Outdoor Business Ideas

Outdoor Business Ideas

Do you want to know the business opportunities you can do outside your home?. Here are some of the most profitable outdoor business ideas you can choose.

The good part is that you can run an outdoor business part-time or full-time.

Moreover, the startup cost is very affordable.

Read on to find out more about the ideal outdoor business idea we have in store for you.

Introduction To Outdoor Business Ideas

As an aspiring entrepreneur, there are some outdoor businesses you can do that will fetch good income.

Also, these outdoor business ideas can be merged with your 9-5 daily job.

That is to say; you can make this outdoor business your side hustle.

While doing any of this business, you can enjoy and relieve yourself from your office job.

It is the perfect business for you if you’re an extrovert, as these business ideas will allow you to get to know and interact with people.

There are many outdoor business ideas, but you will get the best of the business ideas from this article.

In business, you need to have an entrepreneurial mindset.

Above all, have faith in any outdoor business ideas you choose to start as there is a high-income prospect, provided you go about it the right way.

Without taking much time, here are the 15 outdoor business ideas to explore.

15 Outdoor Business Ideas

1. Adventure Club

Starting an adventure club could be a great business opportunity to explore if you love outdoor activities.

Also, if you are adventurous and love doing fun things, you should consider this business.

This is one of the profitable outdoor business ideas.

Moreover, the best part of the business is that you can operate it from home as a part-time business.

Your target audience are people that love and enjoy adventurous activities.

At the initial stage of th business, you can get people to patronize you without paying a membership fee.

You can set up a display booth at an outdoor recreation trade show for about a week.

Apart from being adventurous, you have to be innovative and creative.

You should be able to come up with new thrilling activities that will keep your customers hooked up.

With time, you can introduce membership fees as the business expands.

You can give varieties of choices for your customers to choose from.

2. Awning Cleaning

If you are looking for a business idea that does not require any special skill, then awning cleaning is the right business idea.

This is also one of the profitable outdoor business ideas.

Awning cleaning is a service you can start as a part-time business.

An awning is a roof-like of material that is attached to the exterior walls or windows of a building.

It is used as shade and shelter from rain, sun, or snow.

If you are wondering what this business has to offer, then you should take a look at the following.

  • It does not require huge capital investment.
  • You can manage the business from home.
  • It has unlimited market demand with little competition.
  • You don’t need inventory or a warehouse.
  • Also, you can earn more than $75,000 a year, and so on.

Regardless of the shape or size of any awning, it needs regular cleaning, meaning there’s always a need for this service.

Your target audiences are offices and private and public organizations.

3. Boat Broker

Still thinking of the best outdoor business ideas you can explore with a reasonable capital?

Being a boat broker sounds like a good idea.

This is one of the businesses you should consider if you are a socialite.

There is a high chance of generating profit from this business, supposing you follow the proper steps.

However, before starting your business as a boat broker, you need to be licensed.

Although, some states might not require you to license the business.

You can contact the boat broker association to get license regulations in your state.

Also, you can get your certificate by enrolling in the National Yacht Brokers Certification.

As a boat broker, you can charge a 10% commission on the successful purchase and transfer of the boat to the new owner.

4. Board-Up Service

Board-up service seems to be a growing business due to bad weather.

The increase in demand for this business is due to bad weather like tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, gales, and tropical storms.

If you have good carpentry skills, you should consider this business.

Bad weather conditions can occur unexpectedly, so you can help homes and businesses by introducing your board-up services.

All you do in this business is take measurements of windows to fit in plywood panels.

After this, you will install quick-assemble hardware to the window’s exterior.

This way, your clients will still have their windows regardless of the bad weather.

Overall you should keep in mind that the more clients you get, the more income you get from the business.

5. Cleaning Service – Outdoor Business Ideas

Cleaning service is another profitable outdoor business idea you should consider.

This business idea does not require special skills or heavy cleaning equipment.

Meanwhile, there are two types of cleaning services in the industry.

First is the consumer arena, which involves cleaning residential areas, and the second is the commercial arena.

While the consumer area will be discussed in this section, the commercial area will be addressed later.

The consumer arena consists of cleaning windows, curtains, carpets, and any other residential items that need to be cleaned.

This type of outdoor business idea does not require much capital to startup.

You can set up the business as a side hustle.

The equipment you’ll need includes detergent, a bucket, bleach, and other cleaning materials.

6. Construction Clean-up – Commercial Arena

In continuity with the idea discussed above, the construction clean-up, otherwise known as a commercial cleaning service, is also a profitable outdoor business idea.

To start a construction clean-up, you’ll have to be a professional because this cleaning service deals more with construction sites, and it is quite labor-intensive.

Furthermore, you have to be physically fit to do this business.

Your targeted customers should be contractors, property developers, and renovation companies.

In addition, you should possess good marketing skills, which will help you grow your business.

7. CCTV Camera Installation Business

Another outdoor business idea is the installation of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras.

This is another lucrative and profitable business idea.

However, the service for this business has been in great demand in almost every part of the world.

The service users are mainly business owners, organizations, security companies, etc.

Also, homeowners require CCTV camera installation services.

To start this business, you need to have the technical skills to install cameras.

Research the business and know the different types of cameras people like to install.

Furthermore, you can start this business on a small, medium, or large scale.

