Best Samsung 50 Inch Smart TV

Best Samsung 50 Inch Smart TV
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Are looking for the best Samsung 50 Inch smart TV? If you are, you have arrived at the right site. In this article, we’ve prepared a list of the best seven Samsung 50-inch television that features smart functionality. Out of the seven selected, we recommend the best which is the SAMSUNG 50-Inch Class QLED Q80A Series.

Aside from selecting the best Samsung for you, we also compiled some essential factors to consider before buying the best Samsung 50 Inch smart TV. 

So if you’re eager to know the top seven TVs in detail, read to the end of this article.

However, if you’re in haste, below is a comparison table below containing the seven best Samsung 50 Inch television with smart functionality. 

Comparison Table For The Best Samsung 50 Inch Smart TV

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1SAMSUNG 50-Inch Class QLED Q80A SeriesScreen Resolution: 4k
Screen Type: QLED
Refresh Rate: 120Hz
2SAMSUNG 50-Inch Class Neo QLED QN90A SeriesScreen Resolution: 4k
Screen Type: Neo QLED
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
3SAMSUNG 50-inch Class QLED Q60T SeriesScreen Resolution: 4k
Screen Type: QLED
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
4SAMSUNG 50-Inch Class QLED Q60A SeriesScreen Resolution: 4k
Screen Type: QLED
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
5SAMSUNG 50-Inch Class QLED Q60B SeriesScreen Resolution: 4k
Screen Type: QLED
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
6SAMSUNG 50-Inch Class Crystal UHD AU8000 SeriesScreen Resolution: 4k
Screen Type: LED
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
7SAMSUNG 50-inch Class Crystal UHD TU-8000 SeriesScreen Resolution: 4k
Screen Type: LCD
Refresh Rate: 60Hz

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An Overview On The Best Samsung 50 Inch Smart TV

Samsung brand has always been known for producing top-quality products, and this has gained it a high position in the electronics market.

Most of its products feature impressive and innovative attributes, sturdily built bodies, and classy designs.

Likewise, the 50 inch smart TV.

A 50-inch TV has satisfying resolutions that make images on-screen clear and detailed.

Also, a 50-inch TV is the best match for your  apartment and beautifies its space.

In addition, a smart TV is superior to regular or non-smart TV.

Generally, smart TVs have the benefit of:

  • Streaming video content: You can access and stream online content via streaming services and cable subscriptions.
  • They are easy to install in your home: you can place Wifi connection anywhere in the house since smart TV need a Wifi connection.
  • Besides viewing videos and pictures on the screen, smart TVs allow you to play games with various game options.
  • Smart TV also allows you to transfer content from smart devices like smartphones and computers to the TV.
  • Fortunately, most smart TV has voice control, including Alexa, Hey Google, Google Assistant, Siri, and a lot more.

There are other benefits to be mentioned, however, hold onto this review to get the information you need on what you are about to shop for.

Also, to choose the right TV for you, we have helped you to simplify some technical terms you might see while shopping.

This will lead to what you need to consider before choosing the best TV.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Samsung 50 Inch Smart TV

Screen Resolution

Resolutions are tiny shaped pixels on the screen that add color and clarity to the content displayed on it.

The TV world has several options for resolutions.

They include the SD, HD, FHD, UHD, and FUHD.

The Standard Definition (SD) and High definition (HD) are the oldest forms of screen resolution, and they are very scars in the market today.

Meanwhile, Full High Definition (FHD) is the most common, and you can still find them in the market, especially when shopping for smaller TVs.

However, the Ulta High Definition (UHD) is superior to FHD, they are mostly found on larger screens, like the best Samsung 50-inch smart TV.

They are also referred to as 4k, while the Full Ultra High Definition (FUHD) is superior to UHD.

However, the FUHD, also known as 8k, is mostly found on a larger screen.

But for the best Samsung 50-inch smart TV, a 4k screen resolution will do just fine.

The 4k is a standard resolution for larger screens, and it measures 3840 x 2160 pixels resulting in eight million pixels.

It delivers an accurate and high color density, clarity, and wide viewing angle.

In short, it delivers a cinematic experience.

Contrast Ratio

As important as a resolution on TV is, also is the contrast ratio.

The contrast ratio is what differentiates deep black from bright white.

It is the ratio that allows you to see images clearly and sharply.

The standard and recommended ratio for TV is 3000:1 upward.

