Who is a Visionary Leader?

Who is a Visionary Leader

Who is a visionary leader?

The answer to this question may seem very obvious as it is deemed already figured out.

When you think of a perfect leader with vision, do you picture Jack Dorsey, the man who got rejected at a shoe store and then founded Twitter from the ground?

Or Nelson Mandela, who broke South Africa out of tyranny with his dreams for equality?

The point is that in every institution, there is a serious need for a person who has the vision to make an idea become a reality.

Hence, we will discuss who a visionary leader is.

The issue of visionary leadership may seem too redundant to talk about.

We mean every leader should be visionary right?

Unfortunately, not all leaders are visionary.

Consequently, this may stem from the unclear set standards and ideals of what vision entails.

Furthermore, choosing efficient styles of leadership can either enhance vision or blur its potential.

Also, an individual’s disposition and beliefs matter if they are to be visionary leaders.

It is also important to note that vision is quite flimsy and that failure to nurture it can cost a lot.

When we mention vision, most people think that this is a skill that only company CEOs and leaders should possess.

You could not be more wrong.

Surely, we believe that we are all leaders in our own rights and that vision is the right of all human beings.

The family, social spheres, businesses, and interests need a vision for sustenance and posterity.

Besides, it is a vision that will make you wake up in the morning with a sense of purpose.

What is Vision?

Who is an example of a visionary leader

Having hammered on about vision, what does it entail?

Who is a visionary leader?

They are people who utilize the vision mechanism.

Vision, simply put, is a state of being able to see.

It is the act of seeing what is but most importantly what is not.

It is should not be mistaken for wishes.

Vision is being able to bring a still picture to life.

It is more than just building a castle in the air.

Decidedly, it is imagination, creativity, and dreams met with hard work.

Being visionary means you have to bring your ideas to fruition.

Also, although vision utilizes the sense of sight, it occurs more in the mind.

Who is a Visionary Leader?

What does it mean to be visionary leader

Essentially, a visionary leader is one who leads with an aim in mind.

From the onset, a visionary leader has a clear idea of how the future should be.

They are not bothered by the hurdles and challenges they face.

Rather, they only see it as a step closer to the big picture.

Leaders who label themselves as visionary, are faced with the job of moving an institution from one level to a broader horizon.

These leaders are not small-minded.

Apparently, they know that the backward mindset will only draw them back.

A visionary leader is sought for guidance because they tackle issues and still maintain cohesiveness.

A visionary leader of a family will plan to move their family from a rented apartment to their own house.

They will plan to educate their offspring.

Notably, a visionary leader of a company will also plan to boost its growth and capacity.

So, all visionary leaders will often have objectives they wish to accomplish.     

What is Visionary Leadership?

What is a visionary leader known for

The answer to the question, “What is visionary leadership?” also includes a definition of visionary leadership.

Imagine having to work under leadership that is rigid and not insightful.

Essentially, that is a kind of environment that would be drab and unprogressive.

The lack of vision would do that to any dream.

Nevertheless, this is where visionary leadership comes to the rescue.

Visionary leadership is the kind of leadership that encourages reaching goals and achieving healthy purposes.

As a visionary leader, there is often a need for a strong vision statement.

It is the defined outline with which an organization works to accomplish its goals.

Visionary leadership makes any field of profession thrive to attain the highest heights.

A visionary leader encourages input from others because they know that they aren’t autonomous.

Visionary leaders inspire people to be courageous and pursue their dreams and make them a reality.

True visionary leadership creates a conducive environment for the team to have a deep understanding of how to accomplish their ideals.

Visionary leadership presupposes a leader who is ready to take risks to birth the goals and hopes of any organization.

The Ideal Visionary Leadership Style

What is a visionary person

Who is a visionary leader?

A visionary leader is akin to the leadership style he chooses.

Every organization, irrespective of the field, needs good visionary leadership to attain success.

Good leaders will determine the success story of any department.

However, visionary leadership is not an innate trait.

It has to be adopted and learned.

It is for this reason that different theories of leadership styles have been introduced.

Furthermore, note that the choice for leadership style will differ according to the needs of your environment.

