How To Improve Self Motivation

How To Improve Self Motivation

Do you want to improve self motivation?

If your answer is yes, then you are not alone.

Several people lack the zeal to do things because they lack self-motivation.

They are unable to do things that they to for themselves and others.

This does not help them achieve a lot.

So, if you are like one of these people, then you need to work to improve your self-motivation because it will help you to go far in life.

We want you to be the best you can be in your business, career, and personal life.

Hence, we will share with you some amazing tips on how to improve your self-motivation.

However, before we share them, we will be looking at other factors and things related to self-motivation.

Knowing these things will help you improve your self-motivation better.

So, join us as we journey on this quest to self-improvement.

Let us begin…

What Is Self Motivation? – How to Improve Self Motivation

What are self-motivation techniques

Self motivation is what drives a person to work towards achieving their goals.

It is the reason behind why you do the things that you do for yourself and others.

A person’s self motivation is often derived from their underlying passion or desire to get or achieve something.

Everybody needs self motivation because it will help them to do the things that they need to do for themselves and others.

It ensures that they put the needed effort into achieving success.

A person’s self motivation can be either intrinsic or extrinsic.

Intrinsic motivation is derived from one’s sincere and internal desire to achieve a goal.

It is not focused on the material or tangible reward that achieving the goal will bring, but more on the satisfaction and joy it will bring to a person.

Meanwhile, extrinsic motivation is derived from getting external rewards such as power, money, status, or recognition.

Intrinsic motivation is what you should build on more when developing and building your self-motivation

This is because it is a more stronger and effective drive to achieve goals.

Attributes of Highly Self Motivated Individuals – How to Improve Self Motivation

Why do I feel no motivation

People who are highly self motivated, have worked on themselves, developed and improved their motivation to the height it is currently.

These people exhibit attributes and traits that distinguish them from others.

Some of these attributes are:

They Know Their Wants

Not a lot of people know what they want in life.

The same cannot be said for self-motivated individuals.

This is because they are purpose and goal-driven; they know what their wants and needs are.

As a result, it fuels them with the motivation they need to achieve their needs and wants.

They Live Their Purpose – How to Improve Self Motivation

Highly self motivated people do not only know what their wants and needs, but they also live their purpose.

In other words, they think and work towards getting their wants and needs.

Their thoughts are majorly about how they can achieve their goals, live their goals, and achieve them.

They understand that a person becomes and does things that they think more about.

So, they build their thought around their dreams and goals and also work to achieve them.

They Ignore Discouragers

Several people have discouraged others from achieving their goals.

Those people tell others that they are not capable of achieving their goals, or they should not do those things they want to do.

High self motivated individuals know these people for who they are.

So, they ignore them and focus on what they are after.

They do not allow others to direct them on how they should live their life.

They Take Action – How to Improve Self Motivation

Highly self motivated individuals are constantly taking action that moves them closer to their goals.

Every passing day, they make progress towards achieving their goals.

These people do not just talk and think of their goals, they take steps to achieve them.

If they are not making progress, they look at where they are going wrong and make corrections where needed.

They Make Sacrifices

As they take action and make continuous progress, they also make sacrifices willingly to achieve their goals.

They are also ready to take the necessary risk that will ensure that they achieve their goal.

The reason they are willing to make sacrifices and take risks is that they are committed to achieving their goals.

They Take Responsibility – How to Improve Self Motivation

Highly self motivated individuals have the mentality that makes them feel that their success or failure is up to them.

These people know that they are responsible for how their life turns out to be.

They believe that they are in charge of their life, and takes actions, decisions, and choices that will help them build the life they want.

So, they do something wrong, they do not blame people.

Rather, they accept that they are wrong, and take responsibility for the consequence of their wrongdoing or mistake.

They might not be able to control some events, but they know how to control their action and reaction to things that happen.

They Avoid Instant Gratification

Highly self motivated people know that indulging in instant gratification can distract them from achieving their goals.

So, they focus on working on achieving what they are after rather than doing those things that are not related to their goals.

They believe and understand that they can enjoy themselves better when they have achieved their goals.

Sacrificing instant gratification equals a better future.

They Learn From Their Mistakes – How to Improve Self Motivation

Highly self motivated people also fail and make mistakes like every other person.

However, they do not let this discourage, kill their motivation, or give up.

