Best Refrigerators with Bottom Freezer

best refrigerators with bottom freezer
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Some of us love our freezer and fridge in one unit. You specifically have decided that you want the best refrigerators with a bottom freezer. Well, we can say after extensive research that we have evaluated the best 7 refrigerators in the content below and the Daewoo RFS-26ABB is exactly what you are looking for.

Looking for a refrigerator is a hard task, and it gets worse when it is a bottom freezer refrigerator.

Bottom freezer refrigerators are rather new models i.e they are both few and hard to find.

The advantages you will find if you make the switch cannot be overemphasized.

The major idea behind the bottom freezer refrigerator has to do with section usage.

Most times, the frequently used items we have are stored in the fridge rather than the freezer.

This raises a need to bring these products to our eye level for easy access.

A feature that is lacking in the popular top-freezer refrigerators.

Also, for top-freezer refrigerators without the auto-defrost function – it is hard to get items out.

The bottom freezer part of these refrigerators comes with a pull out drawers and baskets.

A feature that aids in the removal of items from the freezer even when frozen.

In most of the models, a drawer is also placed just above the freezer in the refrigerator section.

It is colder than the rest of the refrigerator and can store items you want cold but not frozen.


Comparison Table of The Best Refrigerators with Bottom Freezer

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1Daewoo RFS-26ABBDIMENSION 33.78" X 35.98" X 69.8"
WEIGHT 302 pounds
CAPACITY 26 cu. ft.
2Kenmore 73022 04673022DIMENSION 35.38" X 35.98" X 69.8"
WEIGHT 308 pounds
CAPACITY 26.1 cu. ft.
3Haier 15.0 cu. ft.DIMENSION 26.5" X 28" X 71"
WEIGHT 201 pounds
CAPACITY 15 cu. ft.
4Daewoo RFS-26DWCEDIMENSION 33.78" X 35.98" X 69.8"
WEIGHT 331 pounds
CAPACITY 25.5 cu. ft.
5Haier 16.0 cu. ft.DIMENSION 32.75" X 26.5" X 71"
WEIGHT 268 pounds
CAPACITY 16.4 cu. ft.
6SMETA 36" Bottom Freezer RefrigeratorDIMENSION 35.8" X 30.8" X 69.9"
WEIGHT 293 pounds
CAPACITY 20.7 cu. ft.
7Frigidaire FFHD2750TSDIMENSION 36" X 34" X 70"
WEIGHT 366 pounds
CAPACITY 26.8 cu. ft.

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When you set out to purchase a bottom freezer refrigerator, it is important to ask a couple of questions.

This is because the answers to them will help you make the best choice from the available options.

Some of the features you should take into consideration when choosing a bottom freezer refrigerator includes:


You would agree with me that the worst part of buying is buying more than you can consume or store.

On this note, it is important to consider the storage capacity of the refrigerator you want to buy.

In a bottom freezer refrigerator; there is freezer capacity and refrigerator capacity.

It now comes down to where your needs are concentrated – freezing items or keeping them fresh.

Most times the freezer capacity is smaller, so you look for the one that is most acceptable to you.

This information is always on the product description section or in the user manual.


You don’t just go buying appliances and hardware without employing your mathematical skills, do you?

There is always a pre-assigned space in the kitchen for the refrigerator, you intend to buy.

This means, knowing the length, width, and height are important when deciding which one you finally purchase.

The weight comes in handy; if you would be moving it around alone in the long run.

When this is the case, buying something light will be the best possible decision.


We would all agree that this has to be the most important factor to consider before deciding which to take.

How much are you willing, or do you have to spend on the appliance you intend getting.

What value does will the manufacturer be offering to you for the price they have set.


During or immediately after you deliberate on the actual cost, it is important to also look it the running cost.

If you cannot afford the cost of the energy the appliance uses, it will probably be switched off half the time.

If this is the case you might as well not buy the refrigerator in the first place, so energy usage is important.

Most manufacturers will measure it per annum but you can divide it by twelve to get the monthly cost.


For most people, this does not matter but we still think you should give it a thought.

Refrigerators come with two different types of shelves; wire and glass.

The wire is mostly made of stainless steel which increases its ability to last the test of time.

The glass shelves are made from tempered glass – hard but still prone to breaking.

