Best Laptops For Web Developers

Best Laptops For Web Developers
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Undoubtedly web developers go through great deals to get their jobs done, and the task becomes even frustrating when you don’t have the best laptop to give your desired output. This is why you need a new laptop that’ll make your work as a developer easy and efficient. Lucky for you, we have gone through the process of selecting the best amongst the rest so that you have complete rest of mind. After a rigorous search, we give you the 2020 HP 15 as the best laptop for web developers.

Read on to find out more details about this laptop and six other laptops listed here.

Comparison Table For The Best Laptops For Web Developers

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S/NProduct NameImageSpecifications
12020 HP 15Processor: Intel Core i5-1035G1.

RAM: 16 GB DDR4 2666 MHz.

Graphics: Intel Graphics coprocessor.

Storage: 512 GB SSD.

Weight: 3.75 pounds.
22021 Newest Dell Inspiron 14Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 4500U.

RAM: 16 GB DDR4.

Graphics: AMD Radeon graphics card.

Storage: 1 TB PCIe M.2 SSD.

Weight: 5.35 pounds.
3Razer Blade Stealth 13 UltrabookProcessor: Intel Core i7-1165g7.

RAM: 16 GB Dual-Channel.

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti Max-Q.

Storage: 512 GB SSD.

Weight: 6.05 pounds.
4ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo UX581Processor: Intel Core i7-9750H.

RAM: 16 GB DDR4.

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060.

Storage: 1 TB PCIe NVMe SSD.

Weight: 5.5 pounds.
5Lenovo Flex 5Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 5700U.

RAM: 16 GB.

Graphics: Integrated AMD Radeon.

Storage: 512 GB SSD.

Weight: 3.3 pounds.
6HP Envy 2019Processor: Intel Core i7-10510U.

RAM: 16 GB DDR4 2666 SDRAM Dual-Slot.

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce MX250.

Storage: 512 GB SSD.

Weight: 6.14 pounds.
7ASUS ROG Strix ScarProcessor: Intel Core i7-10875H.

RAM: 16 GB DDR4 3200 MHz.

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super.

Storage: 1 TB SSD.

Weight: 6.28 pounds.

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Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Laptops For Web Developers

As a web developer, there are some applications/software that needs to be installed on your laptop for you to work with.

Moreover, not all laptops can run these demanding software.

This is why it is necessary to get the best laptop that can get this done smoothly for more productivity.

These are the things you should adhere to.


The kind of software you use for work will determine the graphics card that’ll work best for you.

If you use software like Adobe Photoshop and other editing software, you will need a dedicated graphics card for a stress-free task.

In this instance, an NVIDIA or AMD card will be right for you as it will help to boost the speed of your graphics-intensive operations.

On the other hand, you can go for an integrated graphics card for minor or basic computing tasks.


You’ll also need a powerful processor for web development.

This is to avoid a slow execution of commands while you work with the laptop.

Therefore, a laptop with Intel i7 or i5 will give you the best result.

Alternatively, an AMD Ryzen 7 or 5 will be appropriate.


For multitasking and a smooth flow of operation, you should aim for 16 GB RAM.

However, you can consider an 8 GB RAM if you are on a low budget.


Speaking of the laptop’s size, you should go for a smaller screen such as a 13-inch or 14-inch for easy movement.

On the contrary, if you desire a big screen, you can go for 15 or 17-inch with at least a Full HD or HD display for a soothing viewing experience.

However, keep in mind that the bigger the screen, the heavier the laptop.

Therefore, if you want to work on the go, you should get a portable laptop.


For web development, you may have some designs to save and other computing files to store.

Given so, you should go for considerable SSD size or the combination of HDD or SSD.

SSD is faster, and it will load and allow you to access your files much quicker than HDD.

Battery Life

Also, a laptop with a long-lasting battery life will give room for more productivity and completion of tasks.

Overall, anything that offers 5-8 hours of battery life will be a good place to start.

Now, out top picks for the best laptops for web developers keeping all these criteria in mind.

7 Best Laptops For Web Developers

1. 2020 HP 15; Best Laptops For Web Developers

The best laptop for web developers in this review is the 2020 HP 15.

