How To Get Motivated To Work

How To Get Motivated To Work

Do you want to know how to get motivated to work?

If you do, then you are not alone.

Several people struggle to find the motivation to work.

The reason for their lack of motivation varies from person to person.

However, all these people need to work

So, how do they get motivated to work?

In this article, we will be looking at some amazing tips that would help you get motivated to work.

So, if you are interested, we advise that you carefully read along.

Before we go to those tips, let us see some other information that would boost your motivation.

What Does it Mean To Be Motivated to Work? – How to Get Motivated To Work

How do I get motivated to go to work

To be motivated to work refers to the drive to perform your tasks, duties, and activities regardless of how you feel emotionally or physically.

Sometimes your body or mind gets tired while working.

Other times, you feel tired even before you start working.

One common reason for this can be because you are tired of doing the same tasks or work.

As a result, you struggle to focus and stay disciplined till you are done with the work

However, this does not pay you.

Hence, you need to get motivated to work.

What Can Make You Be Less Motivated to Work – How to Get Motivated to Work

How do I get over not wanting to work

To get motivated to work, you need to avoid or handle certain things.

If these are not sorted out, they will negate your effort to work.

So, what are these things?

Let us see them

Rewarding Yourself for Everything

The rewarding system is one great way to motivate a person to work.

However, when you are someone who rewards yourself for every little thing then even the reward system will not work to motivate you.

So, what you should do is stop rewarding yourself for everything.

Rather, only reward yourself when you do something worth rewarding.

A good example of something worth rewarding is when you finish your work well.

This way, when you try out the reward system, it would work as it should.

Relying on Only Your Willpower – How to Get Motivated to Work

Willpower is the ability to do things when needed.

As great as this ability is, relying on only your willpower can make you less motivated to work.

This is because willpower is an ability that has to be practiced for it to be harnessed.

In other words, for your willpower to kick in, you have to start working.

If you just sit around and wait for your willpower to kick in, you will realize that you would not get anything done.

Understand that only your willpower cannot help you become motivated to work.

Whether you feel your willpower or not you should work.

As you start working, you will find the motivation to keep going.

Being Stuck

When you keep hitting a wall while working, it can reduce your motivation to work.

You know that you are not making progress and it is getting to you.

It is at this point that several people give up on that work or task.

However, instead of losing all your motivation to work, stop working for a short while.

Try to look at things from a different perspective.

When you get a new perspective, you would overcome that challenge you are facing and get the motivation to work again.

Check here to discover how to help yourself if you’re feeling stuck at work.

Focusing on Extrinsic Motivation – How to Get Motivated to Work

Extrinsic motivation has to do with motivation that comes from outside.

In other words, the motivation that comes from other people and things.

Some examples are:

  • Receiving a Reward
  • Getting Praises
  • Avoiding punishment

Now, these motivations are great.                                  

However, they can lose their effect when you focus on only them to work.

For instance, if you focus on only the praises that you receive from people when you perform a task, you would notice that your motivation will be reduced after a while.

This is because those praises will fade after a while.

So, instead of only focusing on those extrinsic motivations, also tap into your intrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic motivation is the opposite of extrinsic motivation; it comes from your inner values, beliefs, and passion.

Tap into these things, cultivate and build on them.

When you do this, you will be motivated for a long time.

Staying in Bed

The bed is meant for comfort, relaxation, and sleeping.

So, when you stay in bed to work, you should not think for a second that you would be able to stay motivated to work till you finish your work.

Hence, if you work from home, you have to avoid staying on the bed to work.

Rather, have a workspace, where you can sit and focus on the task at hand.

Lack of Interest in The Work – How to Get Motivation to Work

Lack of interest in your work is another factor that can make you less motivated to work.

When you find yourself longing to do other things, it would make your work less effective.

So, you should try to gain interest in any work you engage in to avoid losing your motivation to go on with the work.

Tips on How to Get Motivated to Work

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As we earlier said, getting and staying motivated to work is a tough call for several people.

