Best Camcorder For Live Podcast

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Would you love to find out where to get the best camcorder for live podcast? Podcasting is increasingly becoming an integral part of almost every business’s online presence. In fact, content marketing is fast growing to include live podcasting. Hence we recommend the LINNSE Video Camera Camcorder as the best camcorder for live podcast.

This blog post would first review what live podcasts are all about why you need the best camcorder.

Additionally, when it comes down to selecting a camcorder for your podcast from the wide varieties of options available, what factors should you put into consideration?

Finally, there would be a breakdown of the top 7 selections for camcorders using those factors outlined.

Before all that, please take a look at the best camcorders for a live podcast at glance in our comparison table.

Best Camcorder for Live Podcast – Comparison Table 

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1LINNSE Video Camera CamcorderMegapixels: 24MP

Storage: 128GB(expanded)

Video Capture Resolution: 1080P

Lens: 16 times zoom

Display:3.0 inches IPS touchscreen
2Kicteck Video Camera CamCorderMegapixels: 24MP

Storage: 4GB - 32GB

Video Capture Resolution: 1080P

Lens: 16 times digital zoom

Display:3.0 inches LCD
3KOT Video Camera Camcorder Megapixels: 48MP

Storage: 128GB

Video Capture Resolution: 1080P

Lens: 16 times digital zoom

Display:3 inches
4VIDEOSKY New Upgraded Video Camera Camcorder Megapixels: 24MP

Storage: 4-128GB

Video Capture Resolution: 1080P

Lens: 16 times digital zoom

Display: 3.0 inches LCD
5Kimire Video Camera CamcorderMegapixels: 24MP

Storage: 32GB(expanded)

Video Capture Resolution: 1080P

Lens: 16 times zoom

Display:3.0 inches LCD touchscreen
6Sereer Video Camera Camcorder Megapixels: 13MP

Storage: 128GB

Video Capture Resolution: 1080P

Lens: Wide Angle Lens, 18 times zoom

Display:3.0 inches
7Lecran Video Camera Camcorder Megapixels: 48MP

Storage: 128GB

Video Capture Resolution: 4K

Lens: 16 times zoom

Display:3.0 inches LCD

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Why the Best Camcorder for Live Podcast 

As mentioned briefly earlier, many top businesses are now adding podcasting to their online marketing tools and content marketing.

The reason for this is not far-fetched.

Whether audio or videos, podcasts have proven very effective for passing across information with a more direct impact than texts.

With the advent of podcasts, people can now explore their favorite blog posts, shows, and interesting topics directly in an audio or video.

Additionally, they can download these and watch them later at their own convenience, whether in a vehicle, home, or work.

In this article, though, we are focused on live podcasts.

As the name implies, live podcasts mean the podcasting sessions are recorded live and broadcast simultaneously.

That means that they are not prerecorded but shown to the viewers or audience right about the same time as it is being recorded.

Whether you are an individual, a company, a comedian, a storyteller, or a blogger, you would benefit from a live podcast.

It is also important to equip yourself with the right tools needed to get the information you wish to pass across to your listeners and viewers.

That is why we are making this review on the best camcorder for live podcast.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Camcorder for Live Podcast 

If you are venturing into live podcasting, one of the essential features you should look out for in your camcorder is a webcam.

This is one of the most important, if not the most important, and clearly so.

While doing live podcasts, you need a device to transmit your image and project your video to the connected audience while you deliver your content.

It is worth noting that not all camcorders have the webcam feature included.

Therefore you should take care to ensure it is present in the one you choose.

Additionally, it is essential to select a camcorder with very good audio and video quality.

This is because the content is as good as how qualitatively it is transmitted.

You wouldn’t want viewers disconnecting from your live podcast simply because they can’t hear you properly or the video is hazy.

One other factor you would need to put into consideration is the battery capacity.

This is especially important if your podcasts would last for several minutes or hours.

It wouldn’t be nice to have your camera go off in the middle of a live podcast.

