Best Printers For Label Printing

Best Printers For Label Printing
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Whether you have a small business or a more developed business, label printing is very essential. Therefore, we have a list of the best printers for label printing just for you. It is important to note that our top pick for you is theRollo Label Printer, for good reasons.

You simply can’t be a business without a brand and you can’t stamp your brand on your product without printing labels.

This list of printers will produce high-quality, razor-sharp, glossy labels that ensure your product will look its best and represent your brand well.

First, let us take a look at why you need a label printer, and of course what to look for when choosing a label printer.

Best Printers For Label Printing – Comparison Table

Here’s a breakdown of the unique features of our 7 best label printers. Click on the image to purchase any of these printers.

1Rollo Label PrinterPrinting Technology: Thermal

Item Weight: 2.2lbs

Printer Output: Monochrome

Length of Output: 1.57 to 4.1 Inches wide

Resolution: 203dpi
2Dymo Label PrinterPrinting Technology: Thermal

Item Weight: N/A

Printer Output: Monochrome

Length of Output: 10.2 inches

Resolution: 300dpi
3BESTEASY Label PrinterPrinting Technology: Thermal

Item Weight: 2.2

Printer Output: Monochrome

Length of Output: 1.96 to 4.25 inches

Resolution: 203dpi
4Brother QL-720NW Label PrinterPrinting Technology: Thermal

Item Weight: 1.2kg

Printer Output: Monochrome

Length of Output: 1.96 to 4.25 inches

Resolution: 300 x 600 dpi
5Brother QL-810W Label PrinterPrinting Technology: Thermal

Item Weight: 2.4lbs

Printer Output: Monochrome

Length of Output: N/A

Resolution: 300dpi
6Phomemo M110 Label PrinterPrinting Technology: Thermal

Item Weight: 9 ounces

Printer Output: Monochrome

Length of Output: 20mm-50mm

Resolution: 203dpi
7MFLABEL 4x6 direct thermal printerPrinting Technology: Thermal

Item Weight: 2.68kg

Printer Output: Monochrome

Length of Output: 4.25 inches

Resolution: 203dpi

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Why You Need A Label Printing Device

You there, with the growing business. This is for you.

If you do not own a label printer, this is your opportunity to select one and buy it.

If you have a faulty or low-quality label printer, then this is your opportunity to select and buy a better one.

Also, if you do not even manufacture any product but are interested in going into the printing industry for those who do, then this should be an interesting read.

Label printers are special-purpose printers that have been configured to print labels, tags, and bar codes on card stock rolled stock, tear sheet stock, and self-adhesive labels.

On the other hand, some label printers are adapted to print on foil and film substrates.

Simply put, a label printer gives you a variety of styles and materials you can print on.

This means you can pick and mix what type of label material or texture you want, to create a label that’s unique to your brand’s identity.

Furthermore, label printers can operate in two ways.

A label printer can interface with a computer to print or a label printer that has a built-in operating system that can operate on its own.

For most business owners, a label printer would be much more cost-effective and productive than a label maker because a label printer is a multi-functional device.

Additionally, there are two types of label printers: Direct thermal and Thermal transfer label printers.

Other Features To Keep In Mind

The direct thermal label printer does not use ink, rather it uses heat to print graphics, texts, labels, and barcodes.

It creates labels by darkening the label materials.

However, the printouts from direct thermal label printers are best for labels, such as shipping labels, simply because it produces heat and light-sensitive labels.

Therefore, because shipping labels have short a lifespan, they are perfect for direct thermal label printers.

So, if you’re in the business of printing shipping labels, then the direct thermal label printer is the one for you.

On the other hand, a Thermal transfer label printer requires carbon ribbons in resin grades or wax and it employs heats to substrate and transfer prints onto material or form.

Therefore, this type of label printer delivers high-density, crisp and bright printouts that can be printed in color.

Furthermore, thermal transfer produces printouts with a much longer shelf life, such as product labels, asset tags, signage, and more.

That’s to say, if you’re a business owner that needs a tag, signage, and product labels, then opt to buy a thermal transfer label printer.

To add, it is noteworthy that label printers are not measured by the printed pages per minute (ppm), rather they are measured by the length of the output.

Therefore, an average printer can print 3 inches per second and at top speed, 12 inches per second.

Additionally, print resolution can range on average from 203dpi and 300dpi but 600dpi at its highest resolution.

Essentially, label printers can produce very clear and shiny prints for different use.

Thus, we can say that label printers are very versatile and multi-functional.

7 Favorites Of the Best Printers For Label Printing

1. Rollo Label Printer

The top on our list of the best printers for label printing, having done the research is the Rollo Label Printer.

In a moment, we will consider the technology this printer operates on, and some of its outstanding features and benefits.


Firstly, Rollo Label Printer uses Thermal direct printing technology.

Also, it is cost-efficient because it includes free UPS labels.

A label printer that includes free labels is undoubtedly a cost-saving product because it’s consumer-friendly.

Now you know that you can save a ton of money with this printer.

It is also important to note that it is a very affordable high-speed printer, that prints at 150mm/s.

