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What Does Success Mean to You?

What does Success Mean to You

What Does Success Mean to You? Only you can determine what “success” means to you. People’s ideas about that word are as varied as anything else about them.

People’s ideas about success are largely influenced by both their perceptions of different situations and also by their own lives at the moment.

If you’re going to be a business owner, you’ll likely have your own idea of what it means to be successful.

Whether success to you means spending more time with your family or reaching a certain financial goal, you can eventually achieve that goal if you stay focused.

Try asking numerous people about the word “success”.

You will likely be surprised at how many different definitions you get in return.

In addition, to some, success may be in the number of assets they possess while to others it might the how successful they are in business.

Some answers may surprise the average individual, and below are just some of those answers.

What Does “Success” Mean To You?

what is success

What success means to you can include any of the following.

  1. Being able to help pay the bills

Even if you have a “breadwinner” in your family, it simply feels good to be able to contribute to the family income, regardless of how small a contribution it is.

2. Following your dreams

Everyone has dreams and goals.

Even if you are not looking to make a certain amount of money, it is good to know that you can follow your dreams and accomplish the goals you set for yourself.

3. Doing something you love on a daily basis

There is simply no substitute for looking forward to getting up in the morning and going to a job that you love.

This is a worthwhile goal for many people, and it is one that many other people strive for.

4. Setting and achieving certain goals

If you set goals, keep your list of goals updated.

Achieve your goals, it simply feels good in the end and portrays what success means to you.

For you, this could be What success means to you.

what is success to you

5. Allowing yourself to enjoy regular downtime

Life is stressful, but once you get to the point where you can enjoy much-needed downtime on a regular basis, this is one thing that many people associate with being successful.

6. Feeling like you’re more in control of the future

No one wants to feel out of control.

Once the order of your life becomes more structured, a lot of people feel like they have more control over what happens to them in the future.

7. Presenting a certain image to your peers

If other people see you as knowledgeable, professional, or any other characteristic that you value, this can make many people feel like they’re successful.

8. Feeling less overwhelmed and stressed about your life

Life is always going to be filled with stress.

If you determine ways to eliminate some of that stress, this can be a sign of success.

what is success for you

9. Being a good parent

A lot of things go into being a great mother or father.

Since this is a very admirable and important goal that probably depicts what success means to you, there are a lot of people who attempt to achieve it.

For you, this could be What success means to you.

10. Helping other people find their passion

It is one thing to be passionate about what you’re doing.

it’s another thing to help other people find that same passion.

This is something that can easily make you feel that you’ve reached a certain level of success.

11. Having meaningful relationships with others

Connecting with other individuals is something that most people aspire to do.

If you’ve been too busy to establish relationships like this, finding the time to do so can be a great sign of what success means to you.

12. Keeping the values you consider important.

The older you get, the more tempted you can be to loosen the values and morals you were once taught.

Getting a grip on these values and staying true to them is an important sign of success for many people.

For you, this could be What success means to you.

what is the meaning of success

13. Reaching a certain financial goal

Not everyone aspires to be a millionaire, but most people have a financial goal they are shooting for.

If you reach that goal, it can be a sure sign of success.

14. Enjoying the little things in life

The expression “take time to smell the roses” becomes more important the busier you are.

When you do find yourself with time to enjoy the little things in life, this will certainly help you feel successful.

15. Being happy

Okay, so “happy” means something different to everyone.

Whatever it means to you, it feels great to get up every day and admit that you are truly happy with your life.

16. Being able to live your life as an adventure

Life is what you make of it.

When you’ve decided that your life is just what you want it to be, this can feel an awful lot like what success means to you.

what does the word success mean

17. Success is an attitude and an outlook

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t consider yourself a success simply.

You can’t define success in a concise manner.

Feeling like success is the first step to being successful, even if it is all in your mind.

18. Placing others ahead of yourself

Much like helping others, considering other people’s needs above your own is a great thing to do.

It helps millions of people feel more successful every day.

For you, this could be What success means to you.

19. Going where no one has gone before

This is an admirable goal.

If you find yourself achieving the goal of accomplishing a specific task, recognition, or job that no one else ever has, this is definitely a sign of success to these people.

20. Doing something that improves the lives of others

The developers of the Internet have definitely succeeded in this endeavor.

For most people like this, the fact that they have made other people’s lives a lot easier is considered more important than the money that has resulted from the task.

what does being successful mean to you

21. Maintaining a good work-life balance

Balance is important if you don’t want to feel overwhelmed or overly stressed.

Once you achieve this balance, it can be a great way to feel like you’ve achieved the success that you deserve.

22. Winning the many small battles in life

Often, you can win the war but lose a few battles.

The more you actually achieve the winning of certain goals or battles, the more successful you can feel in the end.

For you, this could be What success means to you.

23. Being able to pay others to do the jobs you hate

If you hate cutting the grass or cleaning the house every week, it can feel great once you get to the point where you can afford to pay other people to do this for you.

It can also save you a lot of time that you can then invest in running and improving your business.

24. Being able to sell your business at a profit one day

If you sell your business at a profit you will always feel successful.

The truth is, this isn’t possible unless you’ve contributed some value to the business.

what is your idea of success

25. Having other respected business people look up to you

If you gain the respect and admiration of other successful individuals in your field, this can provide you with a great feeling.

Knowing that those people come to you for advice and assistance can be a true measure of your success.

26. Making the world a better place than it once was

This is a very admirable goal that could show what success means to you.

It is considered a worthy endeavor by virtually everyone.

All people should concentrate on making the world a better place than it was before they came along.

This is the only way to improve life for everyone.

27. Having coworkers and employees that you love to be around

Most people working full-time spend roughly two-thirds of their life at work.

It is best to enjoy the people you work with, regardless of who that may be.

