Best Everyday Carry bag For Office

Best Everyday Carry bag For Office
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When going to the office, it is important that you carry everything you’ll need. For this, you’ll need the best everyday carry bag (EDC) for office use. You’ll need one that is spacious enough to contain all you need and also comfortable to carry about. After conducting research on various products available we recommend the Pac Safe Unisex Metrosafe LS450 as the best everyday carry bag for office use.

Sometimes the daily work rush can be so hectic

Similarly, some mornings you may find yourself rushing out of the house, only to realize that you’ve left something important behind.

To prevent this from becoming a frequent occurrence or a daily routine, you’ll need an EDC bag.

This would ensure you have the complete items you need to help you get through a day at the office.

An everyday carry (EDC) bag is a type of bag where you store a collection of essential items that you use daily.

What are the things you might need that an EDC bag can accommodate?

What An EDC Bag Typically Accommodates

The rule of thumb when it comes to EDC items is that they revolve around utility and preparedness.

Each component of your EDC bag should have a useful function for you to carry on with your day at the office.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Wallet
  • Headphones
  • Keys
  • Makeup Kit
  • Laptop
  • Umbrella
  • Charger
  • Reusable Water Bottle
  • Pen
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Small snacks

Now that you know more about some of the kinds of stuff you can put in an EDC bag, it would also be wise to know what to consider when choosing the best one to buy.

Things To Consider When Choosing EDC Bags

With such active schedules, office workers have little to no time to think about anything besides work.

An everyday carry bag will be able to aid them by providing convenience, functionality, and organization.

Without one, you risk the chance of forgetting or misplacing necessities.

Every job has its own needs.

Nonetheless, you can choose the type of bag according to your lifestyle.

Firstly, you should decide on the type of EDC bag that would suit your office needs.

There are different types of everyday bags such as pouches, messenger bags, backpacks, briefcases, and duffel bags.

Hence, the nature of your job would determine the items you need to carry to the office.

Secondly, you’ll also need to consider the portability of the EDC bag.

Since it is an everyday carry bag, you’ll need something that is comfortable to carry along with you.

You’ll also need to consider the space capacity of the bag.

Another important feature you need to consider is the amount of money you’ll be willing to spare to get an EDC bag.

You should also consider the durability and design of the bag.

These are some of the important considerations when it comes to getting an EDC bag for office use.

Best Everyday Carry bag For Office

Comparison Table

The following table compares the list of the best every day carry bags for the office.

Below is a brief analysis of the seven bags that this article will be reviewing.

Brand and ModelIbagbar Canvas MessengerMatt and Nat Women’s Brave BackpackMier Gym Duffel BagMaxpedition Gear Beefy Pocket OrganizerSamsonite Leather Expandable BriefcaseTocode Fashion Laptop BagPac Safe Unisex Metrosafe LS450
Rating4.4 / 54.5 / 54.4 / 54.7 / 54.4 / 54.5 / 54.6 / 5
Dimensions in Inches16 x 13 x 610 x 14 x 5.7511.5 x 20.5 x 116.25 x 8.75 x 2.516.8 x 7.2 x 12.222 x 12 x 618.9 x 12.2 x 6.3
Weight in Pounds1.

Compare The Top 7 On One Page

1. Ibagbar Canvas Messenger Everyday Bag for Office Use


The first on our list of best everyday carry bags for office use is the  Ibagbar Canvas Messenger Bag.

With its durable build, you can expect to use this everyday carry bag for a relatively long period of time.

This bag is designed with a high density washed cotton canvas.

The top of the line leather zips, and first-rate stitching also adds to its durability features.

Furthermore, the bag has an adjustable over the shoulder strap which you can fix to your height and comfortability.

This is not only a comfortable everyday carry bag but also a secure one to use.

It has compartments large enough to contain a 14-inch laptop.

It is designed with strong metal buckles, Velcro and Zip closure to ensure the security of your valuable content in the bag.