This will make you view the black scene as black and not gray.

Meanwhile, a lesser contrast ratio reduces the color density of pictures displayed on the screen.

HDR Technology

The HDR technology work in hand with the contrast ratio.

It comes with other components that enhance the picture quality, that includes HDR, HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, and Dolby vision.

Any of this technology increases the picture quality and makes images look so real.

Hence, HDR videos and games appear in a brighter, better contrast, and more realistic color.

Aspect Ratio

If you find it difficult to see the whole content you are viewing on the screen, it means the TV comes with a low aspect ratio.

An aspect ratio is a ratio of the TV screen that is measured in length to height.

There are several aspect ratios like 1:1, 3:2, 4:3, 16:9, and there are more ratios.

However, the standard ratio is 16:9.

This delivers an adjustable wide viewing angle. 

Refresh/Motion Rate

This is the number of times per second a TV refreshes its pictures.

The standard refresh rate is 60 Hertz (HZ).

Similarly, for average users, a 60Hz will do just fine, but for pro gamers, a 120hz sounds better.

This allows images to refresh with no blurry pictures or any lags.

On the other hand, the motion rate of 120-degree to 240-degree allows for smooth motions.

In short, the motion and refresh rate works together to accomplish the same goal – smooth motion with no blurry images.

Screen Type

Another important factor to look out for when buying a television of any brand or size is the screen type.

There are different screen types, such as the LCD, LED, QLED, OLED, and NEO QLED, to mention but a few.

Briefly, we will explain these terms and how they work.

First, LCD means Liquid crystal diode which illuminates the screen.

The LCD TV looks bright, but not as bright as the LED.

LED TVs use the light-emitting diode material for backlighting.

This material illuminates the whole screen with lesser power consumption.

Images displayed on the LED screen are clear and well-defined.

Like LED TV, the OLED put together organic material and light-emitting material for backlight.

The combo delivers a brighter image that is well seen by users.

Neo QLED is simply a New QLED.

It delivers bright images just like QLED TVs but not too different from Neo QLED.

QLED TV is the combination of Quantum dot material and light-emitting material.

This illuminates the whole screen, and the images displayed are bright, clear, and well detailed.

You see, you don’t need a tech pro to explain all this before you shop for a TV.

However, the best Samsung 50 inch TV mostly come with QLED, Neo LED, and LED.

So, we recommend QLED, they can be expensive, but they are worth the price.

Port Selection

Like every other factor mentioned here, the port is also an important factor to look out for when you are in the market for television for any purpose.

With the right port, you can connect your smart devices to your TV through cables to listen to Audio content.

Further, the port responsible for audio contents is HDMI, RCA digital, Optical digital, and Coaxial digital.

Similarly, you can use HDMI ports, Components, composite, and S-video ports for video content.

Meanwhile, other ports like USB allow you to use flash drives for copying content from smart devices to the TV.

Lastly, the Ethernet ports are used for streaming online content in the absence of a Wifi.

Wireless connection

This is also referred to as a cordless TV connection.

They include WIFI and Bluetooth.

Bluetooth allows you to connect your TV with other devices.

So, you can transfer content from other devices to the TV through Bluetooth.

It’s faster and easier.

On the other hand, Wifi is the most common way to connect smart devices to TV wirelessly.

Also, it is mostly on a smart TV, simply put, it is the major reason a TV is smart.

Chromecast, Applyairplay, Smartcast, Miracast, and more are all forms of WIFi.

They give access to TV channels and apps.

Hence, you can stream online content with Wifi internet connection.

Sound Technology

There is no extraordinary experience in home entertainment without proper sound that is why it is important to check for the sound system before you make payment for a television.

In case you are not lucky to have one with a good sound system, you can use an external sound system to enhance the sound from your television.

You can go for a soundbar or speaker even more, so a headset will do fine if you are the solke user of the TV

For large spaces, an external speaker will fit in, while soundbars will do pretty well in small spaces.

Any of the sound supporting systems delivers a good sound quality that complements a cinematic viewing experience.

7 Best Samsung 50 Inch Smart TV

1. SAMSUNG 50-Inch Class QLED Q80A Series

When it comes to the best value TV with quantum dot technology and accurate color performance, the Samsung Q80A Series merges the overall best.

It comes with loads of quality features.

To understand its features, read on.


This sleek and beautifully designed TV works with multiple voice assistants, which include Alexa and others.

