Best Copier Fax for Small Businesses

Best Copier Fax for Small Businesses
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Faxing of documents is an important activity in the office which is why you need a good fax machine. The best copier fax for small businesses is that which is fast, reliable and cost-efficient. Due to our evaluation of different fax machines available, we recommend the Canon L190 Fax Machine as the best copier fax for small businesses.

There are a lot of new all-in-one machines that can fax, copy, scan, and print.

However, some might prefer simple copier fax machines for their offices.

We researched and reviewed a lot of different fax machines and narrowed it down to seven based on price, features, and customer feedback.

These copier fax machines are designed mainly for their high-speed faxing and copying features which are suitable for small business owners.

Whether you want a simple fax machine or one that’s loaded with advanced functions you’ll find each of our reviewed choice useful.

So, read on to find out more.

Best Copier Fax for Small Businesses

FeaturesCanon L190Brother FAX-2840Brother FAX4100EBrother FAX-575Brother FAX-2940Brother 4750eHP 640
Fax2.5 sec2.5 sec3 sec15 sec2.5 sec2.5 sec6 sec
Copy/Print26ppm21 ppm15-20 ppmn/a21 ppm15 ppm4ppm
ADF50  pages20 pages30 pages10 pages30 pages50 pages10 pages

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1. Canon FAXPHONE L190  Fax Machine


The Faxphone L190 is a multifunctional laser fax machine.

It does fax, copy, and print.

Also, it has a 33.6Kbps super G3  fax capacity for fast results.

This fax machine also has a 512-sheet fax memory capacity.

It can copy and print up to 26 pages per minute, with a fast first print time of 6 seconds.

Additionally, the L190 comes with duplex capability for convenient double-sided printing, faxing, and copying.

It also supports up to 250 sheets in the standard cassette and up to 50 sheets duplex in its automatic document feeder.

Its fax features include 240-speed dials, with 40 set for one-touch dials and 200 coded speed dials.

This is quite a unique device on our list of best copier fax for small businesses.


Unlike other fax machines, the L190 has a single-cartridge system, combining both toner and drum into a single unit.

This is very convenient as you would only have one unit to replace.

Even more, this faxing machine has a great duplex capability.

Hence, you can copy, print, and fax two-sided documents without much hassle.

This fax machine also comes with image processing capacity.

This ensures not just high-quality prints, but also consistency in clarity.


Firstly, this fax machine allows for only USB connectivity.

Also, it is not compatible with the Mac Operating System.

Nevertheless, this is a great pick if you wish to improve productivity in your office.

This is due to its’ unique features and ability to handle the faxing needs of a small business.

As a result of this, it is considered as one of the best copier fax for small businesses.

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2. Brother FAX-2840 Copier Fax for Small Business


This is a multifunction fax machine that can copy, fax, and print documents.

It has an adjustable 250-sheet paper tray, a 20-page auto document feeder, dual access 16MB memory, up to 272 broadcast location, and 222 stations auto-dialing.

This fax machine on our list of best copier fax for small businesses is designed for high speed faxing.

It has a 33.6K bps modem and can transmit a page in only 2.5 seconds.

Furthermore, it can make 21 copies per minute and laser prints 21 pages per minute.

You can also connect to your computer through its built-in USB 2.0 interface.


This printer has high faxing speed and excellent quality copies and prints.

Also, it has a 16MB memory that can store up to 400 pages.

It can be said that this fax machine really does make office work easier.

Similarly, it is easy to set up.

Even more, the sleep mode feature is activated when not in use.

This helps you preserve energy.

It also automatically wakes up as soon as it detects any incoming faxes.

This is an overall unique fax machine that is both efficient and effective.


On the first note, the FAX-2840’s drum and toner are separate.

It would have been better to only have one unit to replace.

Also, the sleep mode of this machine is not easily deactivated unless it receives data from your computer or network, you lift the handset, or touch any key.