Not only do you have an inexpensive label printer but you also get great value for your money because it prints labels twice as fast as its closest competitor.

Do you need more incentive?

We definitely have more exciting features available ahead for you.

Furthermore, the Rollo Label Printer operates on an advanced Thermal Direct technology that prints without the use of toner or ink.

With this, you know you can save more money because you don’t need to invest in toner or ink, which by itself is quite expensive.

Furthermore, it’s compatible with all major shipping platforms, including Ordoro, ShippingEasy,, ShipWorks, ShipStation, Shippo, and Endicia Dazzle.

Simply, it is very much available close to you.

Thus, it is very easy to access.

If you specialize in printing shipping labels, then here’s the label printer for you.

It uses the same technology used by successful shipping couriers.

Additionally, this easy to set-up and use printer offers a 5-star customer service (via email, remote desktop, and phone) in the U.S. and it is compatible with Windows and Mac.

You know you have it well when the product you use is worth it and this label printer is a worthy device to own.

It can print from 1.57 inches to 4.1 inches wide.

It is most ideal for 4×6 shipping labels, barcodes, ID labels, mailing labels, and warehouse labels.


  • Firstly, it is available on major multiple shipping platforms.
  • It guarantees 5-star customer service, so they always have your best interests at heart.
  • You don’t need to spend extra money on toner or ink, and so it’s cost-efficient.
  • Also, it prints out multiple media labels.
  • It is very easy to use and affordable.
  • Finally, it delivers speedy prints out and supersedes its competitor’s productivity.


  • It is a monochrome printer.

Conclusively, if you are looking for an easy to use cost-efficient label printer with fast printing, the Rollo label printer is the one.

To purchase this device on Amazon, click on the image above.

2. Dymo Label Printer 

Next on our list of the best printers for label printing is the Dymo Label printer.

One of the outstanding features of this printer is its waste management system.

We will tell you what we mean in a moment.


Dymo Label Printer is the second label printer on our list.

This multi-colored label printer eliminates wastes because it prints high-quality and precise quantities with little effort.

If your purpose for your label printer is to deliver top-notch labels, then the Dymo label printer is what you’re looking for.

Furthermore, you waste little with this label printer because the precise printing feature built-in to the device makes sure you never print more than you should.

Hence, you don’t waste sheets.

Similarly, to the previous label printer mentioned, you never have to buy ink and toner with this label printer because it has direct thermal printing technology.

It is noteworthy that any label printer with direct thermal printing technology automatically eliminates the need for ink and toner.

So, keep an eye on this feature as we continue to discuss the best label printers.

Furthermore, you can print up to 51 labels per minute which is a pretty speedy printer.

Also, it prints different types of labels, such as file labels, barcode labels, and more.

Here is another versatile tech gadget that allows you to customize your label, therefore giving it a personal touch.

Additionally, because it is compatible with google contacts, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel, you can easily get creative and customize your labels.

Notably, for the best result, we advise you to use Dymo label writer (it comes in different sizes).

Finally, whether you have a Windows or Mac system, you don’t have to worry because this label printer is compatible with both.


  • It provides various accessories, e.g.: a USB cable cord.
  • It is a speedy printer that prints 51 labels per minute.
  • Cost-efficient because you do not have to buy toner and ink.
  • It is multi-colored.


  • It does not have any wireless features.

Though second best on this list, this printer is in no way second fiddle in quality, as it offers a load of beautiful features and benefits that merits consideration.

To buy this printer on Amazon, click on the image above.

3. BESTEASY Label Printer

The third-rated on our list of the best printers for label printing is the BESTEASY label printer.

Let us quickly delve into the amazing features that make this label printer a good deal.


This direct thermal printer print labels with no height restrictions and it can print labels of 1.96 inches to 4.25 inch wide.

Also, it is ideal for 4×6 shipping labels, bar codes, ID labels, bulk mailing labels, warehouse labels, and many more.

It’s easy to install and although it’s not compatible with MAC system, it’s compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, XP, and newer model.

Furthermore, the BESTEASY Label Printer is engineered with industrial-grade heat dissipation, which allows it to continuously print for more than 12 hours.

In other words, you can keep on printing batches and batches of labels without it breaking down.

Finally, the BESTEASY Label Printer is most ideal for consumers working in medical care, postal service, storage service, supermarkets, and others.


  • It accommodates all models of the windows system.
  • Also, it is very affordable.


  • It is only compatible with a windows system.
  • It does not have a wireless option.

Though considerably limited in feature options, the BESTEASY label printer is still a very good printer that is best fitted to many industries and could be a good choice for you.

To purchase this device on Amazon, click on the image above.

4. Brother QL-720NW Label Printer

The Brother QL-720NW label printer is the next on our list of the best printers for label printing, placed in 4th position.

This wireless printer is a strong challenger on this list, and there are clear merits to show for it.


The fourth label printer on the list has flexible connectivity because it features a wireless and ethernet interface.

Secondly, the Brother QL-720NW Label Printer also prints 93 labels per minute which shows its ultra-fast.