It has all the amazing qualities for web development.

You will adequately get the necessary results to enhance your development skills.

Speaking of this laptop, it is worth going for.


This laptop comes with Intel UHD Graphics.

Sadly, this is an integrated graphics coprocessor.

However, you can still enjoy a fast and efficient graphics performance for your visuals and other basic graphics tasks.


Furthermore, it operates with the Intel Core i5-1035G1 processor with a base frequency of 1.0 GHz and a maximum of 3.6 GHz.

The CPU is also an efficient processor that can handle all your computational operations and load web browsers simultaneously with few or no complications.

You will also enjoy and get more work done with this processor.


It also has a 16 GB DDR4 2666 MHz RAM that is more than enough to execute all the multitasking operations without stuttering.

As for your web developing tasks, there is nothing to worry about because this will allow you to work adequately.

In a nutshell, this HP laptop has an efficient multitasking ability.


More so, it is built with an aluminum chassis coated in silver color, while the shining HP logo is placed at the center of the lid.

Simply put, this laptop has a gorgeous design which makes it more attractive.

Additionally, it features a 15.6-inch diagonal HD SVA bright view micro-edge WLED-backlit touchscreen display.

This is an HD (1366 x 768) display.

As such, it won’t give you impressive visuals like a Full HD or higher display.

Nonetheless, this laptop’s display size, quality, and resolution will serve you well.

Then, it also comes with a comfortable keyboard that’ll make typing a pleasant experience.

To be precise, it weighs ‎3.75 pounds and measures 14.11 x 9.53 x 0.71 inches.


Even more, it is equipped with ‎a 512 GB solid-state drive.

With this, you will have more space to save your files, and you can install your apps with ease.

Battery Life

In the end, this laptop has a 3-cell lithium-ion battery with an average battery life of 41Whr.


  • Adequate Performance.
  • Portable Laptop.


  • Average Display.

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2. 2021 Newest Dell Inspiron 14

This is another impressive best laptop that we recommend for web developers.

It is a convertible laptop that will allow you to work in any mode that suits your style- tent or laptop mode.

Most importantly, you will have a pleasant working experience, thanks to this laptop’s incredible attributes.


Furthermore, it has a dedicated AMD Radeon graphics card that’s strong to handle 

Specifically, this will enhance your skill and give you a soothing experience.


Moving on, the 2021 Newest Dell Inspiron 14 is powered by an AMD Ryzen 5 4500U processor.

It also has a base frequency of 2.30 GHz and a maximum boost clock of up to 4.00 GHz.

This CPU will give an optimum performance without lagging.


Ultimately, the bigger the RAM, the higher the number of tasks you can work on with the laptop simultaneously.

Lucky for you, this is one laptop that can allow you to enjoy such privilege.

Specifically, it has 16 GB DDR4 RAM.


The 2021 Newest Dell Inspiron 14 is a sleek and premium laptop.

It has a 14-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) LED touch display with slim bezels.

This display will give you clear and sharp visuals without straining your eyes.

More so, it comes with a backlit keyboard that you can work with anywhere, anytime.

Talking about its weight, it is heavy for a 14-inch laptop.

Specifically, it weighs ‎5.35 pounds and measures ‎15.4 x 14 x 3 inches.


Impressively, this laptop has a massive 1 TB PCIe M.2 SSD storage.

This will ensure fast retrieval and transfer of files.

You can also store a huge amount of files with this.

Battery Life

On the battery, it has a 3-cell 40 Whr Li-ion battery that can last for up to 10 hours.

However, the battery life will vary depending on usage.

Overall, you will be more productive as a web developer with this laptop.


  • Nice Aesthetics.
  • Versatile features.


  • It has a noisy click pad.

Tap the image above to get it now on Amazon.

3. Razer Blade Stealth 13 Ultrabook

This is the third-best laptop for web developers in this review.

Our overall aim is to give you the best.

Therefore, we present you Razer Blade Stealth 13 Ultrabook.

Furthermore, this will help you unleash the creative skill in you and give you a memorable experience.


To start with, it has the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti Max-Q backed by 4 GB dedicated video memory.

With this graphics card, you will not only design the web but also play games and do other high-end tasks smoothly.

