Garage Based Business Ideas

Garage Based Business Ideas

Are you ready to start making money from your garage space?. Do you know that there are some businesses you can do from your garage that will fetch you cool money?. If this interests you, what stops you from starting a garage-based business now?. Here are the 15 most profitable garage-based business ideas. 

Introduction To Garage-Based Business Ideas

Do you want to start making money from your home?.

Do you know that you don’t need a fancy office before you can start earning income?.

Small businesses can be successful without any fancy offices.

Some successful entrepreneurs today started their businesses from their garage.

An ideal example is the Apple computers.

It was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

At this time, they used their home garage as an office for their daily business operations.

Today, it is one of the most successful businesses in the world.

Aside from Apple, there are several other multi-million dollar business ideas with humble beginnings from their garage.

Here are some examples.

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is the founder of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, founded in 1903 in Wisconsin.

The company was first operated in a garage.

It is popularly known for manufacturing motorcycles.


Disney is another business that started in a garage.

This entertainment company was founded by Roy O. Disney 

However, now it is managed by a team trained by the Disney brothers.

Hewlett-Packard (HP)

Hewlett-Packard is a computer company that produces HP computers.

It was founded by Bill Hewlett and David Packard in 1939.

They started the business from their garage.

Today, it’s one of the leading computer companies worldwide.

Now, you know it’s possible to start a business from the garage and grow it into a multi-million company.

Without further delay, let’s dive into the best garage business ideas you can tap into.

15 Garage-Based Business Ideas

1. Antique Seller

One of the profitable garage-based business ideas is selling antiques.

Antiques are relics or objects of old times.

These could be furniture, decorative objects made in ancient days, or work of art.

If you like collecting these items, then you should consider selling them.

You’ll need a space to display all your antiques.

Hence, you will be renting a store for your business which may cost you some money.

To overcome this challenge, you could use a space in your garage for this.

Once your garage antique store is set up, you should consider building an online presence to reach a wider audience and attract potential customers.

You could create a website or social media page for your antique business to post beautiful pictures of your antique collections.

2. Architect

Another garage-based business idea is architecture.

An architect is a person who designs and plans the construction of a building.

They also oversee the construction of the building.

To become an architect, you need the following skills.

  • Customer service skills
  • Communication skills
  • Thinking and reasoning skills
  • Designing or creative skills
  • Listening skills and so on.

Although, those skills are not the only thing that is needed to be a good architect.

You also need to obtain a professional degree in architecture.

Furthermore, using your garage as your architect workshop will save you the worry of renting an office.

You can use your garage space, set up your computers, and design tables to work.

More so, you can work without any disturbance with your door closed.

3. Baking

Another garage-based business idea is baking.

This is also one of the profitable garage-based business ideas.

Baking involves using dry heat like an oven, hot ashes, or hot stones to prepare food.

If you are the type that likes baking, you should consider this business.

You might have been using your kitchen for baking before.

However, since you are not using your garage space, you can move your baking from your kitchen to your garage.

Design your garage in a way that will attract passersby to patronize you.

In other words, you can turn your garage into a store where you will make and sell baked products.

However, you might need to check with your local officers for a license and permit.

4. Blogging

If you like writing, starting a blogging business might be the right business for you.

You might be thinking about what blogging has to do with the garage.

You might want your space in the house where you can work without disturbance.

So, using your old garage in your home could be best for you.

Blogging is all about writing detailed content about a specific topic.

You can blog on interesting topics about education, information, relationships, health, etc.

Furthermore, if you want to start a blog business, these are the things you should do;

  • Choose a blog name.
  • Register, create, and host your website.
  • Customize your blog.
  • Write and publish your first post.
  • Promote your blog through marketing or affiliate programs.

Above all, if you want to be a successful blogger, you should be creative with your content.

You will need a personal laptop and a good internet connection to get started.

5. Battery Reconditioning – Garage-Based Business Ideas

Starting a battery reconditioning business is also one of the best garage-based business ideas to bring enough money to your pocket.

Battery reconditioning is the process of charging a dead battery cell to total charging capacity.

It is the process where the excess lead sulfate crystal is clean off in battery cells.

This process allows the battery to function like a new one.

Furthermore, this is one business with continuous demand for its service as consumers tend to go for this service to avoid global warming.

This is because dumping dead batteries is dangerous to people’s health.

Also, getting reconditioning dead batteries costs less than buying a new battery.

The cost of buying a new battery is about $175, while battery reconditioning is about $35.

Although battery reconditioning is labor-intensive, it is rewarding.

Furthermore, using your garage for the business will save you the headache of getting a workshop.

You can get the required work equipment and set up your workshop in your garage.

6. Car Wash; Garage-Based Business Ideas

Starting a car wash and detailing business is another garage-based business idea.

This is one of the lucrative and profitable business ideas.

You can use your garage for a car wash and detailing business.

You already know that a car wash is a process of washing the dirt off the exterior of a car.

Furthermore, car detailing entails cleaning and restoring a car to a new-like condition.

In this way, you will also be cleaning the car’s interior.

Detailing brings a car to a resale value.

Overall, setting up your workshop in the garage gives you low barrier to entry by reducing your startup costs.

7. Dance Studio

If you are thinking of starting a dance studio but are also worried about space, starting up in your old garage could be the way to go.

Yes, you can become a dance entrepreneur by setting up a garage-based dance studio using your garage.

