Best Touch Screen Laptop For Graphic Design

Best Touch Screen Laptop For Graphic Design
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Are you looking for the best touch screen laptop for graphic design to serve as a tool for creating visual content to convey messages? Then, you can rely on the following laptops for an excellent graphics design job. Based on our evaluation, we recommend the Lenovo Flex 5 14″ 2-in-1 Laptop as the best touch screen laptop for graphic design.

Comparison Table For Best Touch Screen Laptop For Graphic Design

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S/NProduct NameImageSpecification
1Lenovo Flex 5 14" 2-in-1 LaptopProcessor: 2.1 GHz ryzen_5_4500u
Hard Disk: 256 GB flash memory solid state
Screen Size: 14 Inches
Weight: 3.63 pounds
Battery: 10 Hours
2HP Pavilion x360 14 2-in-1 LaptopProcessor: 4.2 GHz core_i5
Hard Disk: 256 GB SSD
Screen Size: 14 Inches
Weight: 3.5 pounds
Battery: 8 Hours
32021 Newest Dell Inspiron 3000 LaptopProcessor: 1 GHz core_i5
Hard Disk: 1 TB SSD
Screen Size: 15.6 Inches
Weight: 3.93 pounds
Battery: t3-Cell Battery, 41WHr Integrated battery
4HP Pavilion 15.6" FHD Touchscreen IPS Micro-Edge Display LaptopProcessor: 2 GHz 68328
Hard Disk: 512 GB SSD
Screen Size: 15.6 Inches
Weight: 3.86 pounds
Battery: 7 hours
5New HP Pavilion 2-in-1 15.6" HD Touchscreen LaptopProcessor: 1.6 GHz core_i5_8250u
Hard Disk: 512 GB SSD
Screen Size: 15.6 Inches
Weight: 3.5 pounds
Battery: 10 hours
6Lenovo 2021 Flagship Flex 5 2 in 1 LaptopProcessor: 2 GHz
Hard Disk: 512 GB SSD
Screen Size: 14 Inches
Weight: 3.3 pounds
Battery: 12 Hours

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Best Touch Screen Laptop For Graphic Design; An Overview

Laptops with touchscreen for graphics were developed primarily to make navigation easy and convenient for users.

In clear terms, arranging visual elements such as typography, images, symbols, and colors, are easier with touch screen laptops. 

Furthermore, touchscreen laptops often come with superb brightness, color accuracy, and high display quality resolution.

Due to this, many users choose touchscreen models for their graphic work.

Similarly, touch screen laptops work with stylus pens with which the designer can apply the right level of pressure to articulate his /her designs effectively.

All these and more are the reasons why touchscreen laptops are recommended for graphic design.

Overall, we have compiled a list of seven different laptops that are considered the best touch screen laptops for graphic design.

And as we stated earlier, the best of them all is the Lenovo Flex 5.

Things To Consider When Choosing Best Touch Screen Laptop For Graphic Design

Here are some important considerations for deciding which is the best touchscreen laptop for you as a graphics designer.

Screen Size and Weight

This is the most vital aspect of any device for graphics design as this is the interface you’ll interact with directly.

Given this, you need to be on the lookout for a screen size that can give you excellent visuals when designing.

Specifically, anything from a 14 to 16-inch screen size would be a good place to start.

Although larger screen size will give larger viewing and work area.

However, the large screen size might mean that you’ll have to settle for heavier laptops.

So, if you want something portable, then a 15-inch laptop should be your benchmark as it will provide the best balance of portability and usability. 

Finally, the weight of your laptop should be between 3 to 5.5 pounds for easy carriage. 

Battery Life

Battery life is very important while considering buying a touch screen laptop for graphic design.

7+ hours of battery life is ideal if you plan to take your laptop anywhere at all.

The reason is that a touch screen laptop for graphics always comes with a bright screen and sometimes with a backlit keyboard, and this consumes more battery.

Hence, laptops in this category don’t go for more than 7- 12 hours because the touch screen consumes much power during operation.

