How To Become Innovative

How To Become Innovative

Would you like to become innovative? 

Have you ever wondered how successful people come up with outstanding novel ideas and concepts? 

There is a general assumption that being innovative is a gift.

Also, there is the assumption that this gift is only given to the most successful people. 

Interestingly, both assumptions are wrong.  

If you are a business owner who feels ineffective in your workspace or feels that your business is not as outstanding as it should be, this post is for you.

What may be missing in your workspace may be innovation.

Learn more about how to be innovative as you read on in this blog post

What Is Innovation?

Innovation, in simple terms, is a way of using creativity to create new ideas, new products, new concepts, etc. 

On the other hand, being innovative translates to thinking of new ideas and bringing them to reality.  

These ideas may come from tweaking an already existing thing in a new and creative way or creating an entirely new one.

All it takes is thinking outside the box/creatively to solve new and existing problems.

In other words, creativity is the core of innovation.

Hence, we will examine what creativity is.

What is Creativity?

Creativity is a way of changing old boring ideas into new ones.

It is a means of bringing ideas, concepts into reality.

In other words, it works hand in hand with innovation.

Moreso, it can be said that to be innovative is to be creative.

With a mindset built on innovation, you have a greater chance of reacting to change and bringing up new ideas to tackle the change. 

Since being innovative is not exclusive to a particular set of people, neither is a natural endowment; there are some tips you can leverage to become innovative and successful.

Tips On How To  Become Innovative 

Always Go For Your Passion, It Would Help You Become Innovative 

Passion is an essential element of success in any field of interest.

This may sound cliche and ancient, but it is the bedrock of innovation. 

To up your innovative skill, you have to have a drive for whatever it is you do. 

This passion is what will give you the zeal to push past any stumbling block that may come your way.  

Also, the motivation that comes with something you are passionate about gives you the strength to continue to run until you get to the finishing line, come what may. 

Motivation generally comes in two forms; external and internal motivation. 

External motivation is more like a prize you would get when you do something.

It is usually in the form of money or promotion. 

On the other hand, internal motivation is the joy and sense of fulfillment you’d derive from doing something great. 

Internal motivation works hand-in-hand with passion. 

Without passion for something, you can not feel fulfilled for doing it right; rather, you may seek a reward for it. 

When there is no reward, you may lack the zeal to continue doing it.

Therefore, to become innovative, go for things you have passion for. 

Step Out Of Your Workspace

Most of us live our lives in a routine void of a little time for creativity. 

Nothing kills innovation like a non-creative mind. 

Stepping out of your workspace for a little time allows your mind some freedom to explore other things. 

To become innovative, learn to create some time out of your routine to sit out somewhere different from your workspace and think. 

By doing this, your mind becomes relaxed and wanders on its own accord. 

In return, new ideas will probably pop into your mind. 

Also, note that it will be nice to have different places you visit to relax your mind. 

Besides,  find a way of surrounding yourself with things that inspire you in your workspace.

It could be a picture from a magazine, an image of a person that you love, a pet that you love – anything. 

They usually come in handy when brainstorming for ideas.  

Search For New Patterns And Connections  In Everything

Lots of things in the world have a particular pattern. 

This pattern leads to the interconnectedness of things, which is what most successful innovators look out for. 

When you observe these patterns, you begin to understand why some things work the way they work. 

In finding them out, you will be able to create new patterns from existing ones using the connectedness of things. 

Therefore, to become innovative, be on the look for connections in any pattern and then how things work. 

Stop Talking, Take Actions That Would Help You Become Innovative 

Most times, people spend a lot of time dreaming big and doing nothing. 

After writing it down, you have to map out a plan on how to bring it to life when an idea comes to you. 

To become innovative, you have to learn the art of taking action for every idea that comes to you. 

Also, taking actions entails doing away with dilly-dally and procrastination.

Nothing kills an idea like procrastination. 

It takes a lot of discipline to conquer this time thief. 

Taking action for your ideas starts with drafting a to-do-list with the timeline for completing each task and bringing your ideas to life.

Besides, the processes you go through putting your thoughts and ideas into actionable plans unveil skills that you may not have known that you had. 

They also equip you with skills that you may need in the future. 

Stop Second-guessing Your Ideas 

It is always easy for us to throw away some ideas because they sound crazy, unattainable, and would probably take a lot of time to bring them into reality. 

The most successful and outstanding innovations of the world are the brainchildren of crazy ideas. 

Therefore, if you thrive to become innovative, you have to believe in your ideas and never think of them as impossible or have a negative mindset

Your attitude towards your ideas is what people will leverage to help bring the ideas to life. 

Also, to believe in your ideas, you have to believe that you can develop a plan to bring them to reality. 

There is no new skill or trick another human will use in convincing you to develop self-confidence like the way you would convince yourself. 

It is a task you have to carry out on your own. 

Even when your inner critic stands in judgment against you, always be sure to tell it who is in charge. 

Learn New Things That Can Help You To Become Innovative  

Most successful persons in the world have a beginner’s mindset in virtually everything they do. 

This mindset helps to create room for them to acquire more knowledge and experience.

Therefore assuming that you know all there is to know about everything is the death of innovation. 

Becoming innovative requires an open mind to a lot of things. 

Being open-minded grants, you easy access to change when it comes. 

Hence, to become innovative, you have to learn everything about anything. 

Learning comes in different ways and formats. 

Traveling, reading, being open to criticisms, attending webinars and conferences, involving in an educative argument are all different ways of learning. 

The process of learning widens your horizon, gives you limitless options as sources of ideas and inspiration. 