The picture quality is great, thanks to the direct full-array backlighting.

This can be attributed to the 4k resolution, quantum processor 4k, high contrast, HDR technology, and quantum dot delivering a true-to-life picture quality.

Moving on, the TV is equipped with 4 speaker object tracking lite sound, which produces an immersive sound with action.

The TV also comes with a TV for mobile monitoring.

Furthermore, it comes with a 16:9 aspect ratio that delivers a wide viewing angle.

It also comes with a 120Hz refresh rate, 240-degree motion rate, and Game mode.

These features deliver a smooth motion without blurry pictures making it perfect for gaming.

It offers 4 HDMI, USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wifi, and many others.

Additionally, it supports internet services like Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Sporty, Disney+, and more.

Finally, the TV weighs 39.9 pounds ‎and measures 9.4 x 43.9 x 28.5 inches.


  • Brilliant color.
  • Wide viewing angle.
  • TV and soundbar in harmony.
  • Smooth motion at 120Hz.
  • Low input lag with fast response.


  • Local dimming features are not effective.

Click the image to buy the SAMSUNG 50-Inch Class QLED Q80A Series on Amazon.

2. SAMSUNG 50-Inch Class Neo QLED QN90A Series

Second on our list of the best Samsung 50 inch smart TV is the Samsung QN90A Series.

Here is a combo of convenience, unbeaten brightness, and eco-friendly design.


The TV comes with an unmatched brightness, superb color, and clarity, which results in delivering a nice picture quality.

All these are highly rated on the QN90A TV since it comes with Neo QLED panel type, Neo QLED processor 4k, and Quantum HDR 32X.

The images deliver on this screen are cinematic, bringing the director’s vision to life.

It is equipped with motion Xcelerator Turbo plus, which enhances smooth motion.

Additionally, the TV comes with a 60Hz refresh rate and also comes with Game Mode.

In short, the TV can be used for playing games and watching fast-moving content.

Moving forward, the Samsung QN90A comes with an object tracking turbo which follows the action with huge sound quality.

The TV weighs ‎41 pounds and measures ‎8.8 x 43.9 x 27.9 inches.

It also offers Wifi, Bluetooth, 4 HDMI, USB, and many others.

The TV works with Alexa, and it comes with other features, which include Bixby and Ambient Mode+.


  • It is equipped with MOTION XCELERATOR TURBO plus.
  • Also, it comes with OBJECT TRACKING SOUND plus.
  • Smart TV with Alexa built-in.
  • Eco-friendly design.
  • 4 HDMI.


  • It does not support Dolby Vision 

Click the image to buy the SAMSUNG 50-Inch Class Neo QLED QN90A Series on Amazon.

3. SAMSUNG Q60T Series 

If you need a TV with a great mix of performance and quality features at an affordable price, the Samsung Q60T is a perfect match.


The QLED smart TV is powered by TIZEN.

This goes beyond smart TV features, it enhanced the TV by elevating your visual experience with easy control.

Likewise, it delivers brilliant color and brightness, thanks to Quantum dot, quantum HDR, and one quantum processor 4k lite.

Moving on, the TV offers 3 HDMI, Optical digital, Wifi, Bluetooth, and many others.

It supports internet services like Amazon instant video, YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix, among others.

The TV works with Alexa, which makes navigation easy with your voice command.

Also, the TV weighs 26.9 pounds and measures 2.3 x 44 x 25.3 inches.

Finally, it comes with a 60Hz refresh rate and 120-degree motion rate.


  • Powered by Tizen.
  • A sleek, elegant, and minimalistic design.
  • Multiple voice assistants.
  • HDR technology.
  • Outstanding contrast ratio


  • The TV does not support VRR and local dimming features.

Click the image to buy the SAMSUNG 50-inch Class QLED Q60T Series on Amazon.

4. SAMSUNG QLED Q60A Series 

Here is another best intelligent 50-inch Samsung TV that offers good features and decent performance – The Samsung Q60A Series.


The TV comes with an Airslim design which beautifies its space.

Also, it offers 3 HDMI, USB, headset jack, Optical digital, Wifi, Bluetooth, and more.

You can transfer files from a smartphone through Wired or wireless connections.

Also, you can stream online content by using streaming apps like ESPN, YouTube, Netflix, and more.

