Food Delivery Business Ideas

Food Delivery Business Ideas

Are you thinking of profitable food delivery business ideas and are unsure of the one to go for?.

Not to worry, this article shares insight into nine lucrative food delivery business ideas you can start with low investment.

Let’s begin by establishing some basics.

Food Delivery Business Ideas; An Introduction

Food delivery is a courier service where restaurants, stores, or food delivery companies deliver food to customers.

These days technology has made it possible for people to order any product from the comfort of their homes. 

It can be carried out via telephone calls, mobile apps, and websites.

Also, most restaurants or food stores are adopting this method to make things easier for their customers while increasing their sales.

Factually, modern customers prefer making orders for food through a restaurant’s website or apps to dine-in orders.

With the need to fulfill customers’ ever-growing demands, restaurants or food stores need to keep up with their customers’ desire for doorstep food delivery.

And to that advantage, food delivery can become a good business for you if you go about it the right way.

These deliveries include already prepared food, fruits, vegetables, frozen foods, groceries, pet foods, etc.

There are two ways of venturing into this business, working with a restaurant and working independently.

You can make money by charging restaurants or stores commissions for each customer delivery.

The same thing applies to meal delivery.

One of the major reasons for the food delivery business is that small food businesses and residents have a fair share of these services.

Customers enjoy the convenience of placing an order and receiving it in the comfort of their homes.

In addition, restaurants with limited space for customers enjoy the most from this business model.

By opting for online ordering and delivery, a restaurant can expand beyond physical traffic, and the business can explore a wider market.

We can go on and on regarding the benefit of the food delivery business.

Moreover, there are other benefits of the food courier services business; let’s see them in the next section.

Reasons For The Food Delivery Business

As the day goes by, food delivery is gradually becoming an integral part of our lives.

Here are a few reasons you should start a food delivery business today.


You should consider starting a food delivery business idea is the high-profit potential.

Food is a basic need of man, so people will keep consuming its goods and services no matter their cost.

Thanks to advanced technology, most restaurants and stores now use third-party delivery companies or in-house logistics to take orders from customers online.

People can order a variety of food from their favorite restaurant or store and have it delivered to their doorstep.

Adding a food courier to your restaurant or food store business can earn higher profits.

Most likely, customers will like to explore other recipes since they can make orders from the comfort of their homes.

Also, you, as a third-party delivery man, will receive payments for taking customers’ online orders and delivering them to their doorstep.


Another solid reason to start up a food delivery business is the simplicity and convenience it draws.

Online food ordering can open your restaurant business to a wide market across the globe or, most significantly, within your locality. 

And because of the convenience online food ordering brings them, they may prefer having the food brought to them than dining in.

Low Overhead Cost

Another reason to start a food delivery business is the low overhead cost.

As an individual without a restaurant or food store, you can train, recruit and manage trusted delivery guys to receive orders and deliver to them.

Likewise, a restaurant or homemade food supplier that runs an in-demand food business can employ many delivery guys to replace other workers.

You need not buy an automobile.

Most of your employees should at least own a car, truck, bicycle, and scooter to deliver items to your clients.

It’s A 24 Hours Business

Customers can make orders at any time of their choice from 6 am to 11 pm.

For this reason, the food delivery business is becoming immensely high in demand.

Whether personally or through your employees, you can deliver food items to customers and make money all day and night long.

The benefits of a food delivery business cannot be overemphasized.

People are constantly making orders online for food or food items from vendors.

And as the order goes, there is a need for corresponding delivery to satisfy customers’ needs.

We have pointed out these few reasons.

Now, let’s know about the challenges the food delivery business encounters.

Major Challenges Facing The Food Industry

On the positive side, there are also problems associated with the food delivery business, and they include.

The food delivery business is overgrowing with more future opportunities.

Due to its future promises, the number of food delivery services increases by the day, making the industry more competitive and challenging.

There are other challenges this business faces, and they include; 

Price Instability

One of the challenges food delivery businesses face is the sudden change in the prices of the food industry.