Rather, they make use of their mistakes or failure to fuel their motivation.

That is, they learn from their mistakes, and do better the next time.

Benefits of Self Motivation – How to Improve Self Motivation

Why do I feel so unmotivated

Several benefits come with self motivation.

We will share a few with you to encourage you to do better as you work to improve your self motivation.

So, below are some benefits of being highly self motivated:

Overcome Minor Indecisiveness

If you are highly self motivated, you will know your wants and needs.

Hence, you will know the decisions to take and not to take.

You will overcome minor indecisiveness, and focus on what will help you to achieve what you are after.

Overcome Negative Influence – How to Improve Self Motivation

As we earlier said, highly self motivated people are in charge of their life.

As a result of this, they can avoid something that they do not want in their life.

In other words, when you are self motivated, you will find it easier to overcome any negative influence that might want to come your way.

You will focus on the good things that will enable you to achieve what you are after.

Also, you will believe in your ability to handle different situations.

Provide Strength

There are times when you will be faced with several challenges.

These challenges can get you overwhelmed.

When you are self motivated, you will have the strength and courage to face those challenges and over them.

Self motivation will push you to do what you ought to do; regardless of how drained or overwhelmed, you might feel.

Improves Positivity – How to Improve Self Motivation

When you are a highly self motivated person, it can improve your positivity.

This is because as a self motivated person, you will steadily work towards doing and attaining the things you want.

Also, self motivation can make you open to learning new things.

Self motivated people are hardly downers because they know that they are making daily progress to achieving whatever they are after.

Increases Your Chances of Survival

The world we live in today is very competitive and changes rapidly.

Self motivation ensures that you keep performing and functioning effectively regardless of the changes and competition in the world.

Instead of giving up when there are changes or high competition, you will keep pushing and staying relevant.

Achieving Goals – How to Improve Self Motivation

One amazing benefit of being a highly self motivated person is that it enables you to achieve your goals.

You will take the needed steps, actions, and sacrifices that will ensure you reach your goals.

When difficult times come, you will still keep pushing and working towards your goals.

With self motivation, you will not wait for someone to tell you what to do, before taking action towards your growth and success.

Factors That Can Prevent You From Staying Self Motivated – How to Improve Self Motivation

What causes laziness and lack of motivation

As you work to improve self motivation, you need to know that some things can stand as a hindrance to staying self motivated.

You do not want to improve yourself to be more self motivated, only for these factors to draw you back.

So, you need to deal with them.

We will share some of these factors and the best way to deal with them.

Too Much Comfort

When you are too comfortable in the position you are in, or with the things you have achieved, you will feel relaxed.

As a result, you might be less willing to push yourself to get more or do better.

You might feel that you don’t need to strive for new things.

This can kill self motivation.

So, no matter what you have achieved in life, ensure that you do not get too comfortable.

Know that there are more and better things out there that you can achieve.

Poor Diets – How to Improve Self Motivation

The food you eat can affect your mood and energy.

When your mood is bad, it can make you less motivated to do some things.

So, you need to watch your diet and ensure that you eat good food.

Your Environment

When you work in an environment where you are not comfortable or too comfortable, it can make you less motivated.

If you can do something to make the environment okay for you to work and still stay motivated, then do that.

However, if you cannot, then you should leave that environment.

Too Much Pressure – How to Improve Self Motivation

When someone is under a lot of pressure, it can negatively affect their self motivation.

Yes, being self motivated can make you courageous to tackle challenges.

However, you are human, and when the pressure is too much, it can make you break.

Most times, the pressure that we experience is self-imposed.

Setting unrealistic goals and having expectations that you know you are not capable of attaining can make you feel unmotivated when you are not making progress.

So, avoid putting pressure on yourself by setting realistic goals and having expectations that you are capable of achieving.

Also, if it is someone putting pressure on you, then ignore them and focus on achieving your goals.

You can even try cutting them out of your life if they still keep being a nuisance.

Having Poor Plans

Your motivation can be ruined if you keep doing things without good results.

One reason why this happens is if you have poor plans.

So, learn to set good plans for whatever you are doing.

This will help you to achieve your goals, and also boost your motivation.

Tips on How to Improve Self Motivation

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We have discussed different issues relating to self motivation.

So, we hope that you have gathered more information on being a highly self motivated person.