That is unprofessionalism at its peak.

If you can get a camcorder that can still be used for recording while charging, that is a big plus.

That means you can plug it into a power source while podcasting and not have to worry about it shutting down abruptly.

Conclusively, it would be nice to get a camcorder that is not burdensome but portable and lightweight.

This will come in handy, especially when you have to make episodes of your podcasts at different locations.

Top Selections of the Best Camcorder for Live Podcast 

1. LINNSE Video Camera Camcorder

This multifunctional camcorder with many wonderful features makes its way to the first position on our list of the best camcorder for a live podcast.


Let us begin with the very important Webcam feature.

This camcorder can be connected to a PC using a USB cable and then used as a webcam by choosing the ‘PC CAM’ mode.

With this, you can set the ball rolling for your live streaming and podcast.

Also, the quality of the video the camcorder produces is quite impressive, as it can record a full HD 1080p of 30FPS and 24MP of photo quality.

Additionally, there is a 3.0 inch IPS screen on the camcorder to control the settings and operations.

You would also find the 16X digital zoom and remote control of the device very handy.

All these features are geared towards a smooth and wonderful shooting experience for you.

When it comes to portability, the camcorder is so lightweight and can be used anywhere; distance is not a barrier.

Would you want to use the device for podcasting in the late hours of the day? You have nothing to worry about.

Thanks to the IR night vision, you can shoot quality videos even in low light conditions and darkness.

You can also use an external fill light to complement the light source if need be.

When it comes to audio support, there is also compatibility with an external microphone with a 3.5mm jack.

You are guaranteed top-notched clear audio quality with this feature.

Additionally, you can use an SD card up to 128GB for expandable storage of your files.

To guarantee long-lasting power, the camera comes with 2 1500mAh batteries.

Therefore, there is no reason to be concerned about your camcorder tripping off in the middle of a live session.

In conclusion, some other features you might find appealing are low-speed video, motion detection, time-lapse, self-shooting, and continuous shooting e.t.c.


  • There is a webcam feature for live streaming
  • The camcorder has 2 powerful batteries
  • It is portable and lightweight
  • Also, it comes with remote control for smooth operations


  • Many of the accessories do not come with the package and must be purchased separately.

One big plus of this best-selling camcorder, in addition to all the amazing features mentioned, is that it is quite affordable.

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2. Kicteck Video Camera Camcorder 


Speaking of video output quality, the camera supports 1080P of 15FPS AVI video resolution and 24M Jpeg image resolution.

Additionally, there is a 3.0 inch LCD screen that can be rotated 270 degrees and makes the camera’s operation and setting easier.

The camcorder is also compatible with a built-in fill light, which can be used in low-light conditions.

Also, there is an anti-shaking feature, which helps protect your video content against blurry and unclear shots.

Another interesting feature for this camcorder is the webcam function.

You can choose the PC CAM mode to use the camcorder as a webcam.

However, you would need to download the ‘AMCAP’ before using the ‘PC CAM’ function.

There is also the lovely ability to use the camcorder while charging the batteries.

This is in addition to the fact that the batteries it comes with are 2 strong 1500mAh 3.7V rechargeable batteries.

If you charge them fully, one can last for 60-90 minutes.

This, coupled with the feature of using the device while charging, would ensure that you can go live for a long time while using the camcorder.

When it comes to storage, the camera supports an SD Card of 4GB to 32GB.

The pause function means that you can stop your recording should there be a need for that and resume from where you stopped.

It is also nice to note that the camcorder supports external LED light and tripod, all to make your live podcast sessions stress-free.

Finally, it is small and lightweight, and as such, you can move it around comfortably due to its portability.


  • You can use the device while charging it
  • In a similar vein, it comes with 2 powerful batteries
  • Also, the camera supports a webcam feature suited for live podcasts


  • It does not support an external microphone
  • The external Led Light, SD Card, and tripod have to be purchased separately.

The camcorder produced by Kicteck is yet another affordable yet powerful camcorder and well suited for live podcasting.