Unfortunately, you can’t do anything about this.

Therefore, you will need to keep an eye on the battery while using it to avoid a situation of running out of battery power in the middle of your design.


Graphic design source files tend to be very heavy.

So, you’ll need enough space to save your files, especially if you work on 3d graphic design, photo or video editing, etc.

These things require a lot of space on your disk.

Thereby, we recommend looking for touchscreen laptops that offer up to 512GB – 8TB SSD as this will be enough to store your files.


RAM allows you to run multiple apps simultaneously.

Therefore, to choose a touch screen laptop for graphic design, we recommend 8 GB – 16 GB.

We would recommend you to go for the maximum RAM to avoid a lot of lags while working.

This is because, as a graphics designer, you will often have to switch different apps while working.

Processing Power (CPU & GPU)

How powerful the processor is, is another determinant in choosing a touch screen laptop for graphics.

Processor performance depends on what you want to do.

The least-expensive model may be good enough.

However, graphic design software will require a powerful processor to run all your tasks smoothly.

Software like  Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and more requires a good and strong processor. 

Therefore, a laptop with a quad-core will do an excellent job for heavy tasks like 3d rendering, photo, and video editing.

Given this, let’s discover what the best touchscreen laptop for graphic design is.

6 Best Touch Screen Laptop For Graphics Design

1. Lenovo Flex 5 14″ 2-in-1 LaptopBest Touch Screen Laptop For Graphic Design


Lenovo Flex 5 14″ 2-in-1 laptop laptops are compact enough to carry with you.

It is versatile enough to run demanding applications.

Also, it is comfortable, fun, and easy to use with 4-side narrow bezels. 

A narrow bezel on 4 sides gives you more viewing area.

Furthermore, you will enjoy the most out of your screen with its IPS panel technology and a Full High Definition screen.

In addition, this laptop is lightweight with a 14-inches touchscreen and it comes in a graphite grey color with a digital pen.

Also, the keyboard is large and spacious enough to work with it, and it comes with a backlit keyboard with 2 light intensity options.

Lastly, the backlit keyboard will help you to work at night without stress


Lenovo Flex 5 14″ 2-in-1 Laptop can last for 10 hours with continuous usage. 

However, battery life varies and depends on usages, such as software use, wireless functionality, power management settings, and screen brightness.


‎This laptop offers a 256 GB fast solid-state drive to save all your designs.


The Lenovo Flex 5 14″ 2-in-1 laptop is lightweight at 3.63 pounds, alongside its compact size, built-in battery, and more.

Therefore, the laptop allows you to move from one place to another. 


This laptop can multi-task due to its excellent RAM size of 16 GB DDR4 (dual channel).

Consequently, this will allow you to work with different software and create designs simultaneously without experiencing any lag.

Processor (CPU&GPU)

The graphics designer will work perfectly with a 2.1 GHz AMD Ryzen 5 4500U processor.

This is a processor strong enough to handle the most professional-level graphics design works.

Hence, you should have no problem working with graphic design apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, etc.

Furthermore, it comes with AMD Radeon Graphics.

This is not a high-end graphics card.

Nevertheless, it can conveniently handle mid-range graphics design work, e.g 2D designs.

That’s because this laptop offers you an excellent all-around performance processor which is powerful enough to run all your task.


  • The touchscreen is sensitive and works well with the included pen.
  • In addition, it has a very fast processor that handles any work thrown at it.
  • Finally, it’s comfortable, fun, and easy to use.


  • The screen is dim, you might likely have issues using it outdoors.  


In conclusion, Lenovo Flex 5 14″ 2-in-1 Laptop is a great laptop that we highly recommend.

It’s an excellent portable device for graphics design.

Get this laptop on Amazon now via the image link above.

2. HP Pavilion x360 14 2-in-1 Laptop Best Touch Screen Laptop For Graphic Design


Hp Pavillion X360 has a good display and offers eye-catching graphics.

Coupled with its 14 inches screen, it is lightweight and it offers a tablet mode

Also, it comes with a Natural Silver color, and the touchpad is relatively large.

