How To Hire A Copywriter

How to hire a copywriter
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Who is a copywriter? Why are they so important for businesses? Would you love to know how to hire a copywriter and increase sales in your business?

We will address these and many more questions in this post.

How To Hire A Copywriter

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As a background to this,  why do you think a good number of people buy an iPhone?

Is it just because of its features?

There are many other phones with outstanding features, you would agree.

So the big answer to that question is still a question.

How do people feel about owning an iPhone?

There is only one way to get anybody to do anything.

Did you ever stop to think of that? Yes, just one way, and that is by making the other person want to do it.

The story of a man will shed more light on how the human mind functions.

Until you understand the human mind, the beauty of copywriting might be undermined.

On May 7, 1931, the worst manhunt New York City had ever known sufficed.

After several weeks of search, Crowley “Two-Gun,” as popularly known, the killer, the gunman’s most notorious criminal, was trapped in his girlfriend’s apartment.

A hundred and fifty policemen and detectives laid siege on his top-floor, an escape route.

Holes were chopped in his roof; they tried to smoke out Crowley with tear gas.

He was the most dangerous criminal and was also a “cop killer.”

The commissioner described him as one who will kill at the drop of a feather.

Crowley, crouching in pain, hid behind a chair, still fired incessantly at the police.

Thousand of people watched the battle in eager awe.

Crowley was eventually captured.

However,  how did “Two-Gun” Crowley regard himself?

Before his capture, we know he wrote a letter he addressed to whom it may concern.

Under my coat is a weary heart, but a kind one – one that would do nobody any harm.

This story gives you a peep into how emotionally wired humans are.

Humans are emotional beings; this story shows how the most notorious criminal felt about himself.

You must understand that individuals love to feel good about themselves.

So, you should understand that every individual’s core desire is to feel good about himself in every instance and will most certainly pay any amount at his disposal to have this desire met.

The Lesson

Nothing is as frustrating as putting your effort, money, time, idea, etc., into producing a product or service.

Even more so is when all you get in return is no one paying attention to your goods or services.

As an entrepreneur, after you produce your products and services, and no one seems interested in what you have to offer, how do you feel?

When you understand how the human mind works, you will make great sales. 

What makes customers hassle and struggle to purchase a particular product or service, and they ignore others of the same or even better quality?

The human mind is a very complex one. 

Do you want to get into the mind of your customers?

Want your customers to feel delighted buying your products or the services you have to render?

Then you need to hire someone- a copywriter.

A copywriter is not some magician or some Voodoo with extraordinary powers.

However, a copywriter is someone that has mastered the skill of understanding the mind of your client.

He/she uses words to send sparks of conviction and value that can only be gotten after buying your product.

People buy things that satisfy their feelings.

After that, they justify that feeling with logic.

Never forget, humans buy based on feelings.

So ask yourself, “how can I make my customers feel like superhumans after purchasing my product or the service I have to render?”

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is an occupation that involves the writing of text for the aim of the advertisement or other forms of marketing.

A copy or sales copy which is a text written about a product aims solely to increase your net profit.

This is achieved by increasing your brand awareness using persuasion to convince a person or a group of individuals to take a particular action.

The art of copywriting is the art of using strategic words that aim at touching people’s emotions and getting them to buy your product.

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Who is a Copywriter?

A copywriter is someone who can make people desire something and get that thing at any cost.

He/she creates a sense of urgency in his reader or viewer, making him act on impulse. 

Furthermore, he/she is a master of words.

Hence, a copywriter uses words to romance people’s emotions which compels them to buy your product or pay for your services.

A copywriter is a writer who doubles as a mind psychologist.

Such a person is skilled in persuading people using words that entice them.

Hence arousing a strong desire in them.

This can make them immediately (buy on impulse) your product or the service you have to render.

He/she understands that humans are emotional beings, that when you appeal to their sense of emotions, you can get almost anything out of such a man.

He/she has mastered the art of product and customer research.

Also, you need to hire a copywriter because he/she knows entirely what a product is about.

Additionally, a good copywriter understands the benefits of using such products and testimonials of the use of such products.

He/she is a person who has entered into the world of your prospective customer.

Even more, he/she has done his research on your target audience by observation.

Also, by asking questions, learning about them, their cares, fears, worries, happiness, and satisfaction.

Overall, an efficient copywriter understands human psychology and customer behavior to buying things.

What A Copywriter can do for your Business

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A Copywriter Creates Brand Awareness 

A Copywriter combines his/her ability to create brilliant copies with his marketing strategy to create brand awareness.

Copywriters help create billboards, catalogs, jingle lyrics, magazine and newspaper advertisements.

Also, they create sales letters and other direct mail, scripts for television or radio commercials, taglines, white papers, social media posts, and other marketing communications.

Advantages of Hiring a Copywriter

Hiring a copywriter comes with so many benefits and advantages.

For one thing, it’s time to say bye to those trashy contents that leave your customers bored to the bone and unable to grasp a thing of what you intend to sell to them.

So what do you do?

You need to hire a professional copywriter to write your content if you want your business to succeed online.

Here are some of the benefits:

More Time to Do Other Things

One of the main reasons you should consider hiring a copywriter for your content needs is simply because you will have more time.

This avails you time to create new ideas, focus on your ambitions, and also for relaxation.

Creating excellent copy can be time-consuming and mentally tasking.

Perfectly Capture Your Services in an Enticing Way

When a professional copywriter writes about your services or industry, it entices your target audience.

It leaves them with a strong yearning to purchase what you have to offer.

