Best Projectors for Office Presentations

Best Projectors for Office Presentations
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Would you like to increase productivity in your conference room?  Based on our analysis one of the Best projectors for office presentations is the ViewSonic SVGA PA503S

Using projectors makes your business meetings much more attractive, engaging, and informative.

Today’s business projectors have taken on old display practices to provide innovative features.

Getting the best out of the number of options available could be very tasking.

As a result, we have included a number of business models in our chart.

This will make it easy for you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Best Projectors for Office Presentations

Things to Consider Before Buying Projectors


The brightness is measured by lumens; the greater the lumens, the greater the projection distance.

Contrast Ratio

A high-contrast projector lets you clearly see the defined shadow detail as well as deep black levels.

This adds a sense of depth and dimension to the image during presentations.


The number of pixels a projector can display determines its native resolution.

Throw Ratio

The thrust ratio shows you the width of the picture.

It does this when the projector is positioned at a certain distance in the office.

Lens Zoom

This is useful in areas where you do not always have control over the projector’s screen size or location.

You can use the lens zoom to adjust the picture size when setting up the device.

Key Correction and Len Shift

This is used, when you can’t place the projector exactly on the screen for some reason.

This enables you to digitally adjust the image.

Hence, it squares perfectly on the wall or the screen during office presentations.

Best 7 Projectors for office Presentations

Name of ProjectorViewSonic SVGA PA503SEpson VS250Optoma X341Epson EX7240 ProOptoma EH500Optoma ML750eViewSonic PLED-W800
Resolutions640 x 480
1920 x 1080
 800 x 6001024x7681280 x 8001920x10801280x8001280 x 800
Brightness3600 lumens3,200 lumens3300 lumens3200 lumens4, 700 lumens1,000 lumens800 lumens
Contrast Ratio22000:115,000:122,000:1None10, 000: 120, 000: 1120,000:1
Lamp Life15,000 hoursU6,000 hours or 10,000 hours in Eco Mode10,000 hours6,000 hours2,500  hours  / 3,000  hours  (eco)20, 000 hours30,000 hours

Compare The Top 7 On One Page

1. ViewSonic SVGA PA503S

When using this device,  you don’t have to worry about the visibility of the presentation.

This economical business projector 3600 ANSI lumens is the best projector for office presentations.

In fact, the ease of use is very appealing.

This is due to the contrast ratio of 22000:1.

This offers a large amount of richness and intensity in each picture.

Furthermore, its super color technology provides a six-segment color wheel and Intelligent light control.

ViewSonic PA503S also has an input latency of 16ms.

You could use its’ 3D support to bring the presentation to a whole new level.

Hence, adding creativity to your presentation methodology.

This has a 30-300-inch screen size range with a lift distance range of 1.96-2.15, which is enough for big office conference rooms.

ViewSonic PA503S features a 15,000-hour lamp life that is a great comfort.

Consequently, you’re not going to worry for at least five years of lamp replacement.

In fact, when used in Super Eco mode, it also saves a lot of power as it reduces the illumination by 70%.

This is a great display projector as it delivers HDMI, VGA, audio, RS232, and USB.

Although, its’ 2-watt microphone is a little disappointing.

Furthermore, it has a better range of equipment for photo correction such as +/-40-degree keystone correction, 1.1x zoom, and focus.

ViewSonic PA503S provides you with a business-leading three-year warranty.

It also comes with one-year lamp insurance.

This is incredibly useful as it saves a lot of repair costs.

As a result, this device is listed among our Best Projectors for Office Presentations.

Click on the link of the image above to procure this device

2. Epson VS250

VS250 is a uniquely designed model from the iconic Epson brand.

Epson is a company that is renowned for being the top seller of business projectors throughout the U.S.

VS250 is a specially designed 3LCD 3-chip design that displays a high-quality data picture frame.

Also, the native quality of the SVGA and the three hundred lumens provides clarity and vividness.

It is considered as a performance projector for school and office presentations.