The glass shelves however can store smaller objects which might fall off its place in a wire shelf.

So, there is a need to look at the items you intend to store when deciding which to get.


There are a lot of refrigerators now with reversible door hinges and we think you should take advantage of this.

The reversible door hinge means you can set your door to open to either the right or left.

This feature is important especially to left-handed people who find the traditional way harder to operate.


You don’t want a refrigerator that sounds like a generator in your kitchen, living room, or bedroom.

So, the noise level of your refrigerator is as important as its other features.

Most times, this information is not readily available in the product description online.

It may not even be included in the user manual of the product.

What you do is browse through the reviews of the product and judge what others have to say.


There are other features that you would want to take a lot at before clicking the ‘buy’ button.

One of them is the number of shelves available to you and how movable they are.

You should also consider the presence of a crisp drawer and the number available.

They type of material used can determine the durability of the refrigerator.

The type of door can also point you in the direction of how much space you have.

You should check for the presence of temperature controllers and door open alarms.

Add ons like water dispensers and ice makers provide extra value for your money.

External door storage capacity is also important as it gives extra space to store items.

Lighting, auto-defrost function, certification – are other factors you might consider.


1. Daewoo RFS-26ABB French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator is the Best Refrigerator with Bottom freezer

This refrigerator comes with a French double door fridge and a freezer with a capacity of 7.7 cu. ft.

This is relatively high when compared to the freezer capacity of other bottom freezer refrigerators.

The Daewoo RFS-26ABB measures at 33.78” X 35.98” X 69.8” with a total capacity of 26 cu. ft.

A temperature controller for both a fridge and freezer, a diary pocket, a pantry drawer, and a big gallon pocket are features also.

It also comes with a reversible door hinge, three shelves, and four crispers and drawers.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight when compared to other bottom freezer refrigerators.
  • An energy usage less than average
  • High freezer capacity
  • Relatively low in height when compared to other


  • Wire shelf type
  • No auto-defrost function

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2. Kenmore 73022 04673022 26.1 cu. ft. Non-Dispense French Door Refrigerator

The Kenmore 73022 04673022 is our second choice for a bottom freezer refrigerator.

It is also a double door fridge with a slightly higher refrigerator capacity.

The presence of the double doors gives us more door storage space hence an increased overall capacity

This comes with freezer capacity of 7.8 cu. ft. and a total capacity of 26.1 cu. ft.

At 308 pounds, it is also a relatively lightweight bottom freezer refrigerator.

However, its dimensions measure at 35.38” X 35.9” X 68.58”

It has the auto-defrost function and comes with a temperature controller for both the fridge and freezer.

It runs at the standard voltage of 120 volts and comes with glass shelves.

Five shelves and three crispers and drawers give us a wider option in terms of capacity.


  • Ability to auto-defrost
  • Relatively affordable
  • Value for money with add ons
  • Height is relatively average and can fit into smaller apartments
  • Temperature controller available


  • Reversible door hinges are not available

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3. Haier 15.0 cu. ft. French-Door Refrigerator 28″ width Stainless Steel HRF15N3AGS

This is the best product for you if the refrigerator destination is your bedroom or office.

It has a very low total capacity at 15 cu. ft. when compared to other bottom freezer refrigerators.

It may not be the best but certainly is the most portable bottom freezer refrigerator in the market.

Despite its dimensions showing that it is relatively high; the weight of this product is one of the smallest.

Its dimensions are 26.5” X 28” X 71” while the weight is 201 pounds.

It still manages a double door system for the top section despite its length and width.

It operates at a less than average voltage (115 volts).


  • Glass shelves
  • Very lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Saves floor space


  • Low storage capacity
  • Lacks the ability to auto-defrost
  • No reversible door hinges
  • Can’t carry large gallons

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4. Daewoo RFS-26DWCE French Door Refrigerator

This would have been number one if add ons were the only consideration for choosing your bottom freezer refrigerator.

It comes with a water dispenser, temperature controller, and door open alarm.

You will also notice that the add ons combine to increase the weight and price relative to the others.

It weighs 331 pounds and might cost you more than the other models in positions one to three.

It measures relatively average at 33.78” X 35.98” X 69.8” and is made of stainless steel.