You know the best label printer for you when it delivers high-quality labels in record time.

Furthermore, it offers a multi-choice service for printing which includes: downloading label templates into memory or using it with a peripheral, such as a scanner.

Also, you can Print labels on-the-go.

Do you have a daily schedule that causes you to work on the go or have you moving around constantly?

Then the Brother imprint & Label app download is the combination you need to print while on the move.

For your convenience, the manufacturers have thought about your problems and created a solution in the Brother QL-720NW Label Printer.

Finally, it also guarantees a precise cut for each label with its built-in automatic cutter.

With this feature, you can print effective and accurate labels, thereby delivering top-quality products for your top-quality brands.


  • It produces high-quality labels in a speedy time.
  • Additionally, it provides High-resolution, up to 300 x 600 dpi.
  • Finally, it has wireless features.


  • It’s not available in different colors.

To get this device on Amazon, click on the image above.

5. Brother QL-810W Printer

Another label printer from Brother, the Brother QL-810W is the next rated on our list of the best printers for label printing.

The following features show just why this printer earned its place on this honorable list.


Next on our list is a printer with direct thermal printing technology, so it’s anatomically a cost-saving device.

The Brother QL-810W Label Printer is a great printer that offers a lot of flexibility, productivity, and efficiency.

You know you’re always on the go and it can be stressful to get your job done when you’re always pacing about.

Hence, you would want a label printer that gets the job done, wherever you are.

The easy connectivity feature of this label printer means you can print your labels from nearly anywhere.

Additionally, you can share your labels on any network, to easily access the labels, you want to print.

Also, you can consider the operating system compatibility because it’s compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10.

Also, Windows Server 2008, Mac OS X 10.11.x, Mac OS X 10.10.5, Mac OS X 10.12.x, Mac OS X 10.13.x, and more.

With this feature, you don’t need to worry about the Window or Mac model of your system.

Furthermore, with a speedy label printer that prints up to 110 standard address labels per minute and black text at 300dpi.

This printer delivers high-resolution labels very quickly.

Finally, the wireless network feature allows you to connect to create and print labels with your mobile devices.


  • It provides a wireless network for the consumers’ flexibility.
  • Also, it produces a speedy and high- resolution label.
  • It is easy to set-up.


  • It is not available in different colors.
  • The batteries cost extra.
  • Per-label cost is considerably high.

Looking for a speedy label printer that offers high-resolution prints and also very easy to use? Brother QL-810W is available for you.

To buy this printer on Amazon, click on the image above.

6. Phomemo M110 

The Phomemo M110 label printer also makes it on our list of the best printers for label printing.

Though positioned as the penultimate printer on this list, this printer is worthy to compete with the other printers on this list.

Here is why.


It may be small but it certainly is a powerful direct thermal printing technology printer.

With its Bluetooth feature and over 300 label templates, the Phomemo M110 Label Printer is a compact device.

This makes it ideal for schools, raising clothing, food, or jewelry business.

Also, it prints labels (but not shipping labels) with a 20mm-50mm width range.

We know you can’t stand it when a printer jams when you’re in the middle of printing important documents.

Well, you’ll be glad to hear that with the Phomemo M110 Label Printer paper jams are preventable because they are built specifically to avoid such hindrances.

Lastly, this label printer has a Fast Charging with its 1500mAh battery.

This means you can print as many labels as you need for a long time without worrying about the printer shutting down mid-print.


  • It has a fast-charging feature.
  • Also, it has paper jam-proof technology.


  • It is limited to one wireless feature: Bluetooth

Are you impressed by the features and benefits of this printer mentioned above? Then why not consider getting the Phomemo M110 Label Printer.

To purchase this printer on Amazon, click on the image above.

7. MFLabel 4×6 Direct Thermal Printer

So here we are. The last pick on our list of the best printers for label printing.

This is the MFLabel 4×6 Direct thermal printer.

Take a look at some of its outstanding features.


The last printer on our list is the MF Label 4×6 Direct Thermal Printer.

This direct thermal printing technology is stable and includes paper jam-proof technology.

Also, it guarantees a long lifetime use with a premium print head and can print labels 4.25 inches wide.

Although the label printer isn’t compatible with Mac, it is, however, compatible with the Windows operating system.

Lastly, the MFLabel 4×6 Direct Thermal Printer delivers 4×6 bulk mailing labels, barcodes, shipping labels, ID labels, shipping labels, and more.


  • It prints 4×6 labels.
  • Also, it is compatible with Windows XP and newer models.


  • It does not include wireless features.
  • Additionally, it is not compatible with Mac operating system.

To purchase this printer on Amazon, click on the image above.

Conclusion – Best Printers For Label Printing 

There you have it.

7 best printers for label printing for you to choose from.

We did meticulous and copious research to deliver the best label printers right before you.

We have taken the pain so that you can make the best decision for yourself that gives you the best value for your money.

Don’t skip a beat and go get your own label printer now.

Let us reiterate in conclusion, that we recommend the Rollo Label Printer as the number one on the best printers for label printing, given all the facts considered.

Click the image link to get yours now.