However, one needs to learn to stay focused, disciplined, and motivated if they want to achieve success in their work.

Hence, we have prepared some amazing tips that can help a person get motivated to work.

Mind you, these tips will not work if they are not put into practice.

So, as you go through them, we advise you to make use of them.

1. Do Not See It to Be Hard Work

Most times, people make their work seem very difficult in their minds.

You would hear them tell others how difficult the job is, even when it is not.

As a result, this weakens and makes them feel unmotivated to start the job.

So, if you want to get motivated to work you need to avoid making your work seem difficult, impossible, or frustrating in your mind.

Rather, see it as something that you can easily do, no matter how difficult it might be.

Think of how you would feel when you get the work done.

When you look at your work from an optimistic point of view, it will be easier to approach.

Hence, you would feel better and become motivated to work.

Remember, when you amplify your work in your mind, you reduce or deplete your motivation to work.

2. Remember Your Why – How to Get Motivated To Work

Every individual has a reason why they do their work.

So, when you want to work remember your ‘why’.

When you remember why you started or chose to do that work, your motivation to work will increase.

When you find yourself lagging or losing motivation to work, all you need to do is to remember why you are working.

This will instantly boost their motivation level.

So, no matter the type of work you are doing, ensure that you remember why you are doing that work.

3. Avoid Your Bedroom

This tip is mostly for people who work from home.

As we earlier said, staying in your bed to work is bad for your motivation.

It is also a wrong work ethic.

So, do not make ‘yourself at home’ when you are working at home.

In other words, do not be so relaxed.

Rather, avoid your bedroom like you are avoiding the plague.

You should create a workspace where you can comfortably work but still be productive.

When you create this workspace in your home it will even inspire you.

As a result, you will be motivated to work.

4. Plan and Schedule – How to Get Motivated To Work

When there are no rules, anarchy will prevail.

The same goes for when there is no plan to work with.

When you do not plan your work, you would feel like anything goes.

You will not feel bothered about not working, executing your plan, or meeting a deadline.

This kills your motivation to work.

So, to avoid this and get motivated to work, you would need to make plans and schedule your work.

When you organize your work, and set time-frames, you would want to work to finish before that time-frame is over.

5. Break it Down

When your work seems difficult, hard, or impossible it can make you less motivated to work.

Hence, you have to find a way around it and build your motivation to work.      

One best way to solve tasking or difficult work is to break them down.

What we mean is that you should make them smaller than how they are; break them into smaller tasks.

For example, if you are writing a business book and struggling to finish it, you can take little steps towards finishing it.

You do not need to finish the book in one day.

Therefore, you can plan to write one chapter every day before the end of your time-frame.

This way, you would not have to struggle with how tasking writing a book can be.

Also, you would be able to track your progress, and this will fuel you with more motivation to go on.

So, instead of wondering where to start from, break your work into smaller pieces, and start working.

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6. Avoid Distractions – How to Get Motivated To Work

Distractions can ruin your motivation to work.

Let us assume you planned to work at a particular time.

However, while waiting for the set time to reach, you get engrossed in your phone.

When the time reaches, you would struggle to drop your phone and focus on work.

This will consequently reduce your motivation to work.

So, you need to be conscious of what you do before you start working.

If you want to get motivated to work, then avoid distractions before starting your work and while working.

7. Try The Reward System

As we earlier said, rewarding yourself can serve as a great motivation to work.

So, if you want to get motivated to work, you can try the reward system.

Before you start working, you can promise yourself that if you finish your work well and in time that you would get or do something that you don’t often do for yourself.

In other words, plan to spoil yourself for a job well done.

This will make you anticipate and concentrate on doing your work effectively.

Understand that the reward does not have to be something tangible such as money, clothes, or food.

It can be going on a stroll, stargazing, taking a warm bath, or any other thing you enjoy.

8. Challenge Yourself – How to Get Motivated To Work

You can be your cheerleader.