Hence, to receive faxes at all times, you have to turn off deep sleep mode.

Besides its’ minor downsides, this fax machine is a great energy-saving productivity tool for your small office.

This is true especially if you carry out a lot of faxing operations.

It is also very simple to use.

You can easily start to fax, copy, and print with minimal configuration.

Considering all the unique features, this can also be considered as one of the best copier fax for small businesses.

An amazon image link has been provided above; click on it to purchase this fax machine.

3. Brother FAX4100E IntelliFax Machine for Small Business


The IntelliFax is a black-and-white laser fax machine that also does copy and prints.

It has a 250-sheet paper tray capacity and a 30-sheet automatic document feeder.

This fax machine on our list of best copier fax for small businesses is designed for speed and efficiency,

Furthermore, it has a high-speed 33.6Kbps superG3 fax modem and can transmit at a speed of 3 seconds per page.

Aside from that, it can auto-dial up to 132 numbers.

Even more, it can operate as a monochrome printer.

It can print black and white documents at a speed of 15 to 20 pages per minute.


This fax machine makes minimal noise when printing.

Hence, you can put it near your desk and you won’t be distracted by any beeping sounds.

It is also very user-friendly and easy to set up.

Its buttons are big and color-coded, which helps first-time users learn how to operate it easily.

Additionally, it has a sturdy design.

Hence, it is very durable.

Although this is a very unique fax machine, it does have a few not so impressive features which may be considered as drawbacks.


Firstly, it is quite difficult to deactivate this fax machine from sleep mode.

Hence, be sure to configure it well or just disable sleep mode if it isn’t necessary.

Also, the warm-up process for this machine is quite slow.

So, be sure to start the machine a few minutes earlier than when you might actually want to use it to prevent delay.

Also, this machine tends to get jammed when faxing a 20 to the 30-page document.

Hence, it is advisable to fax 10 pages at a time just to be safe.

Generally, this fax machine is an efficient device.

The FAX4100E does fax, copy, and printing, making it another great option for offices that require a multifunction machine that operates quietly.

Furthermore, it can handle heavy-duty use and it is good for offices that send a fax to many clients daily.

Consequently, this can be regarded as one of the best copier fax for small businesses.

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4. Brother FAX-575 Copier Fax for Small Business

This is yet another unique fax machine on our list of best copier fax for small businesses.

This a convenient and easy-to-operate device.

It can do 400 x 400 dpi black-and-white copying.

Furthermore, it has a 9,600 bps fax modem transmitting at about 15 seconds per page.

This has a 512 kb memory, storing up to 25 pages.

It also has a 50-sheet paper capacity.


This fax machine is quite easy to set up.

Furthermore, it has a light and compact design.

Hence, it won’t occupy much space in your small office.

Additionally, it has good printing and copying output quality.

Despite its’ unique features, there are some not too impressive features of this fax machine.


Firstly, it has a relatively slower fax speed compared to other devices on our list.

Also, the cartridge can only print about 30 to 50 pages.

Hence, you’ll need to buy an extra cartridge which means additional operating costs.

Lastly, it operates using a carbon roll.

It could be cheaper but it is more difficult to replace compared to toner cartridges.

Overall, this is recommended for offices that receive a lot of fax documents every day.

Sending fax may be slower compared to other products, but this machine has great printing and copying quality which gives excellent value for its price.

Based on its’ unique features, this can be referred to as one of the best copier fax for small business use.

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5. Brother FAX-2940  Machine for Small Businesses

The Brother Fax-2940 is yet another unique fax machine on this list.

With this device, scanning and faxing documents straight from your computer can be easily done as long as you have the necessary software installed.

Aside from that, it has a maximum paper capacity of 250 sheets.

Furthermore, its automatic document feeder is capable of storing up to 30 pages.

Sending a fax to different numbers all at once is also made possible through this device.


Firstly, its’ basic functions are easy to use.

Also, fax to phone and vice versa switching on this device is quite easy.


