Best Speakerphones for Home Office

Best Speakerphones for Home Office
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What makes a good speakerphone? Or should we say; which speakerphone is best for your home office? Based on our analysis, the Jabra Speak 510 Wireless Speakerphone is one of the Best Speakerphones for Home Office.

A speakerphone is a device attached to an ordinary telephone or a mobile phone that enables hands-free operation.

This concept emerged as a result of people who are driving their cars on the road, and an ever-increasing market in the home office category.

Furthermore, there has been a growing demand for quality speakerphones in the work-from-home jobs segment.

Customers are now aware of the range of quality of audio and microphone pick up power as manufacturers continue to improve on this products’ niche.

In this article, we gathered information from already established brands to well-known names and even bestsellers.

Hence, you can get an overview of the best speakerphones that are available in the market for your home office.

Best Speakerphones for Home Office

Why the need for speakerphones?

People who work either at the office or the home office, often find themselves in constant multitasking activities.

This would require at least one or both of their hands to be free.

This is where the speakerphone device comes in.

It is a perfect instrument for teleconference meetings, where two or more people are involved in a single conversation.

Furthermore, it helps you handle other minor tasks even when you’re engaged in a call.

Comparison Table:

Jabra Speak 510 WirelessPlantronics Calisto 610 - Portable SpeakerphoneKaysuda Bluetooth Conference SpeakerphoneBluetooth Speakerphone - eMeet M2 Black Conference SpeakerClarity XLC3.4+ DECT 6.0 Extra Loud Big Button Speakerphone with Talking Caller IDKonftel KO-910101081 EGO Personal Portable Bluetooth Conferencing UnitHePesTer P-017BN-2 Call Center Corded Phone with Headset Caller ID Speakerphone
. Easy setup and use

.Conference Calls via Bluetooth and USB connection

. Works with many types of devices

. Great sound for Conference Calls or streaming multimedia

. Convenient carrying case for use while on-the-go
. Portable PC speakerphone for instant anywhere conferencing
. Ideal for team calls in small and medium-sized work areas
. Direct USB connection to PC
. Designed for ease of use and portability
. Simplified call management with an easy interface
. 360 degree Omni-directional with 4 A1 smart microphones
. It has been optimized for mainstream conference applications like Zoom, Skype, WebEx
. Conference calls via USB & Bluetooth connection
. High quality audio and durable: rich crystal clear HD audio, the Acoustic Echo Canceler
. Compatible with multiple devices and operating systems like All Windows OS as well as Mac OS, Linux OS
. With four A1 smart microphone array, makes sure far field voice pick up
. High quality Audio Guaranteem, Smart LED indicators provide interactive talks
. Simple but powerful
. Unique design for meetings
. General compatibility - optimized for mainstream conference application like Zoom, Skype, WebEx
. 4 tone settings for a customized listening experience
. Amplifies incoming sound up 50+dB & outgoing speech up to hear better
. Includes dual-power battery
. High contrast Caller ID screen with large font & talking Caller ID
. Hearing and compatible
. DECT 6.0 technology for interference-free communication
. Small and portable
. Omnisound with HD audio
. Bluetooth with NFC
. LCD screen on base
. Music streaming in HD
. This call center phone with headset has Receiver, headset and hands-free key - 3 methods of answering calls
. Up to 66 groups of incoming calls memory and 16 groups of outgoing calls memory
. Up to 5 groups ONE-touch dialing memories and 10 groups TWO-touch dialing memories
. Multi function to silence the caller when you need to talk with others include phone base, RJ 9 headset

Compare The Top 7 On One Page

1. Jabra Speak 510 Wireless Speakerphone for Home Office

The strong points of this device include ease of use, portability, and long battery life.

It also comes with a carry-on case and a noise filter feature.

Its multi-colored lights also add beauty to the design.

Furthermore, this speakerphone can also last up to 6-7 hours without having to recharge.

Connectivity is also easy since it comes with a USB connection or Bluetooth connectivity enablement.

Despite its fair price range, it performs at an above-average level as it provides up to 15 hrs talk time.

However, the downside of this speakerphone is that it has only one microphone which is located at the side.

This causes a little difficulty in your audibility when on-call.

Hence, to remedy this situation, you just have to make some positional adjustment so you get optimal performance when on a call.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that its sound quality is compromised.

Overall, the performance of this speakerphone remains in the good quality of the sound from both ends.

Jabra is a well-known brand that has existed for more than a decade now.

They are also known to produce devices that are efficient and long-lasting.

Hence, this speakerphone is one of the best speakerphones for home offices.

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2. Plantronics Calisto 610 – Portable Speakerphone for Home Office

One unique feature of this device is its compatibility with softphones.

It syncs well with online sharing apps like GoToMeeting, Google Meet or Skype.

All you need to do is connect it directly via USB.

It has great audio, is simple to operate, compact, and includes a carry-on case for convenience.

However, it is only available for wired connections direct to the PC.

Hence, limiting the range of mobility.

The Plantronics Calisto 610 is uniquely designed to be efficient in performing its functions.

Besides its lack of ease of mobility feature, this speakerphone is one of the best speakerphones for home offices.

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3. Kaysuda Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone for Office Use

This speakerphone is built for the working environment.

It enhances audibility.

Remarkably, the sound quality stays the same even when you use it at full volume.

Its controls are easy to navigate and very responsive.