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3. KOT Video Camera Camcorder 

The third camcorder on our list of the best camcorder for live podcast is the KOT video camera camcorder.


What you are getting with this camcorder is a 4K video camera with 270-degree rotation and a 13MP CMOS image sensor.

In addition to that, you also get a 48.0 MP image resolution and 30FPS video resolution.

The camcorder is packed with 2 pieces of a 3.7V 2500mAh rechargeable battery.

These batteries can stay up to 2.5-3 hours when fully charged.

This is a big upgrade on the two camcorders that have been reviewed earlier.

However, it is recommended that you charge the battery up to 8 hours the first time for the best results.

The camcorder also comes with an external stereo microphone, making it perfect for getting the best audio recording in podcasts.

Also, there is a remote control, which can be used within 5 meters to the device to control it.

You can also use it as a webcam when connected to your computer with a USB Cable and PC Camera mode selected.

Additionally, recording in the dark is possible and efficient with the IR light function.

As it relates to storage, the camcorder supports an external SD card of 128GB at maximum.

Among every other thing considered, there are other features such as loop record, time record, speaker, slow record, and tripod and external lens support.


  • The 2 batteries are a big upgrade when compared to the first 2 selections.
  • It also supports use as a webcam.
  • The maximum storage capacity the camcorder supports is enormous


  • The external lens and tripod are not included in the package

Looking for a camcorder with great power, webcam support, large storage compatibility, and a host of other features for a live podcast? Try the KOT Video Camera Camcorder.

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4. VIDEOSKY New Upgraded Video Camera Camcorder 

Stabilizer, lens hood, external features support, e.t.c. What is it not to love about the next of the best camcorder for live podcast, actually?


This is a 2021 new upgraded video camera produced by Videosky.

It is equipped with a Sony lens and sensor and has high sensitivity, bringing you amazing 1080P 30FPS videos.

Additionally, the manufacturers adopted a 6-axis image stabilization for the camcorder, making it suitable for stable and clearer videos.

This obviously is more advanced than other 5-axis image stabilization.

It is also lightweight and compact, which means you can hold it easily and use it on a standard tripod.

There is also an external microphone rechargeable and uses advanced stereo pickup tech to improve the sound quality.

This helps to reduce noise and offers a sensitivity system that is great for audio recording.

The package of the camera comes with a mini USB cable, which can be used to connect to computers and upload or share videos.

It can also be used as a webcam to make high-quality live streaming and podcasts.

The 2 rechargeable batteries that come with the camera can also last for 2-3 hours and supports recording while charging.

Another interesting feature of the device is the auto power off, which means that it won’t stay on when your camera is not in use.

The handles are detachable and can be folded to take low-angle shooting and to stabilize the image.

Also, it has a lens hood which will help protect the lens and filter out excess light.

The camcorder can easily be swiveled, thanks to the 3.0 inch IPS screen, which can be rotated about 270 degrees.

Finally, the camera works with 4-128GB of SD Cards.


  • There is a lens hood to protect the lens
  • Also, the camera has powerful batteries which can be used while charging.
  • It works with an external microphone


  • Transfer of files to other devices can be slow sometimes

The Videosky camcorder comes with a money-back/replacement warranty of one year. That means you can buy and rest easy.

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5.  Kimire Video Camera Camcorder 

The next camcorder on this list of the best camcorder for live podcast is a compact and lightweight camcorder that is equally multifunctional; the Kimire Video Camera Camcorder.


Firstly, it has webcam feature support, with which you can connect to a computer and use the “PC CAM” mode.

Also, the camcorder offers about 1080P and 15fps of video resolution and 24M of image resolution.

There is also a 3.0 inch LCD screen, which can be used to operate your device.

Interestingly, this can be rotated about 270 degrees, and as such, you can capture scenes from different angles.

Additionally, the camera has an anti-shake property which means that you can shoot with ease and not worry about blurry images.

