productive.

Actions To Take To Tackle The Reasons Good Employees Quit – Top Ten Reasons Good Employees Quit

You now know the top ten reasons employees quit.

However, you might need a clearer knowledge of what to do to prevent your good employees from quitting.

So, here are some actions you can take to effectively tackle the reasons employees quit and retain them:

Appreciate and Reward Your Employees

Good employees perform well, and they sometimes perform exceptionally well.

When this happens, you should show that you appreciate their work.

There are different ways this can be done.

However, the most effective one is to recompense them.

It could be a performance bonus, promotion, a note, or a word of recognition.

Whatever you do, just ensure that you appreciate them.

This way, they will know that their work is valued and appreciated.

Ultimately, it can work to strengthen their loyalty to your business.

Have Discussions with Them – Top Ten Reasons Good Employees Quit

Your employees want to be heard, and they want to hear from you.

So, when they have something to share with you, be open-minded and listen to it.

Since they are good employees, their intention will mostly be towards bettering the business and themselves in their careers.

Also, when things are unclear with your employees, ensure that you explain them.

For example, when they are unclear on the business goals, vision, and values, let them know better.

Carry them with matters they need to know about and be honest with them.

When you avoid keeping them in the dark, they will understand the business better and keep putting in their best option.

Provide Opportunities

Employees who don’t have opportunities to grow will be unhappy with their work, and some might quit.

 To avoid this, you should give them opportunities to grow and attain higher positions.

There are different ways that you can provide opportunities for your employees to grow.

One of them is to develop a mentoring program whereby a good and seasoned employee mentors new employees.

This will be rewarding for them if they do it well as it will give them a chance to acquire more new skills.

Create Flexible Work Policies – Top Ten Reasons Good Employees Quit

The workplace is not a war place.

Yes, it is a serious place where you set goals, plan strategies, and take action.

However, it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be flexible.

You can allow your employees to adjust and alternate departure and arrival times.

Depending on the nature or type of business you operate, you can allow them to work from home.

These will help boost their productivity, morale, and loyalty to your company.

However, while doing all these, you still need to ensure that rules guide the changes and flexibility you allow.

Challenge Your Employees – Top Ten Reasons Good Employees Quit

As good employees desire to grow out of their position at work, they also want to perform stimulating and engaging assignments.

This is because they like to be on their toe and make an impact in the workplace.

So, you should work to challenge them.

One way you can do this is by setting monthly, quarterly, or yearly goals individually for them.

Or you can assign them projects that they have never embarked on before.

When you do this, it will show that you trust them, and this will make them happier with their work.

Create a Healthy Work Environment – Top Ten Reasons Good Employees Quit

A workplace environment can either be good or bad.

This all depends on what you allow and what you don’t.

For example, if you have employees who are disrespectful, and toxic to other employees and even customers, then you need to rethink keeping such employees.

In other words, you will need to create and promote a healthy work environment.

This way you won’t lose good employees over bad ones or a negative work environment.

Stay Updated

When running a business, enterprise, or company, one must be up to date on all the technologies, techniques, and trends in their sector.

This will not only work to ensure that good employees stay with your company but also help you to flourish better.

So, don’t be stuck in doing things the same way, be open to new ideas and techniques, and your employees will be happy and proud of working in your company.

Reduce Work Load – Top Ten Reasons Good Employees Quit

As much as a good employee wants to be challenged and given room for growth, they still need room to breathe.

In other words, if you tend to overwork your good employees, you should stop.

Rather than overworking them, assign some of their work to other employees.

This way, other employees will be given a chance to prove themselves, and your good employees will have more rest and focus on other important tasks or assignments.

Conclusion on Top Ten Reasons Good Employees Quit

Good employees are essential to the growth and success of any business.

However, several businesses still lose them for reasons they can easily resolve if they understand them.

Above, we have the top ten reasons good employees may resign.

Following are some effective actions that you should take to tackle these reasons.

So, use this information shared and strive to retain your good employees.