Invoke Your Creative Instinct; It Aids You in Becoming You Innovative

While going through the phase of becoming innovative, creativity is an aspect to take seriously.

Without exploring their creative side, some persons would naturally assume that they have a creativity block or that creativity is not for them. 

You can not have a creativity block when you have not explored your creative mind. 

Therefore, to become innovative, you have to invest time in exploring the creative part of yourself. 

Once in a while, make out time to do things you have never done before.

It could be knitting, arranging your workspace or apartment in a different way, decorating things, attempting painting,  anything creative and different from what you do regularly.

As you do these things, your creative horizon is widened, and you acquire new experience, thereby developing an aspect of your mind. 

Break Norms And Boundaries

When ideas come to us, we weigh them side-by-side with norms (workplace or societal norms).

We conclude that it is a departure from what usually is and should not be ventured into. 

This single act ties down innovation and creativity. 

To become an innovation, you have to do away with norms and break the boundaries of traditions. 

This is because these boundaries and norms place a limit on how far and wide your imagination can run. 

When you do away with them, you begin to think outside the box for a different way of doing things. 

Thinking about the different ways of doing things will naturally inspire you to develop a novel and original idea. 

When the idea works hand-in-hand with actions, innovation comes to be. 

Ignite Your Creative Strength; You Need It To Become Innovative

Most people have imbibed the habit of jumping into social media space when their alarm goes off. 

From that space, they’d jump into their workspace, sit on a desk and complain of how poor their imaginative strength is. 

For you to become innovative, your creative strength must be strong enough to go wild.

One way of growing your creative strength is by feeding your creative mind with things that can awake and keep it on track. 

It could be your best song, or a podcast you like, an inspirational post, or a quote that can inspire you. 

These activities can be part of your daily morning or evening routine.

This way, you’re developing a healthy mindset and building more creative muscles.

Get An Innovative Partner; They Can Help You Become Innovative

On the journey of becoming innovative, have it at the back of your mind that you need a partner. 

Let me assume that you may love to attack and conquer your Goliath all by yourself.

However, you would need a cheerleader to fuel your enthusiasm when it runs dry.

Hence the reason you need an innovative partner. 

An innovative partner is someone you can share your hopes, aspirations, and ideas with. 

This person could be your co-worker or anyone else you can trust with your dreams.

Both of you would share your different thoughts and draw out plans to bring them to reality. 

The plan is not to get someone you can just talk about your ideas with.

Instead, it is to have someone that also has ideas with whom you can exchange innovative concepts with.

Both of you also hold each other responsible for your actions. 

Also, you act as moral support for one another when need be. 

This will make the journey of becoming innovative an easy one. 

Benefits of Becoming  Innovative 

Every good work has a reward, and becoming innovative is not exempted.

When you invest time into becoming innovative, there are bound to be some benefits to reap from it.

Some of these benefits include: 

Developing Problem-Solving Skills. 

As a worker or business owner, becoming innovative should be among your top priorities. 

This is because innovation is what you need to be on top of your game in your everyday life. 

You may be faced with problems that can only be solved by coming up with a new solution. 

You will need to be creative to think outside the box and develop something effective that is new and original.

That is where being innovative comes in. 

You can leverage this skill to save your business and create a new solution for future purposes. 

Increase in Productivity 

When faced with different tasks to carry out, you will need to create a new way of attending to all of them. 

This can only be done by coming up with an effective solution which may be an entirely new idea. 

Being innovative makes it easy to come up with a smart way to lessen your workload. 

Your creative instinct will lead you to delegate some tasks to capable hands. 

It will also help you know the ones to cut off entirely and prioritize over the other. 

In doing this, you have used your innovation to break down your to-do-list to “done tasks, ”  thereby improving productivity. 

Edge Over Your Competitors

One thing becoming innovative does to your business is to give it a stepping stone ahead of your competitors. 

When there is a new idea, there will also be new ways of carrying out tasks. 

With innovation, there can be a new style of producing your products, packaging, and delivering them. 

The new way is usually more effective than the former, and most times, more efficient than those of your competitors. 

This way, you leverage their inefficiency to become naturally ahead of your competitors. 

Market Your Products/Services and Promote Your Brand

There are different ways of marketing products and doing brand promotion. 

However, these ways have become very rampant.

They are also becoming ineffective because of new businesses coming out daily. 

By being innovative, you can come with a new marketing strategy that suits your business.

With new marketing methods that suit your product and services, you can make your products more popular than those of your competitors. 

With creative ideas, you can create an entirely new place in the market for your brand.  

All it requires is an innovation that can only be achieved by becoming innovative. 

 Final Thoughts On How To Become Innovative 

Innovation is a thing of the mind but not meant for a set of humans in particular. 

To become innovative, you need to, first of all, believe in yourself, and secondly, believe in your ideas. 

You have to trust yourself that your crazy ideas will change the world. 

Also, learning the act of taking actions for your ideas is important, however difficult it is. 

These actions you take will have a positive impact on you. 

Therefore, even if your ideas turn out to be the opposite of what is expected, you still would have one or two things to take away from the adventure. 

Furthermore, always note that becoming innovative is a journey that requires self-confidence and constant practice. 

Self-confidence gives you the energy to stand out on every platform. 

Moreso, nothing kills innovation, like low self-esteem

When you lack the confidence to believe in your ideas, you won’t have any to tell your friends and acquaintance about the idea. 

Furthermore, constant practice helps you attain a level of mastery. 

Like every other skill, the more time you invest in it, the better you become. 

Do not hesitate to try out new things and put your ideas into action.

They are part of what creates room for innovation.