Here are a few leadership styles…

The Structural Style – Who is a Visionary Leader?

Everyone has to know what should be done and when it should be done.

In this leadership style, you will assign people to their place of duty.

These people will be handpicked by you.

This leadership style will enable you to reward members based on their performance.

However, the downside of this style of leadership is that it cannot be applied with an amateur unmotivated team.

This will stifle innovation when used.

The Participative Style

This style enables you to put the team first.

You will apply the friendship factor by being caring, respectful, and giving time.

Indeed, their active participation will increase the bonding and trust spirit within the team.

This style should be used during stressful times or when trust is dwindling.

Nevertheless, do not use this style too often as it may lead to poor performances.

It’s okay to put your foot down to achieve results.

The Servant Style – Who is a Visionary Leader?

In this type of leadership, you serve others just like they will serve you.

You have to ensure that everyone has what they need to work with.

If they don’t, you offer help in whatever way that you can.

This will help build a strong work culture within the team.

But failure to balance this style out will lead to team members questioning your authority or insubordination.

Other styles of leadership will include the freedom style and the transformational style.

Traits of a Visionary Leader

How do visionary leaders work

Who is a visionary leader?

A visionary leader is…

Communicative – Who is a Visionary Leader

Visionary leaders are people who communicate with those around them.

It is through this medium that they share their plans and objectives.

Besides, if plans change, they can update the team through communication.

They also receive user input this way.


They are the persistent type who don’t back down.

They persevere through the hardest situations.

Indeed, visionary leaders don’t settle for less.

They will not stop until they have achieved their end goal.


Visionary leaders are focused.

They keep their eyes on the prize.

They know that their devotion will be worth it in the end.

Positive – Who is a Visionary Leader

They are positivity personified.

Through everything, they tend to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

They will shut out all the negative remarks.

In fact, this will even make them adequately prepared.


Creativity does not lie far from visionary leaders.

They will build an idea from scratch.

Their mental capacity is quite developed and with this, they can envision the result of an idea before they have even achieved it.

Inquisitive – Who is a Visionary Leader

Visionary leaders ask the hard questions.

They do not just swallow ideas.

They also collaborate with other people this way because they are not afraid to ask for help.

How do you know if you are a visionary


Well, they are the most accommodating set of people on earth.

A leader with a vision does not think too much of themselves.

They like when others share their own ideas.

They know that this will mean more for the organization.

Inspirational – Who is a Visionary Leader

Visionary leaders are people that are looked up to.

They inspire others with their words of wisdom and leadership skills.

Hardworking – Who is a Visionary Leader

They are hard workers.

Visionary leaders will study or work late nights to design strategic plans to take the institution to the next level.

They are not afraid of working extra hours.

Organized – Who is a Visionary Leader?

Few things slip past visionary leaders.

They are attentive and so pay attention to every detail.

 This way they can handle needs that arise.

Importance of Visionary Leadership  

why is visionary leadership important

Here are a few reasons why we need visionary leadership…

It Helps You Set Clear Goals

A Visionary leader envisages a healthy future.

Visionary leadership will not condone a team that does not set its sights far.

As a result, they will be challenged to bring their best game.

Visionary leadership ensures that goals are feasible, favorable, and profitable.

It Brings Unity within the Team

One of the leadership styles we have mentioned is the participatory style.

Be it in the family or social sphere, visionary leaders thrive from the participatory effort of the team.

This will promote comfort, self-worth, and unity among everyone.

It Fosters Creativity

Since vision requires mental sight, it is no surprise that they rub off on those around them.

A visionary leader will inspire others to get out of their comfort zone and think deep.

And since they criticize constructively, their team members will feel more at ease sharing their ideas.

With visionary leadership, you will learn how to spur creativity all the time.

It Keeps the Team Focused

Look around you, the world is fast changing.

With the introduction of modern technology and the likes, the human attention span has become quite thin.

However, a visionary leader can play a major role in keeping their team focused.

Here, visionary leadership can serve as an instrument for positive change.

It Promotes Purpose

Did you know that every establishment is meant to have a purpose?

