Best Slim Center Channel Speaker

Best Slim Center Channel Speaker
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The best slim center channel speaker should be in perfect harmony with your home theatre system to give you the best listening experience. Based on our research, we discovered that the best slim center channel speaker is the Klipsch RP-504C.

Comparison Table for the Best Slim Center Channel Speaker

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1Klipsch RP-504C Center Channel SpeakerWALL MOUNT yes
STORE Klipsch
2Polk Audio Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker (6 Drivers)WALL MOUNT yes
STORE Polk Audio
3Klipsch RP-450C Center Channel SpeakerWALL MOUNT yes
STORE Klipsch
4Pioneer SP-C22 Andrew Jones Home Audio Center Channel SpeakerWALL MOUNT yes
STORE Pioneer
5Yamaha NS-C210BL Center Channel SpeakerWALL MOUNT yes
STORE Yamaha
6Klipsch RP-440C Center Channel SpeakerWALL MOUNT yes
STORE Klipsch
7Polk Audio CS1 Series II Center Channel Speaker | Unique DesignWALL MOUNT yes
STORE Polk Audio

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Best Slim Center Channel Speaker

The center channel speaker remains the most important speaker in a home theater system.

One of the selling points for a center channel speaker is that sound details are not split left and right.

When this split happens in a tower, floor-standing, and bookshelf speakers, the sound quality is lost.

You get to hear mainly what the speaker close to you is offering, missing out on the other speaker’s output.

This is why the center speaker is kept in the middle; this way, your image, and sound come from one direction.

It may be the smallest speaker in a speaker set.

However, the center channel speaker is surely what puts your home theater system together.

How to Identify the Best Slim Center Channel Speaker

When deciding on the best slim center channel speaker to buy for your home theatre system, some features are worth paying serious attention to.

These essential features include;

  • The nature of materials used in making the woofer and tweeter
  • The material used and the finishing employed
  • The number of drivers available
  • Another add ons that may improve sound quality

Top Selections for the Best Slim Center Channel Speaker

1. Klipsch RP-504C Center Channel Speaker is the No 1 choice for the Best Slim Center Channel Speaker.

When you are looking for a good center channel speaker – our best bet will always be the Klipsch store.

The Klipsch RP-504C stands out when you look out for slim center channel speakers in size and quality.


This speaker has a 1” titanium linear travel suspension vented tweeter equipped with the hybrid tractrix horn.

The hybrid tractrix horn technology is unique to the Klipsch sore.

It’s a unique feature present in most Klipsch speakers that makes them produce high-frequency and impressive sounds.

This feature reduces unwanted artificial reverb caused by indirect sound bouncing off walls.

It also ensures you get the clearest, cleanest, most detailed, and lifelike sound quality to improve your listening experience.

Since the tweeter has linear travel, suspension distortion is reduced.

Hence, making the speaker give an enhanced and more detailed performance.

The woofers of this speaker are spun copper cerametallic, which are both rigid and lightweight at the same time.

This combination helps to reduce distortion, increase efficiency, and, when combined with the tweeter, gives high speaker efficiency.

This center channel speaker weighs 39.7 and comes with a dimension that measures 11.4” X 31” X 6.7”.

Furthermore, the tractrix ports allow for the most efficient, fastest air transfer from the cabinet using tractrix geometry.

This results in a reduction in port noise for low frequencies, ensuring you get better sound quality possible from your speaker set.


  • Finished with the quality and details
  • 5-way screw terminal
  • Cerametallic woofers in use
  • Vented tweeter design
  • Tractrix horn technology


  • It cannot work on its own except an amp is added.

Purchase the Klipsch RP-504C Center Channel Speaker from Amazon by clicking the image link above.

2. Polk Audio Signature Series S35

When the conversation is about center speakers, you won’t do any wrong when you go to the Polk Audio store.

Over time, they have focused their attention on quality products and customer satisfaction rather than quantity.

This center speaker is packed with amazing features from the inside to the exterior and finishing.


Firstly, it is a Hi-res certified speaker, which means it has passed all the tests and the best sound quality is assured.

The 6 drivers found here each have a 3” round midrange mica reinforced polypropene cone and a 1” round terylene tweeter dome.

Furthermore, it has uniquely configured directed ports that provide accurate bass with added depth and helps bring your music/movies to life.