If you desire a stress-free task, you should get this laptop.


Speaking of its CPU, it possesses a Quad Core 11th generation Intel Core i7-1165g7 processor.

Consequently, you will get a good outcome when you perform any tasks with this device.


Also, it will give you excellent performance when it comes to handling different tasks simultaneously without any issue.

Precisely, it comes with 16 GB dual-channel memory.

Speaking of the dual-slot, it can take 8 GB each.


The Razer Blade Stealth 13 Ultrabook is designed to be compact and solid with a CNC unibody aluminum frame.

Moving further, it has a 13.3-inch screen with a Full HD 1920 X 1080 pixels for a crystal clear viewing adventure.

On top of that, the keyboard features a single-zone RGB backlit that gives pleasant colors and confidence when typing at night.

Finally, it weighs ‎6.05 pounds and ‎11.9 x 8.27 x 0.6 inches.

Given its weight, you may be discouraged.

However, you don’t have to be because this laptop is designed to be small and you can carry it around like a notebook.


On the storage, it is configured with 512 GB SSD storage.

Battery Life

Its battery life is not stipulated.

However, it’s marketed to come with ‎1 Lithium-ion battery.


  • It is efficient for multitasking.
  • Latest processor.
  • It comes with Thunderbolt 4.


  • Overheating issues.

Tap the image above to get it now on Amazon.

4. ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo UX581; Best Laptops For Web Developers

The ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo UX581 is the fourth laptop featured in this review.

It is a classy laptop with exquisite aesthetics and wonderful attributes.

When it comes to web development, this laptop will perform more than your expectations.

Check it out.


It offers an ‎NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card with 6 GB of dedicated video memory.

This graphics card will give you an immersive adventure when working and during your leisure time.

With this, be sure to deliver an excellent performance.


Moving further, it is driven by the 9th generation Intel Core i7-9750H Quad-Core Processor.

Since you will be using different apps and software, this CPU will allow these apps to run faster.

This laptop has what it takes in the CPU section.


Enjoy a seamless and rapid working experience with this laptop’s 16 GB DDR4 RAM.

Just like the above-featured laptops, this laptop also has a multitasking ability.


Narrowing down to the design of this laptop, it is designed with sturdy materials, and it has a black chassis.

Talking about the display, it has two fascinating screens.

To begin with, you will see the main 15.6-inch screen with a 4K UHD OLED touchscreen that gives you the best visual display.

Secondly, you will also find another 12-inch screen called the “Screen pad plus” on the keyboard deck.

Your workflow will go effectively, and you will be confident when working on the go.

Below the screen pad plus is a nicely placed keyboard for typing.

Then, this laptop weighs ‎5.5 pounds and measures 14.1 x 9.7 x 0.9 inches. 


You can save your files faster, transfer and retrieve files easily with its 1 TB PCIe NVMe SSD storage.

Evidently, the ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo UX581 is one of the best laptops for web developers.

Battery Life

It has a battery that can last for six hours.


  • Pleasurable Display.
  • Enough Storage Size.
  • Nice graphics card.


  • Average Battery Life.

Tap the image above to get it now on Amazon.

5. Lenovo Flex 5 14

The Fifth laptop on the line is the Lenovo Flex 5 14, which is also one of the best laptops for web developers. 

It is also the second convertible laptop featured here.

Furthermore, it is a slim and lightweight laptop that can be your companion when you need to work on the go.

Away from that, it has an integrated graphics card.

Nonetheless, it will carry out your web development task efficiently.

More so, it has some features that will get you thrilled.


This has an integrated AMD Radeon graphics card.

With this, you work on most graphical content and a lot more than you can imagine.


Similarly, it has an 8 Core AMD Ryzen 7 5700U with a 1.8 GHz base frequency and a turbo frequency of  4.3 GHz,

This processor is efficient enough to tackle any power-hungry tasks you throw at it. 

It will give you a unique and impressive performance. 


Additionally, it is equipped with 16 GB RAM to run different applications and browser tabs simultaneously without hitches.


This laptop also looks portable and attractive as it is coated in ‎Graphite Grey chassis.

Furthermore, it has a 14-inch Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels with an In-Plane Switching technology.