Without visionary leadership, this purpose cannot be realized.

Take for instance, if a shelter that was meant to keep rape victims who had no place to go off the streets didn’t serve its purpose, would that be great?

The answer is no.

Of course, it will take a visionary leader to keep this dream alive.

In fact, the shelter may dabble into taking in expectant mothers or drug addicts.

This is something only a visionary leader can attain.

Who is a Visionary Leader (How to Become One)

What are the Qualities of a Visionary Leader

As we said before, being a visionary leader is not inherent in us; we have to practice it.

Some lifestyles or habits may increase your chances of becoming a visionary leader.

Here are a few…

Learn What You Should

Who is a visionary leader?

They are people who thirst for knowledge.

Surely, it does not help to be clueless.

The first step to becoming a visionary leader is to learn everything about the organization –

What will it take for this organization to succeed?

What cannot be compromised?

Which method should be used to execute the vision?

You need to fully understand the peculiarity of your organization and team.

Consequently, it’ll be easier for your team to accept your vision.

Define and Adjust Your Goals – Who is a Visionary Leader?

You should define your goals from the onset.

Ask necessary questions to know where to begin –

What are your goals?

What are your strengths and weaknesses in relation to these goals?

How realistic is this objective?

Also, know that not all of these plans will be executed.

Do not be slow to adjust strategies that may not be achievable at that time.

It’s okay to take time to restrategize.

There is no need to feel like a failure.

Know that goals and dreams do not die.

Choose an Appropriate Leadership Style – Who is a Visionary Leader?

Did you know that Daniel Coleman in his book, “Primal Leadership…” advocates the different patterns a leader could adopt in leading?

Well, apart from the ones we’ve mentioned already, he talked about the democratic, commanding, pacesetting, coaching, visionary, and affiliative styles of leadership.

You should know which style best serves the purpose at a particular time.

Also, look out for the style that is best suited for you.

It may also be good to apply the different styles from time to time.

Note that in all the types of leadership styles mentioned, none forces the vision on their team players.

There has to be an acceptance of how you choose to lead.

Improve Your Personality

Who is a visionary leader?

They are people who have the right personalities.

Being passionate, driven, kind, respectful, studious, and easy-going will pretty much help you through the whole leadership journey.

On the contrary, a negative attitude will be a huge turn-off for those around you and will result in a challenging experience for everyone.

Vision has no room for pessimism.

You should always look on the bright side.

Connect with Like Minds

No one can practice any of the styles of leadership without followers.

You have to create a vision-based fan club.

Leadership is not a one-man play.

There should be active participants in this dream.

Furthermore, whether you know it or not, vision is contagious.

That is, it can influence other people.

Surround yourself with people who will encourage you and even give you a tip or two.

Visionary Leadership Explained by a CEO

Have a Plan – Who is a Visionary Leader?

Who is a visionary leader?

It is someone who plans to execute their vision.

We know that you might be thinking “Didn’t they already say define your goals?”

Yes, we did, but don’t stop there. 

Make concrete plans to execute your vision.

A crafted vision is only the first step to achieving your ultimate goal or vision.

Do not implement your vision poorly.

You need to carve strategic ways to bring this vision to life.

Planning is like adding color to a pencil sketch.

Obviously, it is not the sketch but it brings it to life.

Communicate Your Vision – Who is a Visionary Leader?

Burt Nanus asserts that a vision is just an empty dream if it isn’t shared.

He could not be more right.

Building the vision is easy but communicating it might be a bit tricky.

It is very hard trying to convince people to accept what they cannot see.

Do this, and when you’ve shared your vision, give them time to fully grasp it.

Do not forget to paint the best possible picture of your vision.

Certainly, you should give this vision a personality.

Put you and your team in the picture and they will relate to it much easier.

It will only make your work harder if they have to feel like outsiders.


visionary leadership in education

In conclusion, the question “Who is a visionary leader?” is subjective.

This means that it is subject to personal interpretation.

However, the quality of being able to build and execute a vision is non-negotiable.

It is possible to learn how to become a visionary leader.

But you should be in the right frame of mind and willing to head a team that accomplishes the goals set out for them.