Even more, the bag has nine different compartments for more organized storage.

It also has a magnetic flap.

This protects the inside of the bag and provides easier access to your necessities.


  • Firstly, it comes in neutral colors to match any outfit.
  • Also, it is designed with really durable materials.
  • It has an adjustable strap with a locking device.
  • Furthermore, it has nine compartments.
  • It is also affordable.


  • Since it is one strapped bag, you can’t overpack the bag with heavy items.

Conclusively, this is a portable bag that you can use to put your basic office necessities.

Hence, it is considered as one of the best everyday bags for office use.

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2. Matt and Nat Women’s Brave Backpack for Office Use


This is another good alternative for the best everyday carry bag for office use.

For those busy working women, this backpack would be just right for you.

Matt and Nat backpack would very convenient for you to pack all your office necessities.

It’s made of vegan-friendly faux leather.

This makes it looks chic and fashionable.

The bag can easily contain a 13-inch laptop along with other everyday items.

The bag also has three smaller pockets on the front where you can place smaller things for convenience.


  • Firstly, it is portable, chic and convenient to carry.
  • The minimalistic design gives it a classy and casual look.
  • It also has large compartments.
  • Also, it is budget-friendly.


  • It is not made of waterproof materials.

Overall, this is a simple and unique everyday carry bag that is suitable for busy working women.

Also, considering its’ very attractive design, it can serve as a beautiful addition to your office outfit.

Conclusively, this deserves to be one of the best everyday carry bags for office use.

Click on the image link above to purchase this EDC bag on Amazon.

3. Mier Gym Duffel Everyday Carry Bag for Office Use


This is another unique alternative for the best everyday carry bag for office use.

The Mier Gym Duffel bag is uniquely designed for business travel and everyday use.

This is because it has compartments that are big enough to contain your personal belongings.

It comes with a shoe/laundry compartment that allows you to further segregate items.

Mier EDC bag also has an extra Dopp kit that you can keep toiletries in.

This Unisex duffel bag is designed with strong nylon fabric.

Hence, it is quite durable.

The bag can be carried in two ways.

You can either carry it over the shoulder/cross-body or hold it in your hands.

Furthermore, it is carefully padded at the bottom.

This will help protect some of your breakable valuables in case it hits any hard surface.


  • Firstly, it has enough compartments.
  • Also, it can be used as a crossbody, over the shoulder, or hand-carried bag.
  • It has a padded bottom to support heavier loads.
  • Also, it is made of durable nylon fabric.
  • It is quite affordable.


  • It is not so portable for office use.

Overall, this is a good bag that gives you enough space to conveniently pack all your everyday office necessities.

Consequently, it is referred to as the best everyday carry bag for office use.

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4. Maxpedition Gear Beefy Pocket Organizer


This is another unique option for the best everyday carry bag for office use on our list.

The Maxpedition Gear Beefy Pocket Organizer is a unique EDC bag.

It is designed with water-resistant materials such as Teflon, and polyurethane.

Furthermore, the bag is made of durable and strong zippers.

To add to the bag’s durability feature, the linings of the bag are secured with double stitching.

Although the pouch may be small, it still has enough compartments to store your basic necessities.


  • Firstly, it is made of strong, waterproof materials.
  •  It also has strong and smooth gliding zippers.
  • It has a double-stitched lining that enhances the durability of the bag.
  • This backpack has enough compartments for storage.
  • Lastly, it is quite budget-friendly.


  • Elasticity in the pocket organizers is not flexible.
  • Also, the bag is not designed to contain many items; just a few basic needs.

Regardless of its’ minimal cons, this is still a good option.

It is mostly suitable for those who need an everyday carry bag to pack just a few office necessities.

Due to this, this bag can also be considered as one of the best everyday bags for office use.

Purchase this EDC bag on Amazon by clicking on the image link above.

5. Samsonite Leather Expandable Briefcase for Office Use


This is also a great everyday carry bag to take along with you to the office.