Do not wait for someone else to motivate you.

Challenge and push yourself to do your work even when you are not feeling up to it.

As you start working, keep challenging and encouraging yourself to go on.

When you keep doing this, your motivation to work will grow.

9. Develop Self-Discipline

Self-discipline works hand-in-hand with motivation.

When you are disciplined in controlling your feelings and overcoming your weaknesses, you will find it easier to be motivated to work.

 Therefore, you need to develop self-discipline.

When you do, your struggle to be motivated and focused on work will be reduced or eliminated.

10. Take Care Of Yourself – How to Get Motivated to Work

Just as your feelings can stand in your way of being motivated to work, your body too can.

So, you should not let your health go.

You might be motivated to work, but when your body is weak, you would not be able to work.

In other words, take care of yourself if you want to be strong enough to work.

A healthy person cannot use their body as an excuse to shy away from work.

Ensure that you care for yourself by eating healthy, sleeping adequately, and exercising.

11. Deal with Your Emotions

Again your emotions can stand in your way of getting motivated to work.

So, you have to deal with it.

To do this you need to understand your feeling when you want to work.

Several people shy away from their work because they do not want the discomfort that comes with it.

Hence, they would rather spend their time doing things that would make them comfortable.

When they understand that it is discomfort that is making them shy away from their work, they might be able to tackle it and work.

However, they do not consider the feeling and deal with them.

So, what we are saying is that you should consider the feeling you are trying to avoid by not working.

Acknowledge that feeling.

When you do that feeling will most likely be less frightening to you.

Tell, encourage, and assure yourself that you can handle that feeling.

Also, think of how you would feel when you get your work done.

Compare that feeling with how you will feel if you do not get the work done.

When you find out the feeling would be worse, it will motivate you to get to work even if you still do not feel like it.

12. Work with Music – How to Get Motivated to Work

Music has been known to be a great inspiration.

Some people even believe that music is food to the soul.

This is because it can calm a person.

It can make you focused and level-headed.

So, you can make use of music to get motivated to work.

Before you start working, you can play music to kick-start your motivation.

If you know that you can restrain yourself from getting lost in the moment, you can dance or sing along for a while.

This will get you pumped up with the energy that would need to be released.

So, you can release all that pumped-up energy on your work.

When you are ready to work, allow the music to keep playing.

When you keep working while listening to music, it will build momentum to keep going on.

13. Create a Mantra

As we earlier said, you are your cheerleader.

If you cannot motivate yourself to work, then you would not be able to motivate others under you.

So, you have to work on your motivation.

Sometimes, people struggle to work because they did not start their day well and negative thoughts are dominating them.

This can negate whatever motivation to work they have.

If this happens to you, you need to fight it.

As your cheerleader, you need to create a routine that would make your morning better and chase away negative thoughts.

Have you ever heard of a mantra?

A mantra is a phrase or slogan often repeated.

They are often used by religious people and during meditation to calm the mind.

You can also use them to start your day, calm negative thoughts, and prepare for your work.

Some examples of mantras you can make use of are:

  • I am my master, I am not ruled by negative emotions
  • I can do anything I set my mind to
  • Action conquers fear
  • Do not wish for it, work for it
  • It is the start that stops most people

You can also create your mantra.

However, make sure that it is positive and will motivate you to work.

Furthermore, while working and you feel like you are losing motivation you can say that mantra to yourself to keep your motivation going.

14. Do It – How to Get Motivated to Work

One of the mantras we shared says ‘it is the start that stops most people’.

In other words, most people give up because they are scared of starting.

Do not be classified among these people.

Rather, when you have work to do, ‘just do it’.

Do not procrastinate or let fear dictate for you.

When you take a step forward to work, your motivation to work will come, and you will accomplish your goal.

Conclusion on How to Get Motivated to Work

How to Keep Working When You're Just Not Feeling It

Several people struggle to work.

Do not be classified among these people.

Get motivated and work!