As a result of the unstable food prices, the food delivery business owners may see it as a challenge to rightly price their services.

When food prices are hiked, food delivery businesses will be forced to adopt pricing strategies that will be detrimental to the business’s profitability.

Keeping Up With Customer’s High Expectations Of Swift Delivery

The number one goal of any genuine business establishment is maximum customer satisfaction.

Whether you like it or not, customers expect you to meet their needs appropriately.

As a restaurant owner or food delivery entrepreneur, satisfying your customers should be your priority.

However, certain circumstances may make you fail to fulfill this duty, especially in the delivery business.

For instance, your delivery staff may encounter roadblocks and other related challenges that may prolong delivery time, leading to a poor customer experience.

Mishandling Of Food

One effect of not training delivery guys is that they can mess up a custom order.

If an item is delivered to a customer in bad shape, you will likely lose that customer and other opportunities.

That is why delivery personnel should undergo proper training in managing customers’ orders.

Getting The Resources And Customer

This is a problem faced at the initial stage of the business.

Food delivery business owners may initially struggle with the following logistics problems.

  • Firstly, it could be allocating the right number of vehicles to use for the business.
  • Also, identifying the areas of distribution.
  • Checking the food quality.
  • Lastly, getting a reliable supplier.

So, before you venture into this business, check all these parameters before investing in it.

These are part of the challenges food delivery owners face in their business.

Future Relevance Of The Food Delivery Business

Before you think of investing in any business idea, food delivery or not, it is important to know the business’s scope.

You can do this by looking at its statistical analysis.

So, let’s look at the market forecast for the food delivery business. 

In these present times, the food delivery business is making a tremendous increase in profit and growth.

According to the Research and Market, the online food delivery services global market report in 2021 shows that the food delivery business is expected to rise from $126.91 billion to $192.16 billion between 2021 and 2025.

To be precise, the market forecast projects a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11%

To be clear, the food delivery business will experience strong growth and remain in service even in the next ten years and beyond.

This hypergrowth can be linked to the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic lockdown.

While other businesses were shut down for the sake of the virus, online food ordering and delivery was a good means for the food entrepreneurs to get to their customers.  

With that established, here are nine food delivery business ideas for you.

9 Food Delivery Business Ideas

These business ideas we are about to share with you can be run individually, or you can employ and train people to do the job.

1. Fruit And Vegetable Delivery Business

Fruits and vegetables are good sources of vitamins we need to maintain a healthy body, and as such, people love to consume them.

However, not every customer knows the right source for fresh fruit or vegetables or even the farmer’s market.

So, they will have no other option than to make an order online.

As a potential food delivery entrepreneur, you can choose this to be your niche and maximize profit from it.

Identify stores that sell mainly fruits and vegetables in different locations near you.

Agree with them and start taking customers’ orders.

You will need a car or bike for easy mobility and a telephone to reach out to your customers in this business.

2. Homemade Food Delivery

If you are interested in venturing into the food delivery industry, deliver customers with homemade foods.

Many people find it challenging to prepare good food because of their busy schedules.

People like this will always make an online order for a homemade meal to satisfy their hunger.

You can choose to serve them tasty and quality homemade foods from any restaurant of their choice to their doorsteps.

There are homemade food applications you can work with, so you will get clients.

Or you can work for a restaurant as a delivery driver.

3. Egg Delivery Business

If you don’t buy the idea of homemade food delivery, then you can settle for the egg delivery business.

Egg delivery is a great niche in the food delivery industry because of its wide market.

If you decide to start your own egg delivery business today, it can be a long-term investment for you, depending on how you go about it.

Apart from supplying eggs to individuals, you can also extend your egg delivery services to companies that use eggs as raw materials to make other products.

Even more, you can deliver these services to restaurants and hotels as well. 

If you decide on this business today, you can identify with a local farmer who has a large farm so you can get enough supplies for your customers.

Also, you will need a truck to safely convey the eggs to potential customers.

You can carry out this business by yourself or employ workers who can.