The keyboard layout is pleasantly standard, but it has no backlit keyboard.

Even so, the keyboard has a grille from which the Pavilion x360 14 vents its warm air.

Finally, the Pavillion’s keyboard provides a comfortable typing experience


This laptop possesses 9 hours of battery life which can help you stay productive.

However, you will need to power the battery while using it to avoid being knocked out while working.


Graphic design files tend to be very heavy so, this laptop offers 256 GB SSD storage which will satisfy your need for sufficient space to store your finished designs. 


‎Hp Pavillion X360 weighs 3.55 pounds.

This is good enough to allow you to carry this laptop from one place to another.


It comes with 8 GB RAM.

This will enable you to open a lot of tabs as a graphics designer at once.

In all, it’s fast and good enough for multi-tasking.

Processor (CPU&GPU)

You can execute tasks speedily thanks to the excellent  Intel Core i5-10210U processor with a clock speed of 4.2 GHz that this laptop comes with.

In addition, the laptop ‎comes with an Intel UHD graphics card.

Now, this may not be a high-performing graphics card for high-end graphics activities like intense gaming.

However, it will fair pretty well with graphics designing.


  • Attractive build quality.
  • Solid quad-core performance.
  • Strong performance with 10th Gen Intel CPUs.
  • Strong chassis.


  • The keyboard does not light up.
  • It’s of no use at night- the battery cannot last all day.
  • Also, it possesses dim displays.


In conclusion, the HP Pavilion x360 laptop offers good specs for your tasks.

Therefore, if battery life and dim display are deal breakers for you, then this laptop will serve you well.

Get this laptop on Amazon now via the image link above.

3. 2021 Newest Dell Inspiron 3000 Laptop 


2021 Newest Dell Inspiron 3000 laptop is sleek and fast. 

It’s styled in carbon black and made with plastics for a classic look.

Also, it has a built-in HD webcam that you could use to connect with other people remotely.

Furthermore, it has  ‎a 15.6 Inches display screen and no backlit keyboard.

However, the keyboard is well-spaced.

Therefore, you can rest assured you’ll be getting a comfortable typing experience with this one.


It has a 3-Cell Battery, 41 WHr integrated battery which can last for close to 7 hours.

However, due to the nature of touchscreen devices, the battery life tends to drain a little bit faster.


This laptop offers a 1 TB SSD, and it is enough to store files.


This laptop weighs 3.93 pounds.


Dell Inspiron 3000 Laptop offers 16 GB DDR4, this is good enough to multi-task.

Processor (CPU & GPU)

‎This laptop comes with an Intel Core i5-1035G1 processor and ‎Intel UHD Graphics; both are strong enough to ensure smooth execution of tasks without any lag.


  • The laptop is quite affordable.
  • Also, its speakers deliver an excellent volume.
  • It also has good build quality.
  • Finally, it offers decent battery life.


  • Average performance.
  • Also, it has a dim display.


In conclusion, if you are on a budget and looking for a good touchscreen laptop for graphics design, look beyond the cons of this laptop because it will serve you right.

Get this laptop on Amazon now via the image link above.

4. HP Pavilion 15.6″ FHD Touchscreen IPS micro-edge Display Laptop 


HP Pavilion 15.6″ FHD Touchscreen IPS micro-edge Display Laptop is comfortable and easy to use.

It has backlit and the trackpad has a smooth finish on which it is easy to perform multi-finger gestures.

Also, it offers a large keyboard and the keys have a smooth action and have a medium-lift with clear points.

In addition, the keys are easily distinguishable from each other including the number pad.

Finally, this laptop comes in gray color and the screen size is 15.6 inches.

The screen size is wide enough to ensure wide viewing angles.


It has a 3-cell 41 Wh Li-ion battery that can last for up to 7 hours.


The laptop offers a 512 GB SSD for saving all your work files, apps, and design.


The HP Pavilion 15.6″ weighs 3.86 pounds.


The Laptop offers 16GB of RAM. This will aid multi-tasking without hanging.