This is due to its ability to receive the text clearly and with a Black depth of 15,000:1.

However, you will only have a 4:3 screen resolution.

No other alternative is available.

Epson VS250 captures the entire image with appropriate color intensity in appearance,

It provides a wide range of colors along with a 1.07 billion-color display.

It provides you with a huge screen size of 350 inches.

Hence, making it one of the best projectors for room conferences.

Furthermore, Epson VS250 can be used with a large variety of devices.

This is because, it packs HDMI, D-Sub 15pin, mirror, Audio, and USB Form A and B back parts.

It also takes a USB Plug n ‘ Playing tool, which activates the projector for just a couple of seconds for display.

In addition to that, it provides keystone correction, digital magnification, and direct focus, both automatically and +/-30 degree.

It’s a very portable projector.

Due to this fact, this device is considered as one of the Best Projectors for Office Presentations.

Click on the image above to procure this device.

3. Optoma X341 DLP

Optoma X341 is popular once it comes to a portable projection system.

The market for this model has been on the increase.

Each client commends it for its unique data picture quality with significant scope due to its’ DLP technology.

It has 3300 lumens so you can look forward to a vibrant image of your display with detailed texts and images.

Also, it provides an Edge Mask that slits rough and fuzzy edges of the frames so that a vivid picture is portrayed.

It doesn’t matter if you have a massive or a small crowd, you can increase the screen scale from 28″ to 305″.

Also, the  1.95-2.16:1 lightens the ability to arrange a large space for display.

Optoma X341 could be your cheapest option.

This projector doesn’t strip you of comprehensive port facilities.

It has HDMI, VGA, video, RS232, multimedia, and USB Type-A port.

It also includes the generic imaging correction option, which includes vertical keystone correction, 1.1x zoom, and manual focus.

This projector can be shipped anywhere you want because it weighs just 4.8 lbs.

Optoma overhead projector comes with a one-year warranty and a 90-day lamp warranty.

This unique feature makes it one of the Best Projectors for Office Presentations.

Click on the image link to procure this device.

4. Epson EX7240 Pro

Epson EX7240 is an impressive device.

It is suggested to be one of the greatest PowerPoint presentations projectors.

Epson 3LCD technology and poly-silicon TFT active matrix are important features of this projector.

They are designed to actively improve the vivid performance of this model.

Highlights play a key role to determine the complexity and vividness of a display picture.

Consequently, they provide 3200 ANSI lumens, which is quite impressive.

Each individual will have a straightforward description of each message.

Also, the comparison ratio is 15000:1, which gives a significant degree of clarity.

In comparison to other economical projectors available for displays, Epson EX7240 integrates realistic colors.

This is due to its’ wide color scope.

The native resolution is 1280 X 800 so you can do HD display.

It has a 33 inches-320 inches projection size range allowing you to use it anywhere, despite the crowd’s volume.

This design can be purchased even if you have a small office space.

It’s a 1.3:1 limited-slip differential ratio needs a little room for installation.

Another unbelievable feature of this device is the three aspect ratio options it has,

They include;4:3, 16:10 and 16:9 native.

When you buy the Epson EX7240, you’re not going to have to think of changing the lamp for at least three years,

This is because of the 200-watt lamp with a lifetime of 10,000 hours.

Fixing photo distortion would be a piece of cake for you.

This is due to its ‘auto or manual lens correction, optical image stabilization, and manual focus.

Through HDMI, MHL, D-Sub 15pin, S-Video, RCA, or USB Type-A & B, you can connect various types of devices to this projector.

Even more, it provides QR code pairing where you just need to check the QR code and link it to the projector automatically.

Portability is this model’s main feature, and you will even get the kit holding case.

Hence, this device deserves to be on the list of Best Projectors for Office Presentations

Click on the image link to procure this device.

5. Optoma EH500

Optoma EH500 may not be the greatest compact LCD, LED or DLP display for business presentations.

However, it ranks as one of the top options.

This premium system is about the highest display image quality.