You can also use Self-timer to set up the camcorder and stay hands-free on the operation.

With the pause function, you can stop recording at intervals and resume it at a later time.

Also, the camcorder comes with 2 batteries, which allows you to continue recording for 60 to 90 minutes after a full charge.

Another great feature related to the batteries is that you can keep using the device even while charging.

That means if your live podcasts would last for several hours, you are covered.

When it comes to storage, you can use an SD card of capacity up to 32GB on the camcorder.

You can as well use a tripod to station your camera as you do your podcast.

Talk about ease and convenience.


  • Batteries can last for a long time.
  • You can keep using your camcorder even when you are charging it
  • Also, the camera can be used easily as a webcam and therefore suitable for a live podcast


  • The tripod does not come with the package of the camcorder
  • Also, the memory card capacity is low compared to many others

When it comes to portability and quality, the Kimire Video Camera Camcorder is a fantastic choice as one of the best camcorders for live podcasts.

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6. Seree Video Camera Camcorder 

Another lightweight, compact, and easy camcorder to carry around is the Seree Viedo Camera Camcorder.


Firstly, the camera can be used as a webcam just like all the ones considered so far.

Of course, that is one of the most important features we are looking out for in our list of the best camcorder for live podcasts.

Also, the camcorder can record up to 2.7K video resolution and about 42.0MP image resolution.

One advantage of this camcorder over almost all the contemporaries on this list is that it has an 18X digital zoom function.

That is definitely an upgrade on the common 16X.

It is also worth mentioning that the camcorder is small and lightweight, and therefore very portable to move around.

You also get a 3.0 inch IPS ultra-clear screen that can rotate for 270 degrees.

If you feel you need more lighting for your shoot, you would love to work with led fill light for low light.

When it comes to power, the camcorder also comes with 2 1500mAh rechargeable batteries.

When fully charged, this can last up to 60-90 minutes.

You can also continue recording videos while charging, so there need not be an interruption of your podcasts.

Some other notable features are the remote control, the pause function, anti-shake feature e.t.c.

Lastly, you can use an SD Card up to 128GB for storage on the device.


  • It offers 18X digital zoom
  • The batteries can last for long and can be used while charging
  • It offers better external storage compatibility when compared with the last reviewed


  • The SD Card, Tripod, and extra lens are purchased separately
  • Also, the video resolution is not very impressive when compared to others on this list

It’s time to give yourself an edge and win big with this wonderful camcorder from the shores of Seree.

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7. Lecran Video Camera Camcorder 

The last on the list, but in no way the least, is the Lecran video camera camcorder.


There are so many features to be excited about on this camcorder.

First is that the camcorder records 4K video resolution at 60FPS.

Added to this is that it delivers crystal clear and vibrant photos at 48MP.

It also has a stabilizer to ensure stable shooting and ease of carriage.

Additionally, the lens hood that comes with the camera can help filter out excess light and prevent accidental impact to overall color and contrast.

You can also control the camcorder remotely, which makes it easy to operate and use.

There is also the IR night vision option which means you can use your camera at night.

It is also compatible with an external microphone to reduce noise and provide a stable sound.

Your camcorder can be used as a webcam when you connect it to a computer using a USB cable.

In conclusion, the after-sale experience is as good as the purchase process, as you can get friendly after-sales service for 12 months with the manufacturers.


  • The camcorder can work as a webcam
  • It offers great shooting quality at 60FPS
  • Also, the IR night vision option means you can comfortably use it at night.


  • The price is a little bit on the high side when compared with the other selections.

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Final Thoughts on the Best Camcorder for Live Podcast 

The selections of the best camcorder for live podcasts are now complete.

We are glad to inform you that this was done with the utmost care and attention to detail.

All the factors that must be considered when making such selections have been put in perspective.

As a reminder, we recommend the LINNSE Video Camera Camcorderas the best camcorder for live podcasts.

The 6 other options enumerated are also great ones.

Decide on getting yours today, and you would be glad you did.