A deeper bass response accompanied by a turbulence-smoothing diffuser is added to this speaker to help reduce distortion.

Likewise, the patented power port technology is one of the amazing features that this center channel speaker has as it provides rich sound.

This center channel speaker weighs 14 pounds approximately and has a dimension measured to be about 6.1” X 24.4” X 4.1”.

Lastly, the frequency response of this amazing speaker ranges from 53Hz to 40KHz, and it operates at a sensitivity of 88dB.


  • Sensitivity levels prove that it is a loudspeaker
  • Hi-res sound quality from Hi-Fi speaker
  • Good material used for tweeter and woofer


  • You would need an amp to use this speaker.

Buy the Polk Audio Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker (6 Drivers) from Amazon by clicking on the image link above.

3. Klipsch RP-450C 

This is another Klipsch speaker appearing on this list of the best slim center channel speaker.

This goes a long way to show how good Klipsch speakers are.


To start with, if you plan on moving your center channel speaker around a lot, this may not be the one for you.

This is because it has a weight measured to be around 35.7 pounds which almost twice the weight of some others.

However, this excess weight is expected as this speaker is packed with exciting features up and down.

The Klipsch RP-450C is a center channel speaker that comes with a dimension measured to be 6.81” X 31.13” X 14.51”.

It comes with an MDF cabinet with a brushed polymer veneer baffle finish that adds beauty to the speaker.

So, this speaker will also serve as a décor to your living room, adding some much-needed aesthetics.

Also, the speaker has a detachable magnetic grill. Hence, making it easy to remove and clean when dirty.

This is the ideal center channel speaker, especially when you want to play high-end Dolby Atmos sound.

More so, the tweeter on this center channel speaker uses a linear travel suspension to help reduce distortion, promoting detailed performance.

The woofers on this speaker try to maintain rigidity while staying lightweight, thanks to their spun copper Cerametallic nature.

Above all, this helps you reduce the tendency of breakage in the cone and the possibility of sound distortion.


  • The detachable magnetic grille
  • 90 X 90 hybrid tractrix horn
  • Patented tractrix port included


  • Magnetic shield not available to protect screen

Get the Klipsch RP-450C Center Channel Speaker on Amazon by clicking the image above.

4. Pioneer SP-C22 Andrew Jones Home Audio 

This is also a top-rated store in the speakers-making industry. that makes one of the

Over the years, the brand has continuously put out the best quality of speakers for us to enjoy at a fair price.

It prioritizes customer satisfaction and quality products above anything else.


The Pioneer SP-C22 from Andrew Jones delivers on sound, creating an immersive listening experience.

The curved cabinet used here is not just for aesthetics.

Instead, it also decreases standing sound waves inside the space.

Furthermore, the  4” woofers and a soft dome tweeter combine on this speaker to give you the best sound quality.

It works with a multi-element crossover with directs high frequencies to the tweeter and low frequencies to the woofers.

The crossover is made up of six elements, and it blends the sound between the woofer and tweeter perfectly.

Even more, this helps to give a smoother sound even when the volume on your amplifier is kept at the highest level.

An amplifier or AV receiver is needed for this speaker to work as part of a home theater system.

Magnetic shielding is an important feature as the center channel speaker will most likely sit under the TV.

It helps protect your screen from temporary or permanent damage from the magnet in this speaker.

The frequency response on the Pioneer SP-C22 is measured to range from about 55Hz to about 20KHz.


  • 6-element complex crossover to split sound amongst speaker units
  • The curved design helps sound quality and also serves as a design
  • This is a magnetically shielded center speaker


  • An amp is needed for it to function

Purchase the Pioneer SP-C22 Andrew Jones Center Channel Speaker from Amazon by clicking the image link above.

5. Yamaha NS-C210BL Center Channel Speaker

The Yamaha store, over the years, has been a top player in the production of electronics and machines.

Hence, their products are one of the most sought-after as they don’t just offer quality but also good prices.


This center channel speaker weighs 4.4 pounds and has a dimension measured 5.2” X 13.4” X 4.2”.

Also, the tweeter is 7/8,” and it is a refined version of the balanced-dome design, which is in use for other Yamaha speakers.

When you want to build a home theater system, the best to combine with this are the Yamaha NS-F210, NS-B210, and NS-SW210.

The nominal input power for this speaker has a low point calculated to be 40 watts and a high point of 120 watts.