Also, we want to believe that the benefits we shared have encouraged you to do better in improving self motivation.

Finally, we hope that you will deal with those factors that can hinder you from being a self motivated person.

Now, we will be looking at those amazing tips we earlier promised to share.

So, we advise you to keep following us, and practice the following tips:

1. Know Yourself

We earlier established that one’s motivation can come from intrinsic or extrinsic factors.

Also, we said that you should build your motivation on intrinsic factors as they are strong and more effective.

However, you need to understand that what works for one person might not work for another person.

For example, some people are money-oriented while others are more concerned about internal happiness.

So, you have to find what works for you.

When you get to know and understand yourself better, it will help you discover what drives you.

It could be an extrinsic or intrinsic factor.

Whatever, it turns out to be, ensures that you work with it to improve self motivation.

2. Build Self-Confidence – How to Improve Self Motivation

Self-confidence serves a very important part in someone’s self motivation.

If you are insecure, scared of making mistakes, taking risks, or being ridiculed, you will find it hard to be motivated to do several things.

Hence, you need the confidence to chase away any fear or insecurity that will prevent you from chasing what you want.

If your confidence is poor, then work to build it.

Get to know your weaknesses and strengths.

Maximize your strength and use them to minimize your weakness.

Be confident in yourself and your abilities, and you become more self motivated.

Check here to discover 9 ways to show more confidence in business.

3. Think Positively

Negative thoughts work hand-in-hand with low self-confidence.

So, as you work to build your self-confidence, you should also fight negative thoughts.

You can do this by thinking positively.

Thinking positively enables you to achieve success because it helps you to tackle challenges.

We earlier said that highly self motivated people think about their dreams and goals.

They believe that what they think is what will happen to them.

Well, this is true.

When you think positively and add hard work, you will be able to achieve much more.

This, in turn, will help improve your self motivation.

So, think positively at all times.

4. Embrace Positive Association – How to Improve Self Motivation

The fact that you are working to improve self motivation does not mean that you cannot get external help.

This is because other individuals can help you build and improve yourself to become better.

So, as you work to improve your self motivation, embrace positive association.

Surround yourself with people who will encourage, and support you to do better.

You can even have someone to who you become accountable.

This way, when you find yourself failing at becoming better, they will be there to scold, encourage, and push you forward.

5. Engage in Mood Lifting Activities   

We earlier established that your mood can affect your motivation.

Having your motivation ruined by a bad mood does not necessarily imply that you are not positive.

It only shows that you are human.

However, letting it continue without doing anything about it will only make your motivation reduce the more, and affect your productivity.

So, as you work to improve your self motivation, you should constantly watch and work to lift your mood.

When you feel your mood going down, you can try to engage in:

  • Spending time with nature
  • Looking at cute videos or pictures of animals
  • Watching funny videos
  • Exercising

6. Reward Your Little and Big Wins – How to Improve Self Motivation

One thing that is good for everyone’s motivation is a good reward.

Getting a reward for doing something good or well can make you feel better about yourself, and make you do better.

So, you should consider adopting the reward system to improve your motivation.

If you want to try this, you have to ensure that you only reward yourself for wins; whether little or big.

Your reward does not have to be tangible or material.

It can be intangible things such as watching your favorite movie, reading a book, or stargazing.

Whatever it is, ensure that it is something that you will enjoy.

7. Set Realistic Goals

The goals you set can either ruin your motivation or boost it.

Setting unrealistic goals will frustrate and stress you, as you will not be able to achieve them.

Meanwhile, realistic goals will improve your motivation, as you will experience progress and ultimately achieve those goals.

So, when setting goals you have to be sure that they are realistic and achievable.

This way, as you work towards achieving them daily, your motivation will keep improving.

8. Speak Positive Affirmations– How to Improve Self Motivation

Positive affirmations have a way of pumping people up with positivity and motivation to perform their tasks and chase their goals.

So, you can make use of positive affirmations to improve your motivation.

Speak them daily, or when you are feeling less motivated.

The more you keep doing this, the more motivated you will become.

Conclusion on How to Improve Self Motivation

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Self motivation comes with several amazing benefits.

If your motivation is poor, then you will miss out on these benefits.

We have shared amazing tips that will help you improve your self motivation.

So, we hope that you take advantage of them today!