The essence of a good copy is also to capture things, making them exciting and engaging for your audience.

Grammar Check

A professional Copywriter is skilled with grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

However, these are a rare combination for one who is not a seasoned and skilled Copywriter.

This makes your copy more professional and appealing to read and can be generally accepted.

A Copywriter is skilled in Writing Persuasive Copy.

Not everyone has the talent to create persuasive content that does not come out as boring or frustrating to read.

Copywriters know the importance of creating persuasive content for their clients without focusing heavily on sales-speech because we know this can make or break a sale for you.

When you write your content by yourself, you might lack persuasive skills.

The skill needed to convince your prospects to keep reading your content.

Talk less of convincing them to consider buying your product.

When you hire a copywriter, he/she writes your content so that it is easy to understand and enticing.

Most importantly, it becomes difficult to drop the copy until your prospective customer has devoured every word from the pages of your copy.

Catching your Target Audience

You must understand that a professional Copywriter is a god of words.

His/her pen is fashioned to engulf the mind of your target audience and not let it go until they do his/her bidding.

Skilled copywriters are great at ensuring that they hit the target audience until they produce organic traffic from Google and your social media channels.

When you can bring in more traffic, you stand a higher chance of converting visitors into leads with more content.

A Copywriter Can Make Anything Sound Exciting

Most entrepreneurs are bothered about how their supposed boring niche can sound exciting to their target market.

However, when you hire a copywriter, it becomes more than possible to create engaging, exciting content for a subject that would have been described as totally boring.

You can trust a copywriter to engage your target market and use your industry’s exciting elements to set up great and interesting ideas for incredible and simply mouth-watering content.

The Most Important Qualities to look out for in a Copywriter

There are many qualities to look out for when hiring a copywriter to outsource your content to him or her


The true beauty of your copy can also be showcased by the skilled hands of a Professional Copywriter.

The difference between a copy that converts to money and a copy that does not lies in the hired Copywriter’s competence.

A good copy is one in which a reader is hooked from the very headline.

He/she is used to the MasterCraft of words, stories, and patterns used in capturing your target audience.


The ability to be creative is a basic requirement to look out for when hiring a copywriter.

A skilled Copywriter must be able to write copies or sales letters that are interesting to read and easy to understand while captivating your readers and influencing their decision to participate.

A trained copywriter’s services can give you a fresh perspective to improve your content marketing strategy.

Thereby greatly improving your sales power.


Flexibility is the spice of your business.

You must ensure you do not hire a rigid copywriter who just sees the world from the hollow of his or her limited mind.

Also, you must understand that business most likely encounters seasonal shifts in demand and engagement from customers.

You need to hire a copywriter that’s flexible enough to adapt to necessary changes in the industry.


Copywriters are freelancers who earn only after each work they do, unlike salary employees.

However, most freelance copywriters charge per hour.

You must understand that paying per hour can cause you to pay more than you plan for.

Per-hour payment means that you have to pay for every minute spent on your project.

Most times, unforeseen challenges could occur that would require spending more time than expected on a particular project. 

This means you’ll have to pay for extra hours.

So avoid per hour payment so as not to incur debt or exceed your budget.


The ability to scale your sales rate to a greater height is one sure factor to look out for when hiring a copywriter.

Freelance copywriters are a valuable addition to your marketing strategy.

They pull effort in ensuring that your sales are improved.


This is an essential quality to look out for when hiring a copywriter.

The economy is usually unstable.

You have to ensure you have an effective marketing strategy to ensure you stay on top of your business even during economic uncertainties.

That means you need to get a copywriter.

One who is efficient in dispensing his/her duties on board.

Where to Find the Best Copywriter to Hire

The following platforms serve as a good marketplace to source for freelance copywriters.

Hiring from freelance sites requires patience and expertise in reviewing reels before selecting or hiring competent copywriters.

Here some of the platforms available for that:


  1. Fiverr
  2. Linkedin
  3. Working Not Working

Conclusion on How to Hire a Copywriter

Want a skyrocketing increase in your sales power?

Do you want your target audience licking their lips in delight as they pay for the products and the services you render?

Really want to add value to your already esteemed customers?

Want customer satisfaction?

Want to beat your competitors to the game?

If you answer Yes to any of the questions above, you need to hire a Copywriter.

We are not referring to just any Tom and Harry who call himself a Copywriter.

However, a competent Copywriter is an expert at his job and is a master craftsman of persuasion. 

Action plan

A competent Copywriter has the ability to hook his readers or viewers as the case may be.

That is by using a compelling and catchy headline and a copy that captivates their hearts.

A copywriter can change your brand awareness while leaving a fresh perspective of your business in your audience’s mind.

However, you must understand that you have to ensure you are hiring the right person for the job if you want the best results.

Sentiments aside, look thoroughly to review reels/applications and look to see past work and, if possible, testimonials about who you are hiring.

You must ensure the market you choose to drop your sales copy is the very place where your prospective customers will look. 

Copywriting is about selling value to your customers while promoting your business.

You must hire a copywriter who is not a liar.

This is because it is easy for copywriters to coin words to their advantage and exaggerate things to persuade customers to buy.

Remember, you are dealing with humans; integrity is non-negotiable.

Ensure you do not trade it for money or anything at all.

Say what you mean and mean what you say in your copy.

Deliberately over-promise, then over fulfill that promise.

Your customers have a heart, don’t break it!

Because once you lost their trust, you may seek it back and never find it. 

So, get started right away on hiring that copywriter to change your business story forever.

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