This will help you cut your cost in starting your dancing business.

You can use your garage as a dance studio and tutor your students.

As the name suggests, a dance studio is a space where dancers learn and rehearse.

Set up your garage in a way that will inspire your students to learn more such as the standard musical equipment and dance props.

8. eCommerce Business

This is another lucrative business idea among several garage-based business ideas.

eCommerce is one of the most profitable businesses.

An eCommerce business is any business that you do on the internet.

It involves the buying and selling of goods or services on the internet.

An eCommerce business allows you to sell any products on different e-commerce platforms.

It could be readymade products or craft products.

Also, it could be other people’s products or yours.

As an e-commerce entrepreneur and distributor, it’s ideal to stock up on your products before the orders start coming in.

So, you can use your garage as your warehouse.

This will save you the hassle of paying shop/warehouse rent.

In addition to your online customers, you can sell these products or services physically directly from your garage.

This will help you maximize profits in your business.

9. Fitness Training – Garage-Based Business Ideas

Another business you can start from your garage is a fitness training center.

This is also one of the profitable garage-based business ideas.

Fitness training involves exercise activities for the body.

It includes aerobic training, strength training, core exercise, balance training, flexibility, and stretching.

There’s a growing demand for fitness products and services.

This is because people have come to know the benefits of staying fit.

Also, people find it challenging to exercise on their own.

So you could set up your fitness center in your garage and offer fitness training services to people in your neighborhood and beyond.

Ensure that your studio has the necessary equipment needed for training.

Also, you may need to acquire some certifications as a fitness coach to give your business more credibility.

10. Grocery Store

Starting a grocery store in your garage is an excellent garage-based business idea.

You could set up a grocery store in your garage to sell everyday necessities to people in your neighborhood.

These could be toiletries, snacks, vegetables, drinks, etc.

Survey what people lack and constantly need in your location and set up a store that will meet those needs.

This will save you from stocking up on groceries no one wants to buy.

11. Jewelry Making and Selling

Another garage-based business idea you can start is making and selling jewelry.

This is one of the profitable craft business ideas.

You should consider this business if you have good crafting and creative skills.

Jewelry-making is the process of creating ornamental pieces.

People wear jewelry for decoration or adornment.

Starting a jewelry business will require your creative and artistic skills.

Your garage could serve as your workshop if you decide to sell your jewelry online.

Etsy is one of the best online stores to sell craft products.

Alternatively, you could use your garage as your workshop and display store for your jewelry business.

Either way will work just fine.

12. Pet Business

Are you a lover of animals?.

Starting a pet business is one of the profitable garage-based business ideas to explore.

Specifically, there are several opportunities to explore in this business.

These include;

  • Pet sitting
  • Animal boarding
  • Dog training
  • Pet walking
  • Pet daycare
  • Grooming service
  • Pet stores, and so on.

Whichever services you chose to offer, ensure that there’s a demand for it.

This is key to achieving success in any business endeavor.

13. Recycling Service

Another garage-based business idea is a recycling service.

This is one recycling business idea you can begin with low capital investment because you already have a space prepared for it.

Recycling involves collecting used items or materials and processing them into new products.

There are a lot of recycling services you can do using your garage space.

The recycling services include;

  • Paper recycling
  • Aluminum recycling
  • Furniture recycling
  • Cloth recycling
  • Tire recycling
  • Plastic recycling, and so on.

You can use your garage space as a storehouse for keeping collected items.

Afterward, you could sort them and send them to recycling companies.

Alternatively, you could recycle the items yourself.

However, there’s a limit to the type of recycling services you can do in your garage.

This is because recycling some items may involve certain rigorous industrial activities unsuitable for residential areas.

So, check your state laws to see the type of recycling activities permissible in your area.

14. Repair Service – Garage-Based Business Ideas

Starting a repair service in your garage is another garage-based business idea.

It is one of the profitable garage-based business ideas.

There is also continuous demand for its service.

Repair service is the process of restoring equipment to its original state.

The service may include reconditioning, servicing, modification, and refurbishment.

Your garage could serve as your workshop.

Furthermore, depending on your skills, you could offer the following repair services.

  • Computer repair service
  • Furniture repair service
  • Clothing repair service
  • Mobile phone repair service
  • Jewelry repair service, and so on.

15. Tutoring

Do you know you can start your tutoring business from your old garage?

Tutoring is academic support that an expert teacher provides.

If you are a qualified tutor, you should consider this business idea.

To begin with, you will need to acquire a formal degree from any higher institution.

You might also need a professional degree.

You can take your classes in your garage.

Also, apart from formal classes, you can take practical classes.

You can teach your students how to cook, bake, or craft items.

More importantly, ensure your garage is conducive to learning.

Also, get the required instructional materials and equipment.

Conversely, you could decide to offer an online tutoring service from your garage.

Before shooting your tutoring videos, you just need to set up your garage to look presentable.

Conclusion On Garage-Based Business Ideas

There you have it.

These are the profitable garage-based business ideas from almost every business industry.

You can start the business from scratch and watch it expand.

However, before starting any business in your garage, check with the local offices to confirm the business activities supported in your residential area.

This is because not all states or countries allow business activities in non-industrial areas.

Also, you should register your business and get the required licenses and permits.

Then market your business to reach a wider audience and attract potential customers.

Above all, have a good plan and put in the efforts to make your business successful.

See you at the top.