8. Delivery Service

Outdoor business ideas also include delivery services.

This is one of the thriving and profitable business ideas.

Also, it is one creative way for an extrovert to make money.

Delivery service is the process of delivering goods or services to a defined location.

This business idea can be carried out through any means of transportation.

It could be a bicycle, scooter, truck, or car.

Sometimes, the delivery service business is also called courier service.

This business requires you to master every route to get to your destination quickly.

Furthermore, you can deliver items like fast food, groceries, tickets, parcel, and so on.

However, this business idea has lots of competition.

You can research your competitors to identify the best business strategy to apply.

You might want to give your customers and potential customers a mouth-watery offer to win them to your side.

Like with all businesses, you’ll need to promote your business to get clients and make money.

Also, you can start the business on a small scale and expand as it grows.

9. Dog Trainer

You should consider this business if you are an animal lover, especially dogs.

Being a dog trainer is a lucrative and profitable outdoor business idea.

To begin with, you don’t need any formal degree other than getting firsthand experience or apprenticeship.

You can also opt-in for an internship and certification program to become a professional dog trainer.

Also, you can schedule when and where you want to train any dog.

This allows you to do your normal job and still operate it.

Another thing you can add to this business by dog walking or sitting.

10. Event Management – Outdoor Business Ideas

An event management business is a business that requires extraordinary organizational and planning skills.

Therefore, if you possess these unique skills, you should consider being an event planner.

It will be a plus to your business if you have a degree in event management or other related courses.

Event management is the process whereby you are in charge of preparing an event.

It could include birthdays, weddings, proposals, conferences, etc.

Your targeted customers are educational institutes, large corporations, religious organizations, and more.

11. Fitness Instructor

Another profitable outdoor business idea is a fitness instructor.

It is one of the small business ideas for outdoor individuals.

A fitness instructor is also known as a personal trainer.

As a fitness instructor, you’ll provide fitness training and instruction to individuals or groups.

You guide your clients toward achieving their fitness goals.

Another job you can do as a fitness instructor is helping clients rehabilitates after an injury.

However, you’ll need to be certified to engage in any of these businesses.

You can start the business on a small scale or large scale.

12. Graffiti Removal

This is also one of the best businesses suitable for a fan of outdoor activity.

Graffiti removal entails removing paint or color stains different from the original color on a surface.

These paints or stains are removed without damaging the surface.

You will need a trailer, sandblaster, and a pressure washer to get the job done.

13. House Painting

Another creative outdoor business idea is house painting.

Commercial and domestic house owners are your ideal clients in this business.

A good strategy to get more clients is to partner with construction engineers to recommend your services to their clients. 

You can also talk to home or building owners to get the job.

14. Refuse PickUp Business

Do you know you can earn a fair income from picking up refuse? Of course, you can.

Many people don’t see the gold in the refuse pickup business.

However, as a smart entrepreneur, you can consider this business idea.

Within months of doing this business, you can create wealth.

Starting this business might cost you a certain amount because you will need a pickup truck, a license permit, and insurance.

Moreover, you can start a recycling business from your refuse pickup business.

The average cost for refuse pickup service is $200.

Now imagine how much money you will make at the end of the month.

15. Snow Removal Business; Outdoor Business ideas

If you need a seasonal business, you should consider starting a snow removal business.

This is one business that the demand always increases during winter.

Having snow blocking the driveways and walkways makes it difficult for people to leave their driveways.

However, not everyone has the time or patience to remove snow.

This is why they contact people that remove snow to get the job done.

All you need to get the job done are a truck, shovel, snowplow, and salt sprayer.

How To Market Your Outdoor Business

Here are some marketing tips that you can use for your outdoor business.

Making Personal Connections

To promote your outdoor business, you should make personal connections.

Connect with your neighbors, friends, families, and places you have visited or worked in before.

You can attend networking events and introduce the services to people you meet.

However, while introducing your services, ensure to drop your business card so prospective customers can easily contact you.

Create Business Website

One of the effective ways to market your outdoor business is to have a website.

This is one of the ways people search for products or services online.

Put all the details about your outdoor business on your website.

This will give your customers sufficient information about your business and help you win their trust.

Create Social Media Pages

Another way you can market your business is by posting your service on social media pages.

To begin with, you will need to create social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.

Update your details and your outdoor service on your social media pages.

Also, you can write content on the page to give potential customers an insight into what you do.

Do Influencer Marketing

Another marketing strategy you can use for your business is using influential people to promote your business.

These may involve a certain amount, but it’s worth it because people tend to have faith in such personalities.

Offer Discounts, Promo Or Gifts

Another marketing strategy you can apply to your outdoor business is offering discounts, promos, or gifts.

This marketing tip works for almost every business.

This is because people love free things.

Doing this will help you reach a wider audience.

Conclusion On Outdoor Business Ideas

If you consider doing any of the business ideas discussed above, you have to do in-depth research.

This will give you a better insight into the business, allowing you to do a better job.

Meanwhile, every of the outdoor business ideas discussed above is profitable in its way.

Also, none of the business is a get-rich-quick scheme.

This means you need to work hard to get the profit you deserve.

Again, the key to having a successful business is to stay committed, consistent, tolerant, and patient.

Best wishes!