Processor (CPU & GPU) 

This laptop comes with AMD Ryzen 7 4700U Processor, and this is powerful enough to handle your graphic design and more heavy task. 


  • Excellent performance.
  • Also, the screen supports touch input.
  • It possesses a fast start-up and fast shut down.
  • In addition, it has Wi-Fi 6.


  • There is no Thunderbolt 3 port


This Laptop is a combination of portability and efficiency. It performs well on graphic design, coupled with a sensitive touchscreen.

Get this laptop on Amazon now via the image link above.

5. New HP Pavilion 2-in-1 15.6″ HD Touchscreen Laptop Best Touch Screen Laptop For Graphic Design


The Pavilion x360 screen size of 15.6  inches is wide and beautiful

It offers excellent brightness and better silver color

In addition, this Laptop can be used as a tablet because its convertible, the screen can turn all the way around

The keyboard is flexible for typing and has no backlit.

Also, touchscreen displays are glossy

in other words, they can respond to touch better.

Finally, it offers enough performance for web browsing, office work, and graphics design.


New HP Pavilion 2-in-1 15.6″ HD Touchscreen Laptop lasted for about 10 hours


The Laptop offers a 512GB SSD which is good enough for file storage.


New HP Pavilion 2-in-1 15.6″ HD Touchscreen Laptop weighs 3.5 pound

Therefore, it’s easy to carry about if you need to work on the go.


‎Graphic design can be done with the 8 GB SDRAM that the Laptop offers.

Even more, it can be upgraded for more performance power.

Processor (CPU & GPU) 

The AMD Ryzen 7 4700U 8-Core and Integrated AMD Radeon Graphics.

With this, you’ll have enough processing power to execute whatever graphics task you may want to.


  • Excellent performance
  • It comes with a pen
  • Also with a perfect size
  • Finally, the touch screen is convenient.


  • Dim display
  • It offers Wi-Fi 5, not 6


In conclusion, for an ultimate graphics design with a touch screen laptop, you will need to do some upgrading to enjoy the best part of this Laptop. 

Get this laptop on Amazon now via the image link above.

6. Lenovo 2021 Flagship Flex 5 2 in 1 Laptop


The laptop is bright, decent, sturdy, and has a well-designed chassis.

It’s pretty stylish and finished in sleek aluminum with gray color.

Also, it has a 14-inch colorful, bright screen with nice contrast and decently thin bezels.

Therefore, it makes the screen to be large enough for work on graphics and more.

Also, the keyboard is comfortable and it is set between two front-facing speakers. 

Similarly, the keyboard has a backlit which will enable you to use it at night.

The webcam also sits in the center on the top bezel and has a handy slider that serves as the webcam shutter.


This laptop offers an outstanding battery life of 12 hours.

Hence, you can work on different tasks on the go.


Touch screen laptops for graphic design will need more space to store often heavy files.

Therefore, this laptop offers a 512GB SSD, which should be enough for tasks.


The laptop weighs 3.3 pounds.


The Lenovo 2021 Flagship Flex 5 offers 16GB RAM.

With this, you can open many tabs without any lags.

Furthermore, 16 GB is okay for graphics design work and more.


It has a powerful AMD 8-Core Ryzen 7 4700U and an ‎Integrated AMD Radeon Graphics card.

These are excellent enough to get you through your graphics design tasks seamlessly.


  • Excellent value
  • Responsive keyboard
  • Robust computing performance
  • Also, it has long battery life.
  • And good audio quality.


  • The pen is not included
  • Also, the display is Dim and dull.
  • Finally, it has only one USB-C port


Conclusively, it would certainly be worth every dime due to the impressive specs it comes with.

Get this laptop on Amazon now via the image link above.

Conclusion On Best Touch Screen Laptop For Graphic Design

Each of these touchscreen laptops is efficient enough to handle basic to mid-level graphics design work.

Specifically, our overall best is the Lenovo Flex 5 14″ 2-in-1 Laptop

Click the link above to get it now on Amazon.