The freezer capacity of this model is 7.8 which is relatively higher than most bottom freezer refrigerators.

The refrigerator section comes with a French double door with the dispenser on the right of the door.

It comes with a moist air crisper drawer and a temperature-controlled pantry drawer.

The freezer is also equipped with the ability to auto-defrost.

You will also find five shelves and ten crispers and drawers.

As usual, it comes with a lot of door storage room which increases the capacity of the refrigerator.


  • Ice maker included
  • High freezer capacity
  • Auto-defrost function
  • A high number of drawers


  • Weight is relatively high
  • Relatively high energy consumption

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5. Haier 16.0 cu. ft. 4 door bottom freezer refrigerator

The Haier 16.0 cu. ft. is a double door bottom freezer refrigerator with a single door freezer.

The dimensions are 32.75” X 71” X 26.5”.

With a counter depth installation type, this refrigerator is equipped with wire shelves.

Temperature controller and door open alarms are other features that this model comes with.

Compared to other bottom freezer refrigerators, a total capacity of 16.4 cu. ft. is relatively small.

However, the presence of door storage aids in increasing the total capacity of the refrigerator.

This is one of the few models of the bottom freezer refrigerator with a double door freezer.


  • Lightweight
  • Double door freezer
  • Low energy usage


  • Use of wire shelves when storing small objects
  • Low total storage capacity
  • Larger floor space consumption

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6. SMETA 36 Inch Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator Bottom Freezer

This a bottom freezer refrigerator with a double door fridge and two drawer-type freezers.

The drawer-type freezers provide ease when adding and removing items from the freezer.

The temperature controller for the freezer ranges from five to eleven degrees Fahrenheit.

The fridge also comes with a temperature controller that ranges from thirty-six to forty-six degrees Fahrenheit.

It is also equipped with a humidity-controlled crisper and a door open alarm.

The shelf type used for the SMETA 36” counter-depth French door refrigerator is glass.

The exterior is manufactured with a fingerprint-resistant coating.

The freezer has the auto-defrost function and it operates at a voltage of 115 volts.

The freezer capacity is 6 cu. ft. while the fridge has a capacity of 14.7 cu. ft.

This means the total capacity of the refrigerator is 20.7 cu. ft. which increases when the door storage is added.

The refrigerator measures 35.8” in length, 30.8” in width, and 69.9” in height.

It weighs relatively low compared to other bottom freezer refrigerators (293 pounds).

This refrigerator is equipped with five shelves and seven crispers and drawers.

It has a known noise level of 45 decibels and comes with an ice maker.


  • Presence of ice maker
  • Noise level is low
  • Sectioned freezer with drawer type doors
  • Relatively light in weight
  • Auto-defrost function


  • High energy usage
  • Relatively poor storage capacity
  • No reversible door hinges

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7. Frigidaire FFHB2750TS 36 Inch French Door Refrigerator

It comes with a double French door fridge and a pull back door freezer.

The right-hand side of the fridge is equipped with a water dispenser.

With a weight of 366 pounds, this is the heaviest bottom freezer refrigerator I know.

The dimensions of this Frigidaire model are 36” X 34” X 70” for length, width, and height respectively.

It has a total capacity of 26.8 cu. ft which can be increased when the door storage capacity is factored in.

This refrigerator comes with a temperature controller and an ice maker.

Crisper drawers and movable shelves are also associated with the Frigidaire FFHB2750TS.

The exterior of the product is made of stainless steel which is a common material used for manufacturing refrigerators.


  • Large door storage capacity
  • Door open alarms
  • Temperature controllers for both sections


  • Low storage capacity for dimensions
  • A very heavy bottom freezer refrigerator
  • Higher energy usage
  • No known noise levels
  • Cost is on the high side

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Conclusion on the Best Refrigerator with Bottom Freezer

When getting appliances for your new home or replacing old ones, a refrigerator tends to be high on the list.

Food needs to stay frozen and other items need to be kept fresh. Drinks also need to be kept cold.

Your refrigerator is a key appliance in your home so you want it to be the best in its’ class.

We have made the selection process easier for you .

Our best bottom freezer refrigerator after rigorous research remains the Daewoo RFS-26ABB French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator. Get this from Amazon by clicking here.