The liquid crystal display (LCD) of this device may be a little small for some and can be quite difficult to read in low light.

Hence, you’ll need to place the fax machine in a well-lit place.

Also, the color scanning speed of this device is not so impressive.

Lastly, this device, it not so suitable for heavy-duty usage.

Regardless of its’ price range and other drawbacks, the FAX-2940 is more than capable of handling most, if not all, office-related uses in a small business.

Due to this, it can also be said that this is one of the best copier fax for small business owners.

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6. Brother 4750e Fax Machine for Small Businesses

Brother 4750E is a laser fax machine designed for high-speed use.

This unique device on our list of best copier fax for small businesses can create 15 copies per minute and has sort, enlargement, and reduction features.

It also has a 50-page feed and a 250-sheet tray capacity.

This device has a SuperG3 33.6Kbps modem and 8MB memory.

Its fax features include 232 auto-dial numbers and 282 fax broadcast locations.


This Fax machine has dual access and a quick scan feature that allows you to scan into memory even while sending or receiving.

This fax machine is impressively designed for heavy-duty document processing.

You can easily copy, fax or print more than 200 pages a day.

Also, It is a relatively quiet machine.

There are no annoying beeping noises when faxing and it only creates minimal noises when printing.

Additionally, it is fast and easy to use.

It has a very solid design.

Hence, it is very durable and can withstand heavy-duty use in the office.


Like most Brother machines, this device has a separate toner and drum units.

If there is a problem with your print documents, then you’ll have to check these two and maybe replace one or both.

Also, it currently does not have a duplex capability.

This is a drawback to this fax machine.

Hence, If your office always handles two-sided documents, then this fax machine is not for you.

Despite some of its cons, this fax machine is suitable for heavy-duty document processing.

Hence, if you fax, print, and copy a large number of documents a day, then this is for you.

It is efficient, compact, and produces consistent results.

Consequently, it is considered as one of the best copier fax for small businesses.

Click on the image link above to purchase this fax machine on Amazon.

7. HP 640 Fax Machine for Small Business

The HP 640 is a professional-quality inkjet fax machine.

It weighs 6.6 pounds and is designed for everyday faxing and copying.

It can store up to 50 incoming pages and has about 100-speed dials available.

This device can also transmit a document within 6 seconds and can make 4 copies per minute with a resolution of 400 x 200 dpi.

Furthermore, it has convenient one-touch buttons and menus for easy navigation as you work on this fax machine.

Also, it has a 50-sheet paper tray and a 10-page automatic document feeder.


This fax machine has a sturdy design that enhances its durability features.

Unlike most printers, you only need to replace the ink cartridge when it runs out.

Additionally, it has an impressive fax/phone switching and document quality.

Copies are also very sharp and clear since paper loads and dispense evenly.

This is an overall impressive fax machine based on the functions it performs.


This product does not come with a printer-to-computer USB cable.

So you have to buy one if you’re planning to print from your computer or network.

Also, it might be quite difficult to set up.

Lastly, it is relatively noisy.

Hence, you might not be able to answer calls while the machine is doing its faxing tasks.

Regardless of its’ not so overwhelming cons, this device is suitable for heavy-duty fax usage.

Hence, if your office needs an efficient and strong fax machine, this would be a good investment.

Due to this, this can also be considered as one of the best copier fax for a small business.

You can purchase this fax machine on Amazon by simply clicking on the image link above.

Final thoughts on Best Copier Fax for Small Businesses

When it comes to getting the best copier fax for your small business, you’ll need to put certain factors into consideration.

You’ll need to consider your small business needs as well as your business budget.

Also, you would have to put the efficiency and performance capacity of the fax machine into serious consideration.

This is important because at the end of the day investing in the right fax machine would enhance the profitability of your small business.

That been said we recommend the Canon L190 Fax Machine as the best copier fax for small businesses.

We hope you find this very resourceful.