Being around people you enjoy every day is a sure sign of success to many people.

how would you define success

28. Living the lifestyle of your dreams

Everybody has an idea of the perfect lifestyle.

Regardless of what you think this means, you can feel very successful once you have achieved this goal.

For you, this could be What success means to you.

29. Measuring success internally

Most people who feel successful do not measure success by their bank accounts, but by what that success allows them to say, do, feel, and accomplish.

This for you could be another way to illustrate what success means to you.

30. Feeling great inner peace

Being successful gives you great inner peace.

It always feels good to know that you’re accomplishing everything you set out to do.

31. Overcoming certain obstacles

If you have certain obstacles to overcome before you can achieve your goals, doing so can help you feel very successful.

This goes for all types of goals, whether yours are financial, practical, or even spiritual in nature.

how do you define success

32. Making sure your clients are happy with your services

Whether you are selling a specific product or a service, to many people, the clients’ success is their success.

This is what they strive for each and every day.

33. Having great satisfaction and self-worth

Everyone deserves to feel appreciated and important.

If this is your idea of what success means to you, it is definitely something you should aim for.

34. Being continuously challenged

You don’t have to get bored easily to have this goal.

The monotony of everyday life can be difficult for everyone.

For many people, finding a job or lifestyle that keeps them constantly stimulated and growing is a true measure of success.

how do we define success

35. Realizing that the word “success” can change on a regular basis.

Once you’ve met and fulfilled your goals, it is time to move onto another one.

Many successful people continue to feel that way because they are continuously updating their bucket lists and striving for greater things.

What Does Success Mean to You? – How to Feel Successful

what does success mean

Feeling successful means something different to everyone.

Below are a few suggestions to help you interpret what success means to you and also help you feel successful both now and in the future.

1. Create your own measure of success

Other people’s opinion of the word “success” is likely going to be different than your own.

It is noteworthy to remember, success doesn’t always mean achieving a certain status or reaching a certain financial milestone.

Different people search for different things when it comes to a job.

Do you simply want a paycheck with a lot of zeros at the end, or do you want a job that fulfills a need that you have?

Are you wanting a job that allows you to move up the corporate ladder, or do you prefer one that never requires you to work any overtime?

Consequently, whatever you are looking for, you deserve to get it, but you have to first determine what it is you want.

what does it mean to be successful

2. Don’t consider failure as a negative thing

Instead, consider each failure as a stepping stone for getting where you want to be.

After all, during every phase of your life, you’ve had to learn new things.

This includes making mistakes, but because you stuck with it, you always accomplished what you needed and wanted to do.

After all, no one who goes after goals is going to achieve those goals without making a few mistakes.

Mistakes are a part of life.

The only way you will never fail is if you never try in the first place.

Mistakes are nothing to be ashamed of; indeed, they are a “must,” regardless of the type of goals you are trying to reach.

3. Be very specific with your goals

When you’re listing these goals, make sure they aren’t vague but are instead attainable and very detailed.

Be succinct but include all of the important details.

If you have to alter them sometime during the process, so be it.

Be clear about what success means to you.

what does it mean to succeed

It is better to adjust them some rather than discard them altogether, so make sure your goals are also realistic.

The more details you include, the better.

Those details are what allow you to move forward and go after those goals.

Determining What Success Means to You

what is your definition of success

In order to feel successful, the first thing you need to do is define what success means to you.

This definition has hundreds, maybe even thousands of answers because every person has a different definition of the term.

Discovering what success means to you can be broken down into two parts:

First, understand what it is that makes you happy

Ironically, this step takes some time for many people, mainly because so many people have never thought about this for themselves.

Consider your likes and what you’re good at, as well as what you are passionate about.

This should help you determine what will make you happy from now on.

Make up your mind to go after whatever makes you happy

Set goals according to a timeline, and always be willing to revise those goals whenever necessary.

Moreover, never let others’ opinions of what you’re trying to accomplish sway you or distract you from your goals.

After all, in the end, everyone deserves to be successful and happy.

what do you think success means

Self-satisfaction is something that everyone deserves, but just like the term “success,” self-satisfaction means something different for everyone.

Self-satisfaction also doesn’t have to come from just your job.

It could be only one of the other things that illustrate what success means to you.

For most people, being successful at their jobs spills over into their everyday life and helps them become happier with everything else they do.

Set your goals without fear of what other people will think.

Keep in mind that like everyone else on the planet, you deserve to get the success that you consider important.

Another aspect of feeling successful is knowing you are not here to please everyone else.

Yes, being considerate of others is always going to be a positive thing.

If you listen to what everyone says, you’re going to discover a lot of negativity about what you’re doing.

how do people define success

This can, in turn, deter your goals of accomplishing the success you’ve always dreamed of.

Being aware of why these people are so negative can help you keep your eyes on the goals you’ve set for yourself.

To some people, having the freedom of working for themselves makes them feel successful.

For others, simply making enough money to get off of public assistance is considered a measure of success.

Whatever you consider success to be, you deserve to get it.

You have to know what makes you happy and how to achieve that success for it to come to fruition.


The bottom line is, success is measured differently by everyone.

In the end, accomplishing the goals you’ve set for yourself can make you feel like you have conquered the world consequently showing what success means to you.

how do you personally define success

Remember, whether your goals are small and simple or large and complex, achieving those goals is never impossible.

After all, one day you’ll have a chance to look back at your life and review it.

When that eventually happens, what will you find?

No one ever regretted going after their goals or spending too much time with their family.

Regardless of how small your goals are, it is going to feel great once you’ve achieved them.

Success is always going to mean something different to everyone.

Once you’ve determined which goals you need to achieve in order to feel like a success, you are certainly halfway to them already and that will certainly be what success means to you.

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