Bringing a briefcase to the workplace may not be the freshest trend.

However, it is a good way to showcase your professionalism.

Furthermore, you would surely boost your confidence daily with a touch of professionalism to your office outfit with this briefcase.

With its genuine leather material and outer lining, the bag is able to maintain its shape and protect your belongings.

The black zippers elegantly blend in with the rest of the bag,

It also possesses padlock openings for protection.

Samsonite has engineered it to expand so it won’t look bulky as it would with generic briefcases.

It can be worn over the shoulder or gripped by its handles.

Even more, its’ compartments are uniquely designed to help you neatly organize all your stuff.

Firstly, the front compartment easily stores smaller items like cellphones, wallets, keys, and pens.

The second compartment is padded to hold more delicate objects like laptops and tablets.

It even has a velcro strap to secure the electronic into place.

The three large pockets opposite the compartment can hold external hard drives and chargers.

Lastly, the narrow compartment can hold important files or folders and prevent them from being wrinkled.

All compartments use a light grey interior background to perfectly contrast with the utilities placed inside to make it easier to find your things.


  • It adds a touch of professionalism to your look.
  • Furthermore, it decreases bulkiness.
  • Also, it has large compartments.
  • it has protective storage for electronics.


  • The handles are not as strongly built as the adjustable straps.

Generally, this is a good and portable EDC bag that’s worth a buy.

Hence, this can also be considered as one of the best everyday carry bags for office use.

Click on the image link above to purchase this EDC bag on Amazon. 

6. Tocode Fashion Laptop Bag for Office Use


This is also an excellent candidate for the best everyday carry bags for office use.

If you’re looking for a portable and secure backpack, you can opt for the Tocode fashion laptop bag.

With three generously spaced compartments, you can efficiently store your daily necessities.

This backpack has an external micro-USB port and charging cable.

Furthermore, the Tocode fashion laptop bag comes with a password lock to guarantee protection to the items inside.

Also, its’ compartments are large enough to contain a 17-inch laptop.


  • Firstly, it has an affordable price-tag.
  • Also, it has spacious compartments.
  • Includes micro-USB port and charging cable.
  • This backpack also has a sleek and attractive design.


  • The zippers are not so sturdy.

Overall this backpack is has a unique feature that allows people to conveniently charge from their backpacks.

Based on all its’ unique features, this is considered one of the best everyday carry bags for office use.

Click on the image link above to purchase this EDC bag on Amazon.

7. PacSafe Unisex Metrosafe LS450


This is our preferred choice for the best everyday carry bags for office use.

PacSafe is a durable, lightweight backpack that is suitable enough to bring to the office.

As a backpack, it has more room than other EDC bags and can even fit a 15-inch laptop.

There are two side pockets where you can place water bottles or an umbrella.

To live up to the brand’s name, the Pacsafe Metrosafe LS450 features three lockable compartments.

In addition to that, the bag bears a radio frequency identification (RFID) protected pocket.

This enhances its security features.


  • Firstly, it is durable and lightweight.
  • Simple design makes it suitable for the office.
  • It has a large storage capacity with radiofrequency identification protective pocket and lockable compartments.
  • This backpack is also very affordable.


  • Its’ design is not so chic and attractive.

This is a very unique backpack based on all its specific and impressive features.

Hence, this is considered as the best everyday carry bag for office use.

Buy this EDC bag on Amazon by clicking on the image link above.

Conclusion on Best Everyday Carry bag For Office

It’s best to choose an EDC bag that’ll suit your preferences and work lifestyles.

There are varieties of bags available such as messenger bags, briefcases, pouches, backpacks, and duffel bags.

Almost any bag can serve as an EDC bag as long as it fulfills its duty of functionality, convenience, and organization.

You may have your hands full with work for the whole day, but the right EDC bag you’ll be just fine.

Putting optimal efficiency in mind we recommend the Pac Safe Unisex Metrosafe LS450as the best everyday carry bag for office use.

We hope this has been quite helpful.