Moving on, the TV is equipped with 100 percent color volume, Quantum HDR, Quantum dot, Dual LED, and Quantum processor 4k lite.

These features deliver decent and quality pictures.

Similarly, you can open apps, change channels, and control home smart devices with your voice, thanks to the TV remote that works with Alexa.

‎Samsung Q60A Series weighs 26.9 pounds ‎with a measurement of 9 x 44 x 26.9 inches.

Finally, it comes with a refresh rate of 60Hz.


  • Sleek and slim design.
  • Faster and Smarter 4k processor.
  • Clear pictures with smooth motion.
  • Low latency mode.
  • Lastly, it comes with a 3D surround sound.


  • The TV is not good at handling direct reflections.

Click the image to buy the SAMSUNG 50-Inch Class QLED Q60A Series on Amazon.

5. SAMSUNG Q60B Series

The Samsung Q60B Series is a TV with good color accuracy and a beautiful design and is affordable.


Starting with sound quality, the Q60B comes with object tracking sound lite, which delivers a huge surround sound with action.

Moving on to the picture quality, the TV is equipped with a quantum dot that produces 100 percent color volume, a quantum processor lit with 4k upscaling, which upgrades the screen to 4k, Dual LED, and quantum HDR.

Hence, images are revealed in a real 4k, which delivers an entertaining and cinematic viewing experience.

The TV works with multiple voice assistants, which are compatible with the solar cell and Alexa Built-in.

Also, it comes with Filmmaker mode and Motion Xcelerator.

Lastly, Samsung Q60B Series weighs 26 pounds and measures ‎8.8 x 44 x 26.8 inches.


  • The TV is compatible with Filmmaker mode and Motion Xcelerator.
  • It works with multiple voice assistants.
  • Object tracking sound lite.
  • Faster 4k processor.
  • SolarCell remote.


  • No local dimming features.

Click the image to buy the SAMSUNG 50-Inch Class QLED Q60B Series on Amazon.

6. SAMSUNG 50-Inch Class Crystal UHD AU8000 Series

If you have in mind an exceptional TV  that is budget-friendly and have decent features, the Samsung AU8000 series is your best choice TV.


The TV weighs ‎12.2 pounds with a dimension measured ‎8.9 x 44 x 27 inches.

It offers 3 HDMI ports, Wifi, Bluetooth, and more.

Furthermore, the TV comes with a dynamic crystal color HDR technology and crystal processor 4k, which delivers crystal, clear, colored, and intelligent 4k content.

Similarly, the TV comes with multiple voice assistants for easy operation.

Lastly, the Samsung AU8000 series offers a 60Hz refresh rate and a 120-degree motion rate for smooth motion while viewing fast-moving content.


  • Works with multiple voice assistants.
  • Smooth motion.
  • Low input lag.
  • It handles reflection excellently.
  • High contrast ratio.


  • No local dimming.
  • The sound is not audible.

Click the image to buy the SAMSUNG 50-Inch Class Crystal UHD AU8000 Series on Amazon.

7. SAMSUNG 50-inch Class Crystal UHD TU-8000 Series 

Finally on our list of the best Samsung 50-inch smart TV is the Samsung TU-8000 Series.

The TV comes with a sleek, slim, and decent design.


It is powered by Tizen.

So, it enhances and elevates your viewing experience with decent and accurate color formation.

The TV comes with Crystal Processor 4k and HDR technology which transforms visuals to real 4k.

Likewise, it works with Alexa and Bixby.

This two allow you to open apps, change channels and even control all home smart devices by using your voice.

‎The TV weighs 34.9 pounds and measures ‎44 x 9.9 x 28.3 inches.

Also, it refreshes 60Hz per second, which allows smooth motion while among or watching movies.

Finally, it offers just 2 HDMI, Wifi, Bluetooth, and other ports and connectivity options.


  • Quick response time.
  • It handles reflection decently.
  • A crystal processor 4k.
  • It works with Alexa and Bixby


  • No local dimming.
  • Narrow viewing angle.

Click the image to buy the SAMSUNG 50-inch Class Crystal UHD TU-8000 Series on Amazon.

Conclusion On The Best Samsung 50 Inch Smart TV

Since you have narrowed down your TV purchasing by size, brand, and smart features, other features reviewed have been of help.

Our expert advice among the seven TV products is SAMSUNG 50-Inch Class QLED Q80A Series. and it is very much available on Amazon.

Click the link and buy.