4. Grocery Delivery

Having an online store and logistics is a good way to reach out to your customers and maximize profit if you have a grocery store.

Nobody wants to run out of groceries at home, but sometimes the willingness to come to the store physically may be lacking.

You can help your customers with their groceries needs by letting them opt for online shopping.

It could be through a telephone call or e-commerce, where you will list the items you have and their price tags.

Customers will place orders on the items they want and pay extra for delivery.

Online delivery is one of the most lucrative businesses since the pandemic.

So you are on the verge of making more profits as customer demands increase.

5. Office Food Delivery 

On different occasions, offices or corporate entities order food for their employees to celebrate an event or as a free lunch policy of the establishment.

Giving free lunch to employees can be a motivational factor for them to give more to their work.

That aside. 

You can start this business by preparing this food yourself and supplying it to the customer’s office location.

Or you can link up with a local restaurant and become a dispatch rider.

Before you venture into this business, do proper market research, identify your market, and follow due procedures to get the business started.  

6. Frozen Food Delivery Business Idea

Almost all, if not all, of our daily food items, can be processed and frozen to preserve their shelf life.

It could be meat, seafood, fruit, or vegetables.

With the high demand for the items, you can start taking orders from customers who want frozen food items or ingredients.

You can include frozen food that is scarce within your customer’s reach in your daily schedule.

By 2025, the frozen food industry market size is expected to reach 312.3 billion dollars at a growth rate of 5% CAGR. 

What you need in this business are a reliable supplier and a preferred market niche.

7. Build A Food Ordering and Delivery App

Another food courier business you can invest in is building food apps where potential customers can search for food vendors around them and order food.

There are dozens of online food delivery applications you can build based on the niche you want.

They include:

  • Firstly, a frozen food delivery app.
  • Online catering app.
  • More so, a custom meal app.
  • Corporate food ordering app.
  • It could also be a bakery items delivery app.
  • Furthermore, it could be a food delivery app for healthy and eco-friendly meals.
  • AR-based app for locating restaurants.
  • Organic and natural food delivery app.
  • Finally, it could be an online groceries store.

If you plan to build any of these applications for food delivery, you are right on track.

Online food ordering and delivery is fast-growing, and if you choose to invest in it to the day, you are left with a few options.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to build an app.

You can simply hire an app developer or use low-code software to get your app running.

8. Pet Food Delivery; Food Delivery Business Ideas

The rate at which people own pets these days is overwhelming.

The American Pet Product Association estimates that 80 million households adopt a pet.

As a result, the pet product industry, as of 2019, has an aggregate worth of 95.7 billion dollars.

With this market figure, venturing into a pet food delivery business will yield you profits.

According to Allied Market Research, the global pet food market growth will be 133,430.9 million dollars by 2030, with a CAGR of 4.6 percent between 2021 to 2030.

That’s for the figures.

Most pet food industries are now receiving orders online.

You can start distributing both raw and processed pet feeds to customers who need them for their pets. 

9. Healthy Food Delivery

Another exciting business to start as a food courier startup is supplying food to consumers who are health conscious.

Not everybody like to eat food that contains unhealthy fats and calories, and some people eat healthy due to their medical conditions. 

Currently, there is a demand for this type of service as people move toward healthier food choices.

You can deliver healthy food to your clients based on their demand and make a profit from each delivery.

Another business option in this niche is you can build an app that connects nutritionists with special-nutrition needs clients.

From there, you can make profits from commissions.

Final Thoughts

The food industry, in general, has always been and will be immune to the economic downturn.

Since food is a necessity, the demand to consume it every day is inevitable.

Moreover, most people are busy and may not have time to prepare dishes themselves.

Instead, they prefer to take orders online from their favorite restaurant or store and have it delivered to them.

You can make a living by simply receiving customers’ orders and delivering it to your customers.

The bottom line, the food industry has a diverse market to satisfy.

Go out there and be among the successful entrepreneurs with any of these food delivery ideas listed here. 

Stop thinking and start making plans to start any of your preferred food delivery business ideas.

Your only limit is in your mind.