It ensures that the combination of Full HD native resolution and DLP technology is obtained.

The industry-leading 4700 ANSI lumens absorbs all the spotlight.

Even more, when all the lights are turned on you will never get washed out images.

It also provides a contrast ratio of 10000:1.

This lets the projector retain maximum visibility and black depth throughout the text in the data image.

Brilliant Color technology is the foundation of the amazing performance of Optoma EH500.

The projector supports both vivid and vibrant objects.

The full HD 3D capability of this model enables spectators to immerse themselves in the memorable presentation experience this device provides.

The width of the screen can be extended by 29 “and by up to 341”.

It also provides a ratio of 1.59-1.91:1, which enables you to view a 100-inch picture from a few feet away.

However, Optoma EH 500 frustrates you with its poor lamp life of 4000 hours and can be a turnoff to many users.

This overhead projector also has a 3-watt speaker that does not offer the volume and clarity necessary.

This device offers a variety of connectivity options and encompasses HDMI, Display Cable, VGA, S-Video, mirror, RCA, RJ45, RS232, and Sync 3D.

Optoma also provides two options for the aspect ratio of 4:3 and 16:9.

Surprisingly, It comes with three years of express service warranty coverage and a one-year lamp warranty.

This projector provides Crestron RoomView software for network management and network control options to handle more than 250 projectors from one venue.

Hence, this device deserves a spot on our Best Projectors for Office Presentations list.

Click on the image link to procure this device.

6. Optoma ML750e

Optoma ML750e may not be the smallest projector we are discussing here.

However, it’s much more powerful than Phillips ‘ pocket-sized PicoPix.

It comes in with a small footprint at an ultraportable 380 g, which makes it easy to carry around.

It has a 700 Lumens light that gives brightness in rooms that are not fully illuminated.

Enjoy the vivid images and colors, with WXGA resolution & 20,000: 1 contrast ratio (1280 x 800).

Users are enabled to display office documents, PDFs, images from USB storage devices with PC-free media player, image viewer, and document player.

It has one HDMI input, a USB 2.0 thumb drive slot, a Universal I / O and a MicroSD card slot.

Furthermore, the ML550 has produces impressive results. on our 90-inch.

However, to enjoy using the ML750 you’ll need to purchase a Wi-Fi connectivity dongle.

In addition, it doesn’t allow you to use the projector via a smartphone or tablet.

Using its brilliant LED light, you will enjoy up to 20,000 hours of life, averaging 5 hours a day for 10 years.

This projectors’ unique features make it one of the Best Projectors for Office Presentations.

7. ViewSonic PLED-W800

The ViewSonic PLED-W800 also performs well.

Although it is quite expensive than other ViewSonic models.

Due to this device’s ultra-portability, it merits its price tag.

It weighs at 830 g and measures 175x 138x 51.5 mm (Wx Dx H).

The projector continues to shine for up to 30,000 hours and has a big screen projection of up to 100 inches.

It also includes an SD Card slot, a USB slot, and MHL-ready HDMI input (to connect DVD / Blu-ray players as well as smartphones/tablets) and a laptop VGA input.

This projector, however, makes you pay even more for an additional Wi-Fi dongle.

When delivering Microsoft Office presentations is expected to be a large part of your work, the PLED-W800 will stand out from a USB stick or SD card.

Even more, it comes with a warranty for limited parts and works coverage for 3 years, 1-year lamp coverage and access to our customer service team in the United States.

As a result of some of its unique features, this device is one of the best projectors for office presentations.

Click on the image link to procure this device.

Final Thoughts on The Best Projectors For Office Presentations

We hope that this review has been very helpful.

All the above prototypes are indeed the best based on the unique features they possess.

These devices can make meetings and business pitches more productive.

Such important meeting features can go a long way towards boosting your business ‘ professional image, helping you win major contracts and clients.

These Projectors come with a range of features and prices.

It is best to choose the one that suits your company’s needs and budget.

However, after researching the best projectors for office presentations, we recommend the ViewSonic SVGA PA503S