In addition to that, this speaker combines the tweeter with two 3 1/8”  cone woofers to give very high sound quality.

Light aluminum cones are used for the speaker’s woofers, and they help ensure you get lightning-fast responses.

Also, the frequency response is one of the impressive features of this center channel speaker as it ranges from 65Hz to 45KHz.

In all, the slim design makes it flat enough to fit under the television; hence, occupying as little space as possible.


  • 2-way center channel speaker
  • Bass reflux available
  • Lightweight aluminum cone woofers
  • Large frequency response range
  • Slim design matches flat-panel TVs


  • It needs an amplifier and other speakers to work perfectly
  • No magnetic shielding to protect your TV

Click the image link to buy the Yamaha NS-C210BL Center Channel Speaker from Amazon.

6. Klipsch RP-440C Center Channel Speaker

The Klipsch store could have 10 speakers on a list of top 10 center channel speakers, and that list stays valid.

This speaks volumes of the quality that this store produces, and this model is another perfect example.


First, this speaker comprises a 1” linear travel Suspension titanium tweeter and four 4” spun copper cerametallic cone woofers.

With these two premium components, you are guaranteed the best possible sound quality in your home.

Users have praised this speaker for its ability to give accuracy and clarity to the home theater system it works with.

The finishing on the Klipsch RP-440C is a stylish brushed baffle which makes this speaker more attractive.

The Klipsch RP-440C measures 13.5” X 26” X 5.7” and weighs 28.9 pounds.

The best sound created with details that beat our imagination can be gotten from Dolby Atmos, and this speaker has it.

Dolby Atmos provides a hemisphere of sound which completely leaves you immersed in the movie or music through the sound it produces.

However, not all speakers have what it takes to reproduce these sounds perfectly, and this is where the Klipsch store wins.

Almost all Klipsch speakers, including the RP-440C, can perfectly reproduce these sounds, which is one of its unique selling points.


  • The grille is detachable
  • 90 X 90 hybrid tractrix horn technology
  • Can reproduce Dolby Atmos sounds


  • Wireless connection not possible
  • It needs an amp to function

Click the image link to get the Klipsch RP-440C Speaker from Amazon

7. Polk Audio CS1 Series II Center Channel Speaker | Unique Design

When it comes to making quality speakers, be it floor standing, bookshelf, tower, or center channel – this is the store has many quality products to offer.


The CS1 Series II is a center channel speaker that gives you accurate and clear sound with powerful bass.

It gives your living room a more stylish look and can fit under your Tv with zero hassle because of its slim design.

It measures 9.6” X 7” X 18” and weighs about 13 pounds

Also, this speaker comes with a magnetic grille that can be easily detached when dirty for cleaning and replacement.

2 of Polk Audio’s proprietary 5.25” dynamic balanced woofers are combined with a 1” soft dome tweeter here.

This combination produces a high-frequency response which is essential for good sound quality.

It also will give you a more accurate reproduction of the sound with very low distortion ensuring quality.

Above all, you use this speaker; you get more power to the center of this speaker to enjoy the best sound quality.


  • High-quality sound
  • Stylish finishing


  • No magnetic shield to protect your TV
  • It needs an amp to work

Purchase the Polk Audio CS1 Series II Speaker from Amazon by clicking the image link above.

Conclusion on the Best Slim Center Channel Speaker

We all desire our home theater to give back amazing sound, but most times, we do not know how to go about this.

Most times, we feel like getting the best tower or bookshelf speakers will solve the problem.

However, splitting sound between left and right makes it impossible to get the best sound quality from your speakers.

This is why we look for the best center channel speaker instead to balance our sound system.

A slim center channel speaker has one advantage over the other speakers, and that is positioning.

However, some things are important to note when buying one as they will help make your search better.

You shouldn’t go about looking for one that’s too expensive and way off your budget.

This is because the most expensive center channel out there might not be the best of the bunch.

Yes, most high-end products have premium quality, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get enough value from them.

Instead, you should pay attention to the speaker’s features; then compare this with the price range to determine the value it will offer you.

This is exactly our method, and following this method is what lead us to our conclusion.

Putting all these into consideration, we researched and discovered the  Klipsch RP-504C Center Channel to be the best slim center channel speaker.

Click the link now to get it on Amazon while stock lasts.