On top of that, it has a 250 nits brightness to give you a nice visual experience.

Also, it features a well-spaced keyboard that is suitable for typing.

Talking about its portability, it weighs ‎3.3 pounds and measures ‎12.65 x 8.56 x 0.82 inches.


With this laptop’s ‎512 GB SSD storage, you have more space to store your vital files.

Battery Life

It has a battery that can last for up to 10 hours.


  • Great CPU.
  • Lightweight.
  • Convertible laptop.


  • Average graphics.

Tap the image above to get it now on Amazon.

6. HP Envy 2019

This is the sixth laptop for Web developers.

The HP Envy 2019 is one of the best you can find in the market.

Technically speaking, it is durable and features high-end components.

Let’s see.


When it comes to graphics, it has an NVIDIA GeForce MX250 with a 4 GB GDDR5 dedicated video memory.

Consequently, you will have an enjoyable experience using this laptop either for work or entertainment.


Furthermore, it comes with the 10th generation Intel Core i7-10510U with a base frequency of 1.8 GHz and a maximum frequency of up to 4.9 GHz.


More so, it has a dual-slot 16 GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM memory (8 GB each) for successful and stress-free multitasking operations.


As stated above, it is a durable laptop, bathed in silver color that gives it a pleasant outlook.

Further, if you desire a laptop with a big screen, you don’t have to worry because this laptop features a 17.3-inch diagonal Full HD WLED UWVA 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Thanks to this screen, you will have a cinematic experience when viewing content on the screen.  

Also, it has a nice full-sized backlit keyboard with an integrated numeric keypad that you can type on comfortably.

Away from that, it weighs ‎6.14 pounds and measures ‎15.94 x 10.47 x 0.88 inches.


Even more, this HP Envy 2019 has a sufficient 512 GB SSD storage size that can accommodate a lot of files.

Battery Life

It is powered by a 3-cell, 52 Wh Lithium-ion prismatic battery that can last for up to 10 hours on a single charge.


  • Extensive Battery Life.
  • 4K Display.


  • No Thunderbolt.

Tap the image above to get it now on Amazon.

7. ASUS ROG Strix Scar

We appreciate you for reading to the end of this review.

Here is the last but not the least laptop for web developers in this review.

The ASUS ROG Strix Scar is a superb and interesting laptop to work with.

You will certainly like this laptop.


To start with, it has an exquisite ‎NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super graphics backed by an 8 GB  GDDR6 dedicated video memory.

Furthermore, you will be able to design, create content, and play high-end games without stuttering.

Impressively, this laptop has a lot to offer you.


Also, you can enjoy swift execution/procession of tasks with this laptop as it is driven by a 10th Gen Intel Core i7-10875H Processor.


With its 16 GB DDR4 3200 MHz RAM, you can multitask on this laptop without sweat.


Moving ahead.

This ASUS ROG Strix Scar is designed with a matte-black chassis that gives it a stunning outlook.

In addition, it offers a 17.3-inch Full HD 1920 x 1080 IPS-Type display for an excellent viewing experience.

Furthermore, the keyboard has an RGB backlit that allows you to type with ease.

In the end, it weighs ‎6.28 pounds and measures ‎15.7 x 11.6 x 1.1 inches.


Even more, you are blessed with an enormous ‎1 TB SSD storage.

With this, you will have swift access to your files, install necessary and demanding application/software.

Overall, retrieving and sending files will be nothing but a snack.

Battery Life

In conclusion, it has a 4-cell Li-ion battery that lasts for up to 3 hours.


  • Outstanding Graphics
  • Nice Storage.
  • Comfortable Keyboard.


  • Poor Battery.
  • Heavyweight.

Tap the image above to get it now on Amazon.

Final Thoughts On The Best Laptops For Web Developers

All in all, after a rigorous search, we selected these laptops as the best for web developers.

Furthermore, they have high-end specifications and can handle any demanding tasks thrown at them.

Hence, you won’t be disappointed with their performance.

Just pick one that suits your preferences.

However, if you are yet to pick, you can go for the 2020 HP 15 which is our overall best laptop for web developers in this review.

Tap the link above to get it now on Amazon.