It is uniquely and attractively designed.

This device works well both with computers and mobile devices particularly the iPhone.

Apart from being a great addition to your gear for webinars and conference calls, the strong point of this speakerphone is the multiple microphone placements around its body.

This feature enables this speakerphone to pick up sound from any angle.

Hence, making it a good speakerphone for meetings and multiple users.

Furthermore, it delivers balanced sound and quality audio.

It also has the standard dual connectivity that is both wired and Bluetooth, depending on your preference.

However, it doesn’t support multi-linking with more than one device.

Also, the Kaysuda Bluetooth speakerphone works well with audio and VoIP applications as well as streaming music.

This speakerphone is portable yet very efficient.

Hence, this is one of the best speakerphones for home offices and stay at home professionals.

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4. Bluetooth Speakerphone – eMeet M2 Black Conference Speaker

This speaker is equipped with four AI-enabled microphones.

Hence, providing audibility at a long-distance range.

It provides clear HD audio with an Echo canceling feature.

Additionally, it is also equipped with a noise-canceling feature that works well even in a noisy outdoor area.

Its driverless plug and play feature saves you the stress of having to debug software.

Furthermore, It provides easy connectivity for both wired and wireless platforms.

One outstanding feature is the built-in dynamic equalizer that automatically switches between voice and music modes, or whatever you might be listening to at the moment.

Portability-wise, it is perfect to carry along to outside conferences and meetings.

It has a sleek aircraft grade aluminum design that enhances its portability.

This speakerphone is also compatible with operating systems like the Windows series and Mac operating system.

It has also been optimized for conference apps such as Zoom, Skype, Web-Ex among others.

Even more, it comes with a 36-month warranty.

However, the downside of this speaker would be that this device needs to be shut down in shared spaces.

Hence, the Bluetooth function needs to be disabled to prevent unauthorized connection to the speaker and disallow unrecognized connections from making calls.

To solve this issue, you’ll need to switch to USB connection instead, this way you can minimize unauthorized connections.

Overall, this speakerphone is quite efficient based on some of its unique functions.

Hence, this is one of the best speakerphones for home offices you could consider buying.

This speakerphone is available on Amazon, click on the image link above to buy it.

5. Clarity XLC3.4+ DECT 6.0 Extra Loud Big Button Speakerphone with Talking Caller ID

One special feature of this device is the four tone settings.

It has a 95db extra loud ring tone.

It also amplifies outgoing speech up to 15db for louder sound.

This device is an amplified cordless speakerphone designed for both standard and special purposes.

Furthermore, it is a speakerphone that can be used by both the regular user and the hearing impaired.

It has a boost button on the menu set up that allows the user to regulate the booster volume and clarity at any time that he or she needs to.

This speakerphone has a dual-power base battery that allows you to make calls even if the power is out.

It is also hearing aid compatible, which makes it functionally useful for impaired hearing users.

This is due to the telecoil technology built into the speakerphone.

Other standard features include call history and an address book.

The speakerphone also lights up when you turn it on to use it.

A Voice assist feature reads out the phone number to you without you having to look at the display.

Hence, this makes it one of the best speakerphones for the home office.

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6. Konftel KO-910101081 EGO Personal Portable Bluetooth Conferencing Unit

If you need a speakerphone for your home office that isn’t heavy and works well then this will suit your needs.

Compared to industry standards in its class, the price on this device is considerably low.

Audio quality is in HD for both voice and music.

Furthermore, you can connect via Bluetooth easily and it charges quickly too.

It has a multi-linking feature.

Hence, it can connect to multiple phones at the same time.

Konftel works with most conference platforms such as  Join Me, Skype, Skype for Biz among others.

It also clearly picks up voices from a long distance.

However, some of the downsides of this speakerphone are low volume on calls, and no carrying case included.

Besides that, it is quite affordable.

As a result of some of its unique features, this device is one of the best speakerphones for the home office.

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7. HePesTer P-017BN-2 Call Center Corded Phone with Headset Caller ID Speakerphone

If you are a call center agent working from home and you are on a rigorous schedule serving your clients for long hours, you will need a device that is stable and sturdy.

You might want to consider the HePester P-017BN-2.

It is a corded speakerphone that is designed to perform for long hours.

The speakerphone comes with an RJ9 headset, a corded handset, caller ID on the base, and hands-free feature.

It comes in five groups of 1 touch speed dial feature and ten groups of 2 touch speed dial function.

These features facilitate contact with clients that you frequently call.

It also has a mute function that comes in handy when you need to talk with others.

This speakerphone also has a direct recording function where you can record calls.

Switching from headset to hands-free and vice versa is also easy.

All you need to do is press the headset button and it does it without dropping the call.

Also, the best feature of this speakerphone is that it doesn’t go off when the power goes out.

This is because it is directly connected to the phone line.

Hence, you can continue using it even without power or in emergency situations.

This device is also quite affordable which is why it is one of the best speakerphones for home office use.

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Final Thoughts on Best Speakerphones for Home Office 

When it comes to choosing a good speakerphone for your home office, you need to pick the one that best satisfies your work needs.

Knowing your needs is crucial for you to be satisfied with any possible choice that you might go with.

We recommend the Jabra Speak 510 Wireless Speakerphoneas one of the Best Speakerphones for Home Office.

